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Enterprise2.0 Toronto



Inspired by the success of everything Camp in Toronto comes one more event for you pleasure. Enterprise2.0 is about the business world applications of "Web20" and "SocialMedia". The idea for Enterprise2.0 is built on the hypothesis that the real killer app for the next generation of web and collaborative media technologies is in the enterprise. How can we take our learnings from the recent boom in the consumer internet and apply them to boosting employee productivity, enabling new ways of working and doing business.


UPDATE: See also EnterpriseCamp Unconference edition held January 13, 2007 in Toronto.


For future events, keep an eye on the main TorCamp page or Tom Purves' Enterprise2.0 Blog  for announcements.


DateThursday, July 20th, 2006
Time6:30pm to 8:30pm
LocationRowers Pub Upstairs, 150 Harbord St., Toronto, ON. We'll stay right where we are for the drinks and socializing so plan to hang out a bit longer and really get a chance to meet the community!
Expected AttendanceAll are welcome! Please note that the venue can't hold more than 50 people, and we'll need we need to expect at least 20 people to hold on to the venue. It's important that everyone signs up (on this page) so we know our numbers. Thanks!


Format - What will we be talking about?


Thee Pillars


1) What's Possible. The tech portion of agenda. Discussing new and enabling technology. e.g. did you know ajax can do this? here's a new widget i've build that does x a new framework for co-authoring that does y or whatever.


2) What's Practical. The business side. e.g. What services will customers really pay for? how do you sell enterprise 2.0 in to the enterprise? what types/sectors of businesses need social media the most? were have you found the most opportunity to do good ?


3) What's Human. The UI angle. So you've tried introducing some new social media tool to the enterprise. what happened? e.g. Tell us a case studies did any real humans actually use your whiz-bang social bookmarklet app? how did they use it? How did they use it differently than you expected? what did you learn about human/computer behaviour in the process? what advice would you give to anyone implementing similar technology in their enterprise? wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


Demo Schedule


We will have Three 20min Discussion Sessions followed by mingling and healthy beer consumption.


Sign up here to lead a discussion:

  1. What's Possible: MartinCleaver - Enterprise macro-level concerns and governance processes: how companies make decisions about software; how Web 2.0 socialisation can restructure decision processes; what socialisation means for company agility and competitiveness.
  2. What's Practical: BryceJohnson - Getting Real on the Enterprise - Prototyping, Process and Catchy Phrases: Sometimes a traditional SDLC might not be the best approach for enterprise development. Can web 2.0 development techniques be applied to the enterprise and when you should avoid them completely. DISCUSSION
  3. What's Human: SachaChua - Adventures of an Enterprise n00b: A geek girl's stories of Enterprise 2.0. Advice sought. 20060720-sacha.ppt


Rules for Demonstrators: You have a hard limit of 10 (ten) minutes to present a case or a tech demo (non-interactive) followed by up to 10 minutes where you are allowed only to ask direct questions or for advice from the audience or respond questions from the audience (interactive). Optionally you can use up to the whole 20 minutes for an interactive discussion.


PowerPoint is allowed at this event, but try not to over-use it.


The role of the discussion leader is to set a context, teach us something inovative and/or ask the audience a few good questions. We should have a lot of smart people in the room. The role of the crowd is to reveal their collective wisdom and to steer the conversation into interesting directions.



If you plan to attend, please please let us know so we can have an estimate of numbers.

  1. ThomasPurves ThomasPurves.com
  2. SunirShah MeatballWiki Startup in a Box
  3. BryceJohnson Navantis - the Chicken Test
  4. RohanJayasekera Web 2.0 blog Will have to leave at 7:10
  5. Estelle Havva
  6. MartinCleaver Cleaver.org - Helix Commerce International
  7. Carsten Knoch
  8. Sandy Kemsley Column2.com
  9. Ethan Henry
  10. Brent Morris Cundari
  11. DeborahHartmann (tentative)
  12. SachaChua
  13. Matthew Milan
  14. Kaleem Khan (tentative)
  15. MatthewBurpee
  16. Brian Ivanovick
  17. Colin Smillie (tentative)
  18. Jen Nolan (tentative)
  19. Roy Pereira - Snipe Networks
  20. Kevin Downing MaRS Discovery District
  21. Mark Bondyra
  22. Aaron Kim
  23. Samar Alam
  24. Brian Gomes (tentative) Interweb Marketing
  25. Jedediah Smith
  26. Kevin Ma
  27. Dan Eng
  28. Alex Crookes
  29. Derek Wong
  30. Irfan Asrar


Event coverage


Suggestions and Comments


Do you have ideas or suggestions for this event? let us know on this page or e-mail and organizer.


Would you or your business like to sponsor this event? hooray! let us know.

  • Bryce has volunteered to sponsor us with a projector