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HealthCampSf is now HealthCampSFBay (please use this link)






HealthCamp SFBay is the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of a growing HealthCamp movement that is bringing together people who want to change the face of healthcare in this country and around the world. HealthCamp is inspired by the popular BarCamp conferences which are intended to allow people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees.


The goal of HealthCamp SFBay is to advocate leveraging IT, social media, collaboration, and personal engagement to facilitate urgent conversations about changing the way healthcare is delivered, managed and reported. We aim to bring together individuals from different disciplines and across the Bay Area to discuss ways to collaborate and help solve specific healthcare challenges such as:


•    Enabling the patient - provider relationship

•    Leveraging open standards from social networking for healthcare

•    Electronic health records management

•    New ways to deliver healthcare

•    Sedentary lifestyle and obesity-related disease

•    Making health management fun and engaging


Please join our LinkedIn group HealthCampSFBay.



Thanks for visiting!


The HealthCamp SFBay team