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Educamp Ireland

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Educamp Ireland

Thursday, 7 June 2007 on Tipperary Institute Campus

Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland


Meet primary and post-primary educators from throughout Ireland as we conduct a day-long series of presentations and break-out sessions inside a blanket wi-fi hotspot on the grounds of Tipperary Institute, Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland. The third level campus sits alongside the main rail lines to Cork, Dublin and Limerick and the venues are signposted on all existing paved side roads that intersect the N8 between Littleton, Turnpike to Horse and Jockey. A helipad is located behind the Tipperary Technology Park, marked prominently with the Premier County colours.


This self-organising conference will serve the interest of primary and post-primary educators in Ireland. Educamp Ireland extends the Edtech theme from the standard series of presentations run by the Irish Learning Technology Association and borrows some of the enthusiasm of the e-learning support team at the Dublin Institute of Technology to deploy into 2007 through a collaborative wiki. Props to Tom Raftery for promoting the Barcamp Ireland through his technology blog and activist energy with IT@Cork and to the team of BarCamp Dublin held on Saturday 21 April 2007.



This is Ireland's first Educamp but it is another in a series of conferences focused on leveraging the internet in education. It will focus less on bitching about the Department of Education and Science and more on getting free technology, leveraging local IT BarCampexpertise and exploring low-cost effective information technology for schools without money. We will have Fair Trade coffee flowing free all day, healthy food on single pole tables and curry chips for lunch.


We will try to keep this entire event free but if you want a free lunch, you have to pre-register and display a branded name tag instead of money to the cashier in the cafeteria. Free curry chips will be served to anyone wearing a Tipperary strip.


Check out the Session Ideas below, add some of your own, and please sign up if you'd like to attend!


New to This?

  1. If you are new to Barcamps, read the following: TheRulesOfBarCamp, What to expect at a BarCamp, BarCampHostingPoints, How to use this wiki
  2. If you would like to attend an Irish Barcamp before heading into Educamp Ireland, we suggest BarCamp Dublin, also known as BarCampIreland3.



Following a ring-around of the usual suspects, this day-long event is tentatively locked down for early June 2007, probably Thursday, 7 June 2007.


Date: Thursday, June 7, 2007

Scheduled to facilitate Irish Rail customers.

See what's local on eventful.


Venue: Tipperary Institute

Nenagh Road


County Tipperary


(52° 41' 4 N, 7° 49' 28 W)


(Educamp Ireland on the map)


Getting There

Traveling to Thurles by Rail

Car Pooling

Can you offer a lift? Do you need a seat in a car? Post here!


  1. I plan to drive from Cashel on Thursday morning, leaving the Aircoach/Bus Eireann set-down point at 0840 after both buses arrive from Cork. I can take two passengers. Text Bernie: +353 86 827 828 7



EduCamp Ireland Schedule

We expect to have opening comments for a seated audience at 1000 and closing comments at 1530. All other activities will occur in break-out presentations in separate rooms accommodating up to 25 attendees in computer labs or lecture rooms.


At Educamp, anyone can present. In fact, if this is your first time at a Barcamp, presenting is actively encouraged. Talks will typically be 15-20 minutes followed by 15 minutes Q&A/Discussion but talks can be as short or as long as you like. You can use Powerpoint slides, or forego slides altogether. Talks can be technical or non-technical.


Educamp Ireland extends the Barcamp ethos about sharing information. There will be a whiteboard and post-its. If you want to sign-up on the day, just post the title of your talk on an available time-slot on the whiteboard. However, it looks as though the entire whiteboard will be filled by the end of May so if you want a slot, record your intentions on this wiki.



    • Hear the Experts

Is there something in particular you would like to hear about at Educamp Ireland?


