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When – 17th May 2008

Where -


" Pingala - Aryabhata ", 12A/12, off Karve Road,

Erandwane, Pune 411004.


Map for the venue


Venue - Persistent

BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. As per the BarCamp rule, there are no spectators, only participants. We only need 3 things – a place to hang out, ideas and food.


About IdeaCampPune


This is a self-organized gathering to share ideas and see them shape by applying divergent thinking. The objective of the camp is to get people from different roles like designers, entrepreneurs, financers, creative minds, technology evangelists, product managers and marketers together to bandy ideas from everyone’s viewpoint. Ideally by end of the gathering we should have ‘proof of potential’ for our ideas.








We are happy to announce that Persistent Systems Limited have been wonderful to us. They have provided space and are also sponsoring food.


We are also thankful to ITVidya.com for promoting us in a big way!






9:00 - 9:45 am Registration, mingle and get introduced
9:45 - 10:00 am Event kick-off
10:00 – 1:30 pm Ideate, collaborate and build
1:30 – 2:30 pm Lunch & Networking
2:30 – 6:00 pm Ideate, collaborate and build
6:00 – 7:00 pm Happy hour – Evening snacks, socialize



Potential Ideas


There is no restriction to what ideas you come up with except that it should make business sense and is useful to at least a group of people. You can share with the community how your idea solves an identified problem or serve any observed need.

You can queue the ideas continually on this page and in case we get more ideas flooding, then the participants will decide which ones to discuss.


Topics I would like to hear about



  • Mobile applications
  • Internet TV
  • Community websites
  • Smart appliances
  • Social needs
  • Education
  • Reality shows
  • Gaming
  • Products for the masses
  • Radio
  • eGovernance
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Web 2.0
  • Experimental film-making





Often our ideas remain ideas and we are not sure whom to discuss them with. You may have a great idea, but the real challenge lays in finding its appropriate application. Cohesive and divergent thinking is what is required to build ideas from scratch to working prototypes. In the process we need to discuss with people from different walks of life to identify how our ideas can make a difference in their lives. Can our ideas make money for anyone?


Idea Box



  • Add your ideas here

To add your name, click on 'Edit Page' button placed on top of this page. In Edit view, go to Idea Box section and add your name in the list. To add a row, begin and end every cell with a vertical bar (|).



Sr No You Idea Your Name Your blog address
1 Wellness Channel on Radio FM Harshada Deshpande http://designecology.blogspot.com/
2 One stop shop for events vishal sethi
3 A dedicated user content based T.V. Channel Shree Kant Bohra http://insideme.geekybuddha.org
4 Telephone Directory in mobile Dinesh Soni http://dineshsoni.blogspot.com
5 Saving lives in swimming pools using RFID / sensors based technology Vinod Kulkarni
6 Potentials of Location-based blog aggregator Vinod Kulkarni
7 SMS-based micropayment service Shashikant
8 Mobile 4 Mumbai -- www.m4mum.in Raxit Sheth
9 Face the case (stealth mode !: ) Raxit Sheth
10 Open Source CMS and NGO shardul mohite
11 puneDining.com ... Birth of a new dotCom? Rohan Dighe http://www.insidesocialweb.com
12 Helping PMC achieve it IT vision Navin Kabra (maybe Dr. Anupam Saraph) http://punetech.com/pmc-vision-for-the-future-needs-your-help/
13 Getting your Product Idea Market-Ready Rajeev Surana (Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) http://www.scinnovation.in
14 Getting Incubated / What Incubation Centres look for Aditi - CIIE http://ciieindia.org
15 Semantic Web Applications Abhay - 42
16 How to find lost objects Nishit Shah http://blog.nishitshah.com
17 Swarm Intelligence Algorithms and Applications Harshvardhan Pande and Hasan Poonawala COEP
18 Collective Intellignce for Learning Abhijit Sontakey
19 Delete Fake Orkut Profiles Neeket R Pokharrna neeket@webdefenders.org, 91-9370509777
20 Cheapest WebHosting in Pune Neeket R Pokharrna neeket@webdefenders.org, 91-9370509777
21 Innovation Value Management Framework: Wipro's Experience Pavan Soni pavan.soni@wipro.com, http://pavansoni.blogspot.com
22 Management Learning by Problem Solving Tarun Rathor tarunjr@gmail.com
23 Eco-Friendly Labs Shyamal Pandya shyamal.pandya@gmail.com
24 Start up support/mentoring/education Shitij Malhotra mrmalhotra@gmail.com
25 Handicrafts as supplementary income generation in villages Aditi k. helloaditi@gmail.com
26 Single login system sagar gaikwad


