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This event is over. Over 80 campers came to discuss topics as diversified as one can see in the innovation area. Thank you all for making this a huge success.



BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.



ICamp is a BarCamp for Innovation


Today the word innovation find its place everywhere, yet this is an inscrutable subject for many (perhaps all) of us when it comes to action. The contextual nomenclature of innovation in our industry can further generate several new ambiguous questions, such as,

• What is innovation for a software services company?

• How can one innovate?

• Should innovation be top-down?

• Does process help or hurt innovation?

• Is innovation more visible in Product companies?

• How is innovation happening in Non-IT companies?

• Innovation at Educational instituions: The new crop!

• Etc., Etc.

The collective understanding of innovation in an organization, society or country is deceptive, and practicing innovation is not easy, sometimes impossible. However sharing our individual belief, experience, learning and failure may bring a new perspective about making innovation happen.



We are pleased to announce the first unconference focused entirely on Innovation on Saturday, 23rd February 2008. Please visit the link for more information about this event and to sign up to participate.


We look forward to seeing you at this first of its kind of event in India.



    • NOTE - The date changed due to venue availability. New date is 23rd February.


Event details

Date 23rd February, 2008
Time Registration starts @ 9.30 am onwards. Sessions start @ 10.00 am
Location & Venue MindTree Consulting Ltd., MindTree House, #3, 42, 27th Cross, Banashankari 2nd Stage,Bangalore - 560 070
Phone +91-80-26711777/ 26712777. Contact Prakash (+91-98860-72613) for assistance in reaching to the venue
Landmark !MindTree is located very near to the Banashankari temple and is just 200 mts away from the Banashankari bus terminus; Right opposite to Sevak Kshetra Hospital
Expected Attendance 145 MAX(a wait list will be created after 145 campers have registered. This includes our buffer on account of cancellations and no-shows.)




The word innovations find its place everywhere today, yet this is an inscrutable subject for many (perhaps all) of us when it comes to action. The collective understanding of innovation in an organization, society or country, and practicing innovation is not easy, may be impossible. However sharing our individual belief, experience, learning and failure may bring a new perspective about making innovation happen. And more unstructured it is, the better we may share them.


We look forward for passionate individuals and companies to sponsor this event, and showcase their understanding, capability to make India a innovation hub. The event is not-for-profit and sponsorships will be used for the event space rental, snacks, event T-shirts, workshop materials and other collateral. Sponsors may associate themselves with the entire event or with specific aspects of the event (workshops, giveaways).


Contact Prakash to know more about sponsorship [mailto:Prakash.marar@gmail.com] Sponsorship opportunity available for food, snacks, T-Shirts. You can be innovative here too.. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


Sponsors: Venue, Logistics & Infrastructure

MindTree Consulting Ltd MindTree Consulting Ltd is our venue, logistics & infrastructure sponsor.



K-Community Bangalore K-Community (Knowledge Community Bangalore) is our supporter.


TRIZ India Forum is our supporter.


Proposed Sessions


  • Add your topic



1 Innovation in practice - Answering HOW part Prakasan K (Prakash) MindTree http://trizit.blogspot.com
2 What is the right age to start innovating?      
3 Innovation - Is it an inborn quality or can it be learnt? Gaurav Kataria HCL  
4 Why large companies stifle innovation and how to renew and revive it Amit Pande http://amitpande.com  
5 Is Innovation a new fad - new bottle, old wine?      
6 Is there an emerging model of globalization, complexity and innovation?      
7 Challenges of Intrapreneurship? Sunil Maheshwari Mango Technologies www.mangotechno.com
8 Design Driven Development: Art of Innovation Henry Jacob http://www.designdrivendevelopment.org  
9 Does process aid or inhibit the creative mind?: A knowledge cafe experience Raj Datta MindTree  
10 Does the impact of an idea depend on the now? - relevance or irrelevance of an idea with reference to a time parameter Harsha G Goolya/Marsha Lewis MindTree/Fidelity  
11 Top down or Bottom up? Which works for Innovation within an organization? Shahnawaz Khan !MindTree 9845187625
12 Innovation - Execution, Challages for a tartup Ganesh http://www.mocodile.com 9886119984
13 Globalization and Innovation Sachin    
14 Building an Innovation/Creativity/Design Community Murli http://www.murli.com 9902696920
15 Can we develop a knowledge based theory of the firm? Can we audit the knowledge to innovation to ip value chain? Prof Parameshwar P Iyer Indian Institute of Science piyer at mgmt dot iisc dot ernet in 98861 0248
16 Innovation a Function of Passion Pradeep Desai Tata Consultancy Services  
17 Is Innovation thinking outside the box (or) Figuring out the edges of box in the first place? Jagan Mantha Wipro  
18 Innovation Management: A Formal Course for MBA Institutions Pavan Soni Innovation Evangelist, Wipro Technologies http://pavansoni.blogspot.com
19 What's the role of human values -- and even spirituality -- in corporate innovation? William Miller Global Creativity Corp.  
20 Learning from unusual sources - First step to innovation Kalyan Kumar Banerjee MindTree  
21 Challenges in Innovation execution: Peeping into the mind of a techie in Indian IT Vinay Dabholkar Catalign Innovation Consulting http://www.catalign.com


