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DrupalCampNYC3 will be Saturday, July 14th, 2007 AND Sunday, July 15th, 2007 at Polytechnic University.

Want to lead a session? Have topic to discuss? Questions? Edit this page now to *propose* a session.

At the camp we will set the schedule for the day





Name of Session Reference Link to module Name Description
PHP 101 for non programmers maybe devel? Jacob Redding Just for the Newbies. How to use PHP for simple theming and other basic tasks.
Drupal 6 Drupal 6 status Angie Byron What's up with Drupal 6?
Google Maps + Drupal Gmap module Jacob R., Thomas T., ?? How to use the gmap module to add Google/Yahoo maps to add maps to your site
Rolling patches Patches on Drupal.org Angie Byron How to modify code and contribute it back to the community
Drupal Lingo Drupal.org Super Drupal Geekazoid How to "speak" Drupal. d.o, g.d.o, d5, d6, cck, views, irc, What does it all mean!?!
Multi Media In Drupal MediaMover Arthur Folshe So you want a youtube-like site in Drupal?
Theming Views for beginners http://www.nymapexchange.net someone?? DIY drupaller? - Once you create views on a basic site with multi-users... how do you make it look not like crap?
Drupal Performance d.o  day32 ??YOU?? Popular site? Need to tune it up? Drupal tuning, Mysql tuning, Apache tuning, PHP Compilers... What to do?
Facebook & Drupal http://developer.facebook.com/ Phillip Lamb Test run for a potential talk at this year's DrupalCon
Node Access Modules http://drupal.org/project/level1 Dan DeGeest/Anyone else??? Overview of node access APIs, permissions, roles, and writing quick module that does a very simple node access rule
DemocracyInAction for beginners http://www.democracyinaction.org Charles Lenchner Understanding the role of a CRM in your strategy. What DIA can do for mass emailing, fundraising, grassroots organizing.
Boite En Valise - Portfolios for Artists http://boite.subsidiarydesign.com/ Michael Mandiberg / Carlo Montagnino Boite En Valise is an artist portfolio drupal build, with a bouquet of modules/themes/CCK_SQL_dump/taxonomies/etc. We are furioulsy building it for a demo/tutorial on Saturday
Migrating from other systems to drupal (there is no module but my url is: http://openflows.com/ ) Eric Goldhagen A data-centric look at Content Management and a discussion of how to plan and execute migrating from other Content Management Systems to Drupal, or from Drupal to other Content Management Systems. This workshop will include a hands-on work session/demo where we will complete the conversion of a website from Slashcode to Drupal for Autonomedia, a non-profit press collective.

Google Summer of Code Lightning Demos/Talks 1. Universal Link Filter - http://drupal.org/project/ulink - Dan DeGeest 2. ??? (webchick, dopry, bueller, bueller, ???) | wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet

Community-managed taxonomy HELP! http://drupal.org/project/cmt Everybody else helping Benjamin Melançon I'm kidding about this session, I'll go to the GSoC talks above. But I'll be there all weekend, so anyone interested in helping a summer of code student, AJAX ninjas especially...
Writing Secure Code no module ???YOU??? -- How to check your code for insecurities, best practices, etc.
Overview/functionality of user points userpoints module Matt Kelly Overview of how it works, current development information, extensibility, etc
Remote authentication services module, core drupal Matt Kelly Method overview of remote authenticating, plans on improving methods.
Interaction with third-party applications services module Matt Kelly Planned development on this module, current possibilities (soap, xmlrpc, etc), idea generation
Ecommerce transaction handling and security ecommerce Matt Kelly Overview of possible methods to handle money transactions (gateways, payment types, etc) and security of important information


Schedule (sample, hours will be finalized at camp)

10.00 a - 11.00 a coffee & bagels
11.00 a - 12.00 p formal introduction, a quick word from our sponosors and morning Q & A.
12.00 p - 1.00 p Session 1 - We will have rooms if you want to have a two hour session.
01.15 p - 2.00 p Session 2
02.15 p - 3.00 p Session 3 - 45 mins.
03.15 p - 4.15 p Session 4 - 1 hour w/ pizza or just pizza
04.15 p - 5.00 p Session 5 - We will have rooms if you want to have a two hours session.
05.15 p - 6.00 p Session 6
06.15 p - 7.00 p Session 7 - 45 mins.


post-camp socializing from 7:30ish till the cows go home.