27 SMS Applications Abhishek Thakkar abhishek-at-webaroo-dot-com






  • Add your name here. Please also add your company/college name. This information is required by Persistent (our host) for security reasons and is mandatory.


Sr No Your Name Mail Id blog address Company / College
1 Dinesh Soni ideacamp@dineshsoni.com http://dineshsoni.blogspot.com/ CRKIMR, Mumbai
2 Sunit Singh sunitsingh@gmail.com
3 Shree Kant Bohra shreekantbohra@gmail.com http://insideme.geekybuddha.org
4 Navin Kabra navin@punetech.com http://punetech.com PuneTech
5 Sudhanshu Raheja sudhanshuraheja@gmail.com http://sudhanshuraheja.com
6 Pranav Prakash pranavprakash@programmer.net http://codecontrol.blogspot.com Bharati Vidyapeeth University, College of Engineering, Pune
7 Abhishek N cheerfulguy@gmail.com http://blogs.sun.com/abhishekn
8 vivek khandelwal kvivek05@gmail.com http://roomno368.blogspot.com
9 Aditi k sulki_gyri@yahoo.co.in https://www.moizoi.blogspot.com Rachana Sansad College of applied art and craft
10 Arun P admin@trak.in http://trak.in
11 Himanshu Jagdish Sheth himanshu.sheth@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/himanshujsheth
12 Rohan Dighe rohan@socialwebfactory.com http://www.insidesocialweb.com/ http://www.socialwebfactory.com
13 Vishal Gadkari vishal.gadkari@socialwebfactory.com   http://www.socialwebfactory.com
14 Amit Bhat amit.bhat@socialwebfactory.com   http://www.socialwebfactory.com
15 Rahul Punde rahul.punde@socialwebfactory.com   http://www.socialwebfactory.com
16 Parag Pawar parag.pawar@socialwebfactory.com   http://www.socialwebfactory.com
17 Nishant Modak modak.nishant@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/modak IBM India Pvt. Ltd
18 Minal Fulzele minalfulzele@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/minalfulzele Sungard
19 Atul Veer atul.veer@gmail.com http://atulveer.wordpress.com/ BetterLabs
20 Pavan Soni http://pavansoni.blogspot.com pavan.soni@wipro.com
21 Ankit Bhansali ankitsbhansali@gmail.com   IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
22 Anirudha Kagalkar aniruddha_kagalkar@yahoo.com
23 Ronak Shah ronak.shah22 at gmail.com www.ronakshah.name, www.linkedin.com/in/ronaks
24 Akshay Wagh Akshay.Wagh@gmail.com
25 Chandra Prakash cp911@yahoo.com  
26 Mujahid Shaikh smujahid at live dot in  
27 Shashikant shashikant at gmail   Startup
28 Arpit Agarwal arpit105 at yahoo dot com http://theanomalies.blogspot.com
29 shardul mohite mohite.shardul at gmail dot com shardul.wordpress.com
30 Sagar Gaikwad sagarandgaikwad@gmail.com http://www.sagargaikwad.com Persistent systems
31 Bishweshwar Nag bishweshwar.nag@gmail.com   Sinhgad Institute
32 Atul Kalokhe atul.kalokhe@gmail.com   Jayawant Institute of Computer Applications
33 Abhijit Sontakey abhijit.sontakey@gmail.com  
34 Bhavya Siddappa bhavsidd at gmail dot com http://bhavyavoice.blogspot.com KPIT Cummins Infosystem Ltd
35 Nidhi Nahata nidhi_nahata@infosys.com  
36 Rajeev Surana rajeev@scinnovation.in http://www.scinnovation.in Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
37 Pranav Sarpotdar pranavsarpotdar@rediffmail.com http://www.scinnovation.in Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