Participants (aka Campers)Add your name here


1 Prakasan K http://trizit.blogspot.com
2 Ezhil http://www.organicseo.in
3 Rajesh Ganancia
4 Padma S http://trizit.blogspot.com
5 Kenney Jacob http://www.kenneyjacob.com
6 Navneet Bhushan http://innovationcrafting.blogspot.com
7 Anuradha Goyal http://anuradhagoyal.blogspot.com
8 Anand Sridhar http://twitter.com/anand_sridhar
9 Javed MJ  
10 Ishan http://lukwhostalking.deviantart.com/
11 Soham Das sohamdas at gmail dot com : Subj: Icamp
12 Henry Jacob http://www.henryjacob.com
13 Dashrath http://www.bitlasoft.com
14 Subbaramu PA subbaramu at gmaildotcom
15 Murli Nagasundaram http://www.murli.com
16 Avinash Siravuru sirneonash at gmail dot com
17 Harsha G Goolya harsha_goolya@mindtree.com
18 Saurabh Minni saurabh(dot)minni(at)gmail_com
19 Marsha Lewis Marsha.lewis.fies@fmr.com
20 Rohan Chatterjee http://chattz.blogspot.com/
21 Ramsaravana ramsaravana at gmail dot com
22 Murali muralidharanl at gmail dot com
23 Thomas Babu J thomasbabuj at gmail dot com
24 Atul Veer atulveer at gmail dot com
25 Shahnawaz Khan Shahnawaz dot Khan at yahoo dot com
26 V S Baskar baskarvs at gmail dot com
27 George Abraham georgeabraham83 at gmail dot com
28 Kalyan Kumar Banerjee MindTree
29 Raj Datta MindTree
30 Ankur Shukla Kudos Infomedia
31 Praneet Koppula praneet dot koppula at gmail dot com
32 Amit Pande pande dot amit at gmail dot com
33 Sarit Arora sarit dot arora at gmail dot com
34 Neha Srivastava arcneha at gmail dot com
35 Abhishek Upadhyay abhiscor at gmail dot com
36 Madhura Palshikar madhura25 at gmail dot com
37 Amrutraj Pujari amrutpujari at gmail dot com
38 Ganeshprasad Puranik ganesh at rarefind dot com
39 Amit Agarwal ami dot aga at gmail dot com
40 Sachin Bhirud sachin underscore bhirud at yahoo dot com
41 Bharat Ram bharatram22 at gmail dot com
42 Chandra Mohan cmohan at live dot com
43 Sambit Kumar Dash http://sambitdash.blogspot.com
44 BR Murali  
45 Gaurav Kataria HCL
46 Mahesh Shantaram ms@thecontrarian.in
47 Ilesh Shah ileshs at gmail dot com
48 Sukumar sukumarps@eurekaforbes.com
49 Prof Parameshwar P Iyer piyer at mgmt dot iisc dot ernet dot in
50 Sharada B. sharadab at mgmt dot iisc dot ernet dot in
51 Renukaradhya renukaradhya.s@in.abb.com
52 Swaroop G R EMC
53 Anand Raj EMC
54 Goutham Radhakrishna EMC
55 Goutham Halkurke cognoscentus at gmail dot com
56 Kotresh B M kotresh dot bm at gmail dot com
57 Rajaram Swaminathan singraj7@hotmail.com Hewlett-Packard
58 Gururaj Kulkarni EMC
59 Arun Kumar B EMC
60 Harish Jayaram EMC
61 Maria Christine Maria.Christine@Honeywell.com
62 Ashwini C R Ashwini.CR@Honeywell.com
63 Nisha B M nisha.bm@mercer.com
64 Arun B S abs2ban at gmail dot com
65 Sajid Nadeem http://www.sajidn.blogspot.com
66 Deepak Vardey deepak.vardey@ciionline.org
67 Sanjeev Tyagi sanjeev.tyagi@wipro.com
68 Gavirangappa R rangappa@cpri.in
69 Sanjo Jose sanjo at ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
70 Pradeep Kumar UM umpradeep at ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
71 Obaiah B. bobaiah at ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
72 Dipti Kumari Chaurasia dipti at ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
73 Ramya S. ramya at ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
