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TorCamp Google Group (torcamp@googlegroups.com)


BarCamp Toronto presents Enterprise Camp


What is it?

What is EnterpriseCampToronto? Think of it as a way to get the enterprise development community together in Toronto in a BarCamp style unconference.

What is BarCamp?


This event focuses on enterprise software infrastructure, solutions and development. Topics could include Enterprise 2.0, Business Intelligence Applications, ECM, Collaboration, Employee Self-Service, Records Management, Enterprise Search, Technology Infrastructure, Workflow Automation – It’s up to you. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join. When you come, be prepared to share with barcampers. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.


Date January 13th 2007 (this is the only date the venue is available)
Time 9:30am to 5:30pm
Location Navantis offices, 21 Randolph Ave. 2nd Floor near the Dundas West subway station; street parking along Perth. Pictures of the venue
Expected Attendance Between 60 - 80 people - it's important that everyone signs up (on this page) so we know our numbers. Thanks!



Free as in beer. But there's a catch. Attendees are expected to contribute back to the conference by participating actively. "Active participation" might mean giving a presentation, helping with a presentation, blogging or podcasting the event, or whatever other creative ways.



The tag for the conference is EnterpriseCampToronto. Use this tag when you blog about the event, and when you upload photos to flickr , powerpoint files to slideshare , etc.


Flickr photo pool for EnterpriseCamp



09:30 - Coffee and Mingling

10:00 - Introduction and World Café {PDF}

10:45 - Session 1

11:30 - Session 2

12:15 - Session 3

13:00 - Lunch

14:15 - Session 4

15:00 - Session 5

15:45 - Session 6

16:30 - Session 7

17:15 - Closing Comments



Proposed Sessions

What do you want to talk and learn about? We are going to have 4 tracks and 7 timeslots for a total of 28 sessions.


  • Ryan Coleman - I could put something together on Translation/Localization Workflow automation.
  • Carsten Knoch - Porting Web 2.0 to the Enterprise: stop "empowering employees", start looking for ROI :)
  • Jevon Macdonald - Where does the software fit? 4 real enterprise 2.0 case studies
  • Peter Childs & Ian Graham - Calendaring in the Enterprise
  • Jeff Irving - I'd like to do a session on the value and practice of Domain Modeling during Requirements Analysis of Enterprise Applications.
  • Bill Dunlop - I can put together an overview of WCF.

    (NOTE: that is "Windows Communication Foundation (formerly code-named "Indigo") is a set of .NET technologies for building and running connected systems." for the acronym impaired... :-)

  • James Christopher - HPC applications and Visualization, how organizations use technology for competitive advantage and value creation.
  • Michael Jones - I'm presently teaching a course on e-business technologies in the joint UTM/Sheridan Communication Culture and Information Technology program. I'd be interested in doing a focus group style session on what types of skills industry would appreciate seeing from graduates of our digital enterprise management program, and recruit potential guest speakers and industry mentors for this and similar classes in the program.
  • BryceJohnson - I'd like to demo Windows SharePoint Services 2007 Wikis and Blogs.
  • HiMY SYeD - I would like to briefly present then initiate a discussion on a synthesis of Geoffrey Moore's Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC) + Al Ries' The 22 Immutable laws of Marketing/Branding + Jim Collins' Good To Great + The successful 'Chaordic' business model invented by Dee Ward Hock for the VISA Credit Card. What is the ideal organizational model in the enterprise?
  • Scott Annan - I would like to discuss team collaboration in the enterprise and demo our pre-released beta software for feedback
  • Misha Glouberman - I'm interested in extending the *camp model to other subjects beyond the tech realm.



Who's coming (80 max.)

Add yourself (Click Edit Page & Log on)! Please include a topic you would like to discuss.