38 Priya Gandhi priyagandhi@aol.in http://www.scinnovation.in Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
39 Aditi Gupta aditigupta AT iimahd DOT ernet DOT in http://ciieindia.org
40 Dhiraj Jain ideacamp at dhirajjain dot com http://www.dhirajjain.com 01 Synergy
41 Rajesh Moorjani rajesh.public at gmail dot com
42 Prakash Gore prakash.gore@hotmail.com   Fergusson College
43 Harshvardhan Pande harsh.pande@gmail.com   College Of Engineering Pune (COEP)
44 Hasan Poonawala hasan87rules@gmail.com   College Of Engineering Pune (COEP)
45 Shantaram G. Kane sgkane@gmail.com
46 Suhas Mahajan amaj.nash@gmail.com   College Of Engineering Pune (COEP)
47 Pushkraj Marathe pv_marathe@yahoo.com   SAS R&D India Pvt. Ltd.
48 Kapil Kulkarni kbkulkarni@gmail.com   Jayawant Institute of Computer Applications
49 Bhupendra Jagtap montyj@gmail.com   Symphony Services
50 Sushant Mehta esushant@gmail.com  
51 Prasanna Balgaonkar prasbalg@gmail.com   Blue-Shores Solutions
52 Vipul Kalia     DY Patil COE
53 Neeket R Pokharrna neeket@webdefenders.org WebDefenders Consulting Pvt Ltd http://www.linkedin.com/in/neeket
54 Swagata Manjeshwar swagata@webdefenders.org WebDefenders Consulting Pvt Ltd
55 Praneet Kumar praneet@webdefenders.org WebDefenders Consulting Pvt Ltd
56 Prashant Mahajan prashant@webdefenders.org WebDefenders COnsulting Pvt Ltd
57 Amol Joshi anmoljoshi@gmail.com   Jayawant Institute of Computer Applications
58 Praveen Patil rockspraveen@yahoo.co.in   Rajshree Shahu College of Engineering
59 Prasoon Kumar prasoon.kumar@gmail.com Avaya
60 Sourav Mohanty sourav.r.mohanty@gmail.com   Poona College
61 Namita Kotalwar kotalwar.namita@gmail.com   Jayawant Institute of Computer Applications
62 Pallavi Kulkarni kulkarnipallavi06@gmail.com   Jayawant Institute of Computer Applications
63 Swati Mahajan Mahajanswati85@gmail.com    
64 Srikanth Surumpally surumpally.srikanth@gmail.com    
65 Ulhas Theurkar ulhastheurkar@gmail.com   Sigma Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
66 Anil omanwar anilomanwarATgmail.com anilomanwar.blogspot.com Cognizant Pune
67 Shyamal Pandya     Symantec Corporation Pune
68 Chhajjurani Jadhav cutechhajju@yahoo.co.in   Rajshree Shahu College of Engineering
69 Amit Tripathi niceamit2003@gmail.com   SCIT Pune
70 Himanshu Sharma contacthimanshu@gmail.com   Isquareit, Hinjewadi, Pune
71 Ruta Shah helloruta@hotmail.com  
72 Jimmy Singh imjimmy.007@gmail.com   D.Y.P.I.E.T.
73 Mayank Dobriyal anshu_dypiet@yahoo.co.in   D.Y.P.I.E.T.
74 Kaustav Bhattacharya mailppl@gmail.com   Rajshree Shahu College of Engineering
75 Kaustubh Kumbhar kaustubhkk@gmail.com   Symantec Corporation Pune
76 Archana Gaikwad archuchavan@gmail.com   e-bizindia pvt ltd Pune
77 Sashi sash2raga@gmail.com   NirmaLabs - Ahmedabad
78 Guna Ranjan guna.turaga@gmail.com   HSBC - Mumbai
79 Beena Bhatt beenabhatt@gmail.com   Symantec Corporation Pune
80 Manish Gupta manishgupta_sec@yahoo.com

We are stopping the registrations now! If you wish to join us, please add your name to the next list - 'In the waiting...'