74 Thomas Abraham thomas at ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
75 L. Janardhan Rajan janardhan.rajan@gmail.com
76 Manjunath K K ssgindia@ssgindia.com
77 Saritha L Tauro ace@ssgindia.com
78 Deepa T ssgindia@ssgindia.com
79 Sriram A sreeram.winner@gmail.com
80 Thiyagarajan Veluchamy thiyagarajannv@yahoo.com http://thiyagarajan.wordpress.com
81 Senthilkumar G senthil dot jupiter at yahoo dot com
82 Ashwini S ashwini.s@tcs.com
83 Arvind AJ arvind.arakotaram@gmail.com
84 Gangatharan C gangatharan@mgmt.iisc.ernet.in
86 P.Raghu Teja Reddy ragurami008@gmail.com
87 V.Jayarama Krishna jayaramkrishna1987@gmail.com
88 vivek treevivek@gmail.com
89 Krvishal krvishal@thedesigntree.net
90 Parashuram n.parashuram at yahoo dot co dot in http://dy-verse.blogspot.com
91 Babu Srithar m.babusri at gmail dot com
92 Bhavin Kamani bhavinkamani at gmail dot com
93 Hariram Srinivasan harisrinivasaninfy@gmail.com
94 Pradeep V Desai pradeep.desai@tcs.com
94 Jagan Mantha jagan.mantha@wipro.com
95 K Singh http://www.jimkarter.com
96 S Sivaguru sivaguru dot s at hcl dot in
97 Manish Kumar manish041083@yahoo.com
98 Ravindra Prasad http://www.ravindraprasad.net
99 Lin Chase Accenture
100 Bhavana Mallesh bhavana.mallesh@gmail.com
101 Arun Kumar K R kkr.arun@gmail.com
102 Ravi Nandhan V ravinandhan@gmail.com
103 Sudhindra Sheshadrivasan sheshadrivasan_sudhindra@emc.com
104 Randhir R P randhir.rp@gmail.com
105 Bindu Sarah Jacob bindujac@yahoo.com
106 Harish Kumar N harish.kumar.n@gmail.com
107 Satish Vohra svohra@gmail.com
108 Shobha CS shobha.c@ps.net
109 Pavan Soni http://pavansoni.blogspot.com
110 Satish M V satishmv{at} ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
111 Nisha Rana nisha.r@humanfactors.com
112 Rahul Arora rahul.arora at honeywell.com
113 Naveen Mathad naveecm@gmail.com
114 William Miller williamgdc@yahoo.com
115 Debra Miller letsdesign@yahoo.com
116 Simarjeet Singh Ahuja simarjeet.des@gmail.com
117 G.Avinash Raju aviraju@gmail.com
118 Ankit Jain ankitjain_@hotmail.com
119 Arpita Maji arpita.blore@gmail.com
120 Nandeesha. M m dot nandeesha at tcs dot com
121 Ramshirish Mamidala ramshirish@gmail.com
122 Santhosh Kumar santhosh@ipprocurement.com
124 Rangarajan Chellappan rangarajanc@rediffmail.com
125 Surbhi Malhotra surbhimalhotra at gmail.com
126 Param http://blog.onwardresearch.com
127 Ranganath Benakatti Rangappa dot Benakatti at Sun dot COM
128 Raghavendra Patil raghav dot patil at tcs dot com
128 Dharmaveer Singh dharmaveer@gmail.com
129 Lakshman Prasad lakshman_prasad@infosys.com
130 Nitin scorpion032@gmail.com
131 Sundar J. Dev sundarjdev at gmail dot com
132 Ram Mohan .R Bangalore
133 Vinay Dabholkar vinay@catalign.com
134 Mohd. Attaur Rahman Sofi arsofi@gmail.com
135 Usha SN usha.s.n@sap.com
136 Krisshnan V krisshnanv@yahoo.com
137 Kishore kishore_mdu2020@yahoo.com
138 Gowthamkannan gowtham_sachin1983@yahoo.co.in
139 Subhash mohan subhashmohan@heurionconsulting.com
140 Shiva kumar pradhan shivakumar@heurionconsulting.com
141 Ganesh Mohan ganeshmohan@heurionconsulting.com
142 Santosh Kulkarni santosh@bangalorerocks.in
143 Manjunath.M.P manjunath8640@gmail.com
144 Anandhavelu N anandhavelu_n@yahoo.co.in
145 Harish Manoharan harishmanoharan@yahoo.com
146 Akram Sheikh http://www.distancemba.co.in