  1. BryceJohnson - Navantis / TheChickenTest : Tagging and Structured Ontologies - Emergent Structures & Governance.
  2. Kieran Huggins
  3. Sandy Kemsley: How Web 2.0 technologies are impacting (or are likely to start impacting) enterprise software including workflow/BPM
  4. Ryan Coleman
  5. RohanJayasekera
  6. Will Pate
  7. Martin Cleaver
  8. ThomasPurves
  9. CarstenKnoch
  10. JayGoldman - Radiant Core
  11. Estelle Havva
  12. Jevon MacDonald - Firestoker
  13. Puneet Gupta - Connectbeam
  14. Adriana Ieraci sorry, last minute change
  15. Ahmed Al-Samahy
  16. David Janes - BlogMatrix
  17. Siobhan McLaughlin
  18. Jonas Brandon
  19. Mike Bourne :: Athletesvideo.com ::
  20. Libin Pan
  21. MatthewBurpee
  22. Andrew Andreoli
  23. Dave Forde - Profectio 
  24. Gordon MacLeod
  25. Ben Vinegar
  26. Peter Childs
  27. Ian Graham
  28. Anwar Alam
  29. Craig Borysowich ITToolbox 
  30. Mira Jelic Records Management in HealthCare - Personal Health Records (PHR)
  31. Chad Thomas
  32. Jeff Irving
  33. Bill Dunlop
  34. James Christopher - Platform 
  35. Rob Schaumer - I have to cancel. I can't do saturday events. Bummer.
  36. David Chernitzky
  37. Scott Annan Mercury Grove - Enterprise Collaboration
  38. Robert Cleary
  39. Goran Matic
  40. Scott Springer - SCHOOLiOS 
  41. Bill Brockbank - Navantis
  42. Lynda Chiotti - Chiotti Inc.
  43. Bob Hutchison - Recursive Design
  44. Alex Pitigoi
  45. Lev Kolobov - VFXY Photos
  46. Michael Jones
  47. Richard Dice - Raybec Communications 
  48. Asen Ivanov - Navantis inc. 
  49. James M Woods - DictaBrain  Warpjams Blog 
  50. Quinn Fung - Countably Infinite
  51. Ian Irving - http://www.FalsePositives.com- something about Lotus Notes. Sick (cold) gonna miss it.
  52. Yanni Chiu - Squeak/Seaside/Postgres
  53. Catalin Radulescu Navantis / TSI / InteractiveChamber
  54. David Andrews
  55. Samir Barot
  56. Wayne Sankarlal - xiB/OSS Corporation
  57. Diwei Li
  58. Clarence Wu
  59. Martin Wiseman - Agile & waterfall project management
  60. Bart Gajderowicz bartgdev.com
  61. Chanthan Son - Navantis Inc. 
  62. Vandy Gadia
  63. Brian Gomes
  64. Mark Bondyra
  65. Misha Glouberman
  66. Jerry King
  67. Dan Chmielewski
  68. HiMY SYeD - Chaordic organization design and behaviour / wikis vs blog vs cms or all in one?
  69. MarkKuznicki - Remarkk!
  70. Alex Sirota - Shapestream
  71. Pavel Simakov - 3Genius - nop, can't make it
  72. Joseph Dee - Critical Mass
  73. Jen Nolan
  74. David Di Biase
  75. Michael Chen
  76. Kyle Reid - Boxx3G
  77. Andrew Peek - Boxx3G






  • Jocelyn Brown - happy to help out with anything
  • Rob Schaumer - Ready, willing and able. I have to cancel. I can't do saturday events. Bummer.
  • James M Woods - Happy to help in anyway I can




We are looking for more sponsors to cover the costs of Food and materials please contact BryceJohnson if you are interesting in helping us put on this event.




  • Will there be a WiFi connection available? - Yes. Free WiFi. Bring your laptops.


  • How long should the sessions/presentations be? Plan for 40 mins each (total). For those leading a session, plan on presenting for 25 minutes and then leading a discussion for the balance!


  • add questions here...


Past Events


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