In the waiting...



Sr No Your Name Mail Id blog address Company / College
1 Abhishek Ganu abhishekganu@gmail.com    
2 Aparna Khatri avkhatriATyahooDOTcom    
3 Pramod Verma pramodverma85@gmail.com    
4 Parag Bhamre parag.bhamre@gmail.com   ZS Associates
5 Shitij Malhotra mrmalhotra@gmail.com   ZS Associates
6 Nishant Kumar nishant.iitkgp@gmail.com   ZS Associates
7 Prateek Natani prateeknatani_2@gmail.com   ZS Associates
8 Sanjay Gattani sanjay.gattani@gmail.com   Infosys Technologies Limited
9 Paras Jain paras@ecell.in   ecell IIT Bombay
10 cyrus cyrus@ecell.in   ecell IIT Bombay
11 Vaibhav vaibhav@ecell.in   ecell IIT Bombay
12 Arunima Saboo arunima.saboo@gmail.com   National Institute of Design
13 Anuj Khurana anuj@mangospring.com MangoSpring Technologies
14 Ashish Bhujbal ashish.bhujbal@gmail.com   Wikiocean
15 Vikas Hegde avikashegde@gmail.com   ZS Associates
16 Rajeev Karajgikar rajeevkarajgikar@gmail.com   Richmond Ventures
17 Freeman Murray fcmurray@gmail.com    
18 Sachin Doshi sachinsdoshi at gmail   Startup
19 Sheece sheece at gmail   Emptoris
20 Parag Mutha paramutha@gmail.com   Rajarshi Shahu coll of engg
21 Bhupendra Jagtap montyj at gmail dot com   Symphony Services
22 Sreelaj John sreelaj.john@iduple.com http://blog.iduple.com iDuple Business Services
23 Abhishek Thakkar abhishek-at-webaroo.com http://www.smsgupshup.com SMSGupShup



  • Ideas and demos.
  • Laptop, pdas (if you have)
  • Memory Stick/thumb drive, wifi dongle (if you have one: for transferring presentations, demo etc)
  • Business Cards for networking purpose
  • Your energy, smile and fun quotient :)
  • Do not bring (I know this is the "Bring" list but this is wiki and blogcamp is an open event) so do not bring, high expectations rather come with an open mind and have fun in the open space event.




  • Wiki, Wifi and Power
  • Lunch, Coffee/Tea and snacks
  • Projector& White Boards
  • All the help you need, thanks to our super cool volunteers :)





1 Harshada Deshpande harshada11@gmail.com, http://designecology.blogspot.com/
2 Vishal Sethi vishal.imt@gmail.com
3 Hrridaysh Deshpande hrridaysh.deshpande@gmail.com, http://www.linkedin.com/in/hrridaysh
4 Kaushik Raghupathi prkaushik@gmail.com
5 Puneet Thariani puneet.thariani@gmail.com




1 Suvarna Dixit dixit.suvarna@gmail.com
2 Puneet Thariani puneet.thariani@gmail.com
3 Hrishikesh Rajpathak hrishikesh_rajpathak@persistent.co.in
4 Chetan Patil chetan_patil@persistent.co.in
5 Deepak Shingan deep.shingan@gmail.com
6 Abhijit Sontakey abhijit.sontakey@gmail.com
7 Nishant Kumar nishant.iitkgp@gmail.com


Are you blogging about us..?

Add a link to your blog post for the world to know.


Your Name Title of the post Link
Rohan Dighe Ideacamp Pune http://www.insidesocialweb.com
Dinesh Soni Ideacamp Pune http://dineshsoni.blogspot.com/2008/05/ideacamp-pune.html
Harshada Deshpande Ideacamp Pune http://designecology.blogspot.com/2008/05/ideacamppune.html
Navin Kabra IdeaCampPune - A Report http://punetech.com/ideacamppune-a-report/





1 Prabhakar Bhosale Thanks to all organizers and volunteers for organizing such a great event and giving us platform to present and discuss the ideas. Thanks for all your efforts. Looking forward to join such events in future