Waiting list


146 Dilip Gangaiah dilip.gangaiah@mercer.com
147 Babu A lababu@gmail.com
148 Ragupathy MV raguinb4u@gmail.com
149 Rathnadhar.K.V rathnadhar@gmail.com
150 Randhir Mishra randhir@randhirmishra.com
151 Kannan P nalankannan@yahoo.ca
152 Amit Jain


153 Sudhir Manchanda sid.man2@gmail.com
154 Gaurav Dadlani gauravdbh@gmail.com
155 Sunil Maheshwari sunil@mangotechno.com
156 Anand Rajamani anandriyer@yahoo.com
157 Hemanth Haridas hhemanth@gmail.com
158 Jayaprakash Konduru jayaprak@anz.com
159 Melroy D'costa melroydcosta@yahoo.com
160 Krishna Murthy exxpit@gmail.com
161 Nimisha Jashnani nimisha.jashnani@wipro.com
162 Karthik Iyer Wipro
163 Ravi Kuni Wipro
164 Bregje Snel Visiting student from Holland - kupiandijvie@hotmail.com
165 Sraddha V Jwala sraddha_jwala@yahoo.com
166 Dhanasekar k.dhanasekar@yahoo.com
167 Arijit Kanrar stockxase@gmail.com
168 Ramesh Chander cramesh@gmail.com
169 Vijay Kumar vijcrjbhu@gmail.com
170 Kiran savanur ksavanur@gmail.com
171 Siddhartha sahoo sidhukool@gmail.com
172 Shivakumar RM shivu.rm@gmail.com
173 DivakarBABU hsdivakarbabu@gmail.com
174 Sriram pandey ram.mlib@gmail.com
175 Nishant Kumar news4nishant@yahoo.co.in
176 Rashmi Sethi User Expereice - Program Management - rashmivsethi@yahoo.com
177 Venkatraman L venkatramanl@aol.com
178 Venkatanarasimhan dravidan.p@gmail.com
179 Venkatasundararaju venkatasundararaju@gmail.com
180 Navjot Pawera (09900489398) navjotpawera@gmail.com
181 B R Vinod fwdvinod@gmail.com
181 Sathish V J sathishvj_yahoo_com


How to register?


This page is a Wiki page, which can be edited by anyone.

So, you can just edit this page and do the following:



  • Add your name to the Campers' list ... This is the complete list of attendees
  • Add a session to the Proposed Sessions list ... In case you would like to give a session on some topic
  • Suggest a topic to the Discussion Topics ...
  • Suggest what we can provide you with, apart from what we are already providing
  • Add your name to the Bloggers list if you will blog about Icamp


Instructions to do the above:

At the top of this page you will find a link called "Edit Page"

Click it and enter your Name and e-mail address

The universal password is c4mp

After you submit, you will be able to edit the text you are reading right now.

Edit the Camper's list or add a topic for discussion





1 Prakasan K http://trizit.blogspot.com
2 Navneet Bhushan http://innovationcrafting.blogspot.com





1 Prakasan K http://trizit.blogspot.com
2 Padma S padmash@gmail.com
3 Navneet Bhushan http://innovationcrafting.blogspot.com
4 Anuradha Goyal http://anuradhagoyal.blogspot.com
5 Gaurav Kataria  
6 Manish Kumar manish041083@yahoo.com
7 Ravi Nandhan V ravinandhan@gmail.com



Task List

(please cross out when it's done)





Projector, White Boards




Streaming or Stickam or Skype








Tables and chairs



Tags for flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

Please use the tag (fill in your tag -- usually barcamp{location}) for content related to this event


Some phone pics - http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/icampblr/

More photos here - http://picasaweb.google.com/prakash.marar/Icampblr


Who's blogging?


1 Navneet Bhushan http://innovationcrafting.blogspot.com
2 Pavan Soni http://pavansoni.blogspot.com
3 Prakash http://trizit.blogspot.com
4 Kenney Jacob http://www.kenneyjacob.com/
5 Padma S http://padma-s.blogspot.com//
6 Saurabh Minni http://the100rabh.blogspot.com/2008/02/events-at-icamp-bangalore.html


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