  • Several educators want to hear about "Encouraging Safe Web Usage with Children"
  • Damien Mulley should talk about "Effective Techniques Useful for Pissing People Off: Experiences from running a lobby group"
  • Perhaps Elly Parker could talk about dealing with online bullying.
  • Would either Brian Cleland: OpenIreland or Donncha O Caoimh talk about leveraging free software in the classroom?
  • Steve McCormack! Tell us about mobile phones and education!
  • I wonder if Walter Higgins would describe free online image editing services?
  • We need to know how to set up our school to allow free phones calls from the staff meeting areas.
  • Would an expert be available to suggest ways to reduce energy consumption in our very old school buildings?
  • Can we get more out of attending the BT Young Scientist exhibition?
  • Someone to explain the effective use of network policies, security, and all round proper system administation. It's been a bit too long ago for me so I'm not up-to-date on the latest developments.
  • Name five of the most innovative things you have seen used in the post-primary classroom. And they don't have to be tech things.
  • Can someone explain how the Google Docs works for them? We would like to see screenshots of real things accomplished because we're thinking about using money for networks not for Office 2007 and that would mean depending on the open office tools available.
  • Give me one good reason why a primary teacher should blog and don't tell me it's because it's free because nothing is free.
  • Will there be a few interactive whiteboards running on the Tipperary Institute campus during this event?
  • Safe computer. Ways people get duped by things like Fake Players. Most people know they have to go to adobe.com to get the updates on the Flash player but they don't understand the harm of clicking on links in HTML mail. Some of those clicks in HTML mail result in a Windows trojan being installed.




    • Talks:

Please list your name and your topic in the lines that follow. If you plan to present or attend, please tag an image of yourself on Flickr with the tag EducampIreland.


  • Bernie Goldbach from Podcasting in Ireland will present under the heading of "Transition Year Podcamps".
  • Evert Bopp Wimaxxed The effective and secure use of wireless networks in educational institutes.
  • Brian O'Regan Create an effective online learning community using a free open source course management system Moodle!
  • John Jennings How to re-use those old computers that you just won't work with heavy modern operating systems and create a low maintenance and low cost computer lab for your school
  • Seaghan Moriarty An implementation proposal for the NDP funding for Primary ICT
  • Brendan Lawlor The Victor Meldrew Guide to TY Work Placement in IT




If you are attending Educamp Ireland, please add your name to the list.

format: name, URL link

  1. Bernard Goldbach - ICT Programme Specialist blog
  2. Tom Raftery - IT Consultant Call to Action
  3. Tanja Ryan podcasting.ie
  4. Evert Bopp Wimaxxed
  5. Brian O'Regan
  6. John Jennings
  7. Geoffrey Hyde Hamburg Webdesign
  8. Ina O' Murchu Semantic Bits
  9. Paul Walsh Trust/Safety
  10. Dave Miller Friseur
  11. Sorcha Moore Accessibility
  12. Seaghan Moriarty, Primary ICT
  13. Brendan Lawlor, Decare Systems Ireland
  14. Phil de Búrca, TippSoc
  15. Muireann O'Brien, http://www.carrigcs.ie
  16. DeMello, Demonic Confidence
  17. Regalio, tanie projektowanie www
  18. Maldee, maldeetuh.org
  19. Sergis, dotacje unijne
  20. Alicja, agencja modelek


Planning Team

Bernie Goldbach http://irish.typepad.com

James Greenslade http://www.tippinst.ie

Yvonne Doyle http://www.tippinst.ie




Tanja Ryan tanjaryan@

Stacey Lyons slyons@student.tippinst.ie



Technology Required

  1. Open wifi node.
  2. Free voice telephone on a walk-by desktop.
  3. Audio recording in all break-out sessions.
  4. Audio and video recording of main conference centre events.
  5. Two presentation screens with one control point in the conference centre.
  6. Laptop-ready presentation devices in break-out rooms.



Media Sharing and Tags

Upload all photos to Flickr, all presentations to Slideshare, all videos to Youtube; use the tag EducampIreland

  1. On Technorati: educampireland 
  2. On Delicious: educampireland 
  3. On Flickr: educampireland 



Who's Talking About These Things?

  1. Tom Raftery Irish Government Fails to Invest in Education
  2. Brendan Lawlor Calling All Cork-Based Software Companies
  3. Daithí Mac Síthigh Education and Technology in Thurles 
  4. Keith Bohanna ... must keep an eye on this ... 
  5. Damien Mulley ... For the resources that schools are given, they do a fantastic job but a great deal more needs to be done... 
  6. Ewan McIntosh "The tech is going to affect the teach."
  7. Jonathan Alter "Want To Buy My Students a $392 Camcorder? A nonprofit uses the Web to work marketplace magic."
  8. Conor O'Neill ICT Champions Scheme



Part of the Ring of Irish Barcamps

  1. BarCamp Dublin on Saturday, 21 April 2007.
  2. BarCamp Belfast on Saturday, 30 June 2007.
  3. BarCamp Galway on Saturday, 15 September 2007.



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