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A rough rough outline of our schedule can be found here: http://edemocracycamp.org/schedule/ (sessions run about 1 hour with 15 minutes to mingle between sessions).


Session ideas

Add your session ideas here.

  • Learn about what PBS is doing to spur civic engagement, and let's generate some new ideas together (Jonathan Coffman, PBS.org)
  • Web-based direct democracy and/or deliberation projects: Panel (and audience) discussion exploring internet-based innovations in direct citizen involvement in decision-making (Ed Pastore, Metagovernment; others welcome to add names here)
  • OpenDialog, using MIT's Simile graphics such as Timelines/Maps/Scattergraphs/etc to be populated with content from groups and individuals publishing on their own web sites and blogs using the lightweight Open Public Integrated Architecture (AKA ConnectedConversations). see Dazza Greenwood and Daniel Bennett.
  • Hoping to talk about "e-democracy" & online games (ARGs, casual games & games on social networks) at #edemcamp. (via @andyfluke: http://twitter.com/andyfluke/status/1552616453)
  • "The Future of Citizen Driven Innovation: Apps for Democracy, Apps for America and What We Can Expect from Data.gov" (Peter Corbett, iStrategyLabs - Panelists welcome)
  • Youth participation -- there is often a lot of talk about the youth vote, and youth voter turnout is increasing, but young people between 18-24 for the most part don't participate in politics/governance beyond voting on election day. How, and in what ways, can we get young people to participate and engage in between elections? (Nisha Chittal)
  • Title of session you want to see/lead (your name)


Tentative Sessions

Please forgive (and correct) any misspellings - listed in order of presentation during the opening session.

--> View Session List, by time and location


  • Future of Citizen Innovation - 305
  • How to talk to Congress (Bennett)
  • Outside, 70 Degrees, Chat (Bennett)
  • Open Public Integrated (Daz)
  • Economic Democracy
  • Open Gov Directive (Joe Goldman)
  • What constitutes quality online dialogue/deliberation (Sandy)
  • How to reformat congress.gov (Rob Person)
  • Democracy and Online Games (Andy)
  • How to reinvent views and organize (PBS gentlemen)
  • Firehose - How to get meaningful input ( )
  • (missing one)
  • Input for Candidates (Jesse Greenberg)
  • Help the Mayor ( )
  • Reverse engienerring grassroots democracy (Alan Greensburg)
  • Pushing the envelope of Nation Discussion, online and offline (Carolyn Lukesmyer)
  • Open eVoting Systems ( )
  • Crowdsourcing for recording information, includes demo of new tool (John Brown)
  • How to not lie with maps and statistics, truthful GIS visualization ( )
  • How to succeed in ... ()  ( )
  • Social Media: State of the Union. What do they want to do online, are they ready?
  • Involving Young People
  • Linked Data Initiative (Brandon)
  • Citable Data - (Silona)
  • Beyond Voting - Engaging young people beyond simply voting (Misha)
  • Engagement in Agency decision making  (Mike Lennon)
  • How to improve citizen input in the decisionmaing process ( )
  • MixedInk Demo - (David Stern)
  • Political campaigns online and the law - (Marcell - Brazil)
  • Demo "Maturity Index", gauging readiness for transparency - (Katherine McShay)
  • Continuous Direct Democracy, Demo - (Ed Pastoi)
  • Digital Divide in Direct Democracy - (Susanna)
  • Creating eDemocracy Together - (Wayne Moses Burke)