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This is the first DemoCampVictoria


Event Location

  • 5.30pm Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 @ 834 Johnson St. (Juliet Living Demo Space, a.k.a. the OLD peacock billiards place)
  • Everyone to mingle until official event start at 6pm.






People who helped spread the word





The following people are set to demo at the very first DemoCampVictoria!





Mark Lise x2

Brij Charan

Yule Heibel (also on Facebook and LibraryThing)

Werner Bahlke (on LinkedIn)

Adam Bahlke

Aidan Henry MappingTheWeb.com

Andrew Wilkinson

Jesse/Jason from Fortuno

Rob Cooper

Tris Hussey MapleLeaf 2.0 (and bringing schwag!)

Nolan Zak

Tim S Lefler

Brian Oraas

Mike Bhatti

Ryan Bulmer

Rian Bowden

Sean Young

Colin How

David Clark

Jeff Ward - Apricado | YikeSite

Owen Mead-Robins - Oprius

Jason Chu - Oprius

Gels Saby - Electronic Textual Cultures, UVic

Ira Willey - OneMoreLevel

Jim Rutherford - Cynergy Systems [LinkedIn]

Steven Bengtson - Songbird [LinkedIn]

Paul Cortens - Thoughtless.ca

Nick Wood

Doug Schlenker [LinkedIn]

Dave Traynor The Daily Upload

Doug Ransom Doug Ransom, Wealth Advisor, ScotiaMcLeod

Gord Broom

Bob Beaumont

Mike Rogers [LinkedIn]

Simon Tipler

Mark Franklin

Lloyd Budd - A Fool's Wisdom (Only tentative because babycamp could start any day.

Ronald Schouten Backstage, Atomeo

Thomas Ahn

Devon Greenway

Munhwan Gim

BorisMann - I swear I put my name on here waaay earlier

Darren Duncan Muldis Data Systems