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InteractionCampToronto is presented by the UXIrregulars and BarCampToronto




Date Saturday, June 2, 2007
Time 9:30am5:30pm
Location Critical Mass 425 Adelaide St. West. 10th Floor
Expected Attendance 100 people Between 50–60 people - it's important that everyone signs up (on this page) so we know our numbers. Thanks!




NEW (Jun 8) - Morae Contest -- Last chance!

Win your own copy of TechSmith's Morae 2.0  usability software 


NEW (Jun 2) - Twitter backchannel

Twitter with other attendees - twitter.com/interactioncamp


NEW (May 30) - After Party details confirmed - Brassaii

Upcoming.org - InteractionCamp After Party


NEW (May 24) - We have increased capacity to 100 people!

Upcoming.org - InteractionCamp


Session Notes

Did you take notes in a session? Post them below:




What is InteractionCampToronto?

InteractionCamp is an unconference for everyone with an interest in designing interactive customer experiences, from online and retail spaces, to consumer product design, mobile, urban planning, and social media. InteractionCampToronto brings together designers, marketers, strategists, technologists, and students, in an open and collaborative environment of sharing and learning. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


No Spectators, Only Participants

Anyone with something to contribute or the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join. Share your knowledge and expertise: Present a case study on your latest project, lead in an informal roundtable, or participate in a hands-on design workshop . Interact with your peers. Spark a conversation. Start a debate. When you come, be prepared to share. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.


Anyone is welcome to present, just schedule yourself on the wiki.

If you're presenting, make sure to follow the rules of InteractionCamp.


We Like To Share!

Presenters are responsible for making sure that notes/slides/audio/video of their presentations are published on the web for the benefit of all and those who want to follow-up. The tags for the conference are InteractionCamp and InteractionCampToronto. Use this tag when you blog about the event, and when you upload photos to Flickr , powerpoint files to SlideShare , etc.




09:30 - Coffee and Mingling

10:00 - Opening Circle

10:45 - Session 1

11:30 - Session 2

12:15 - Session 3

13:00 - Lunch

14:15 - Session 4

15:00 - Session 5

15:45 - Session 6

16:30 - Session 7

17:15 - Closing Comments



Proposed Sessions

What do you want to talk and learn about? We are going to have 3 tracks and 7 timeslots for a total of 21 sessions. Each time slot is 45 minutes in length, and how you divide up your time is up to you! You may decide to give a 30 minute presentation with 15 minutes for discussion, or facilitate a 45 minute prototyping session. It's totally up to you! Stuck on ideas? Get in touch with one of the organizers, and we'll be happy to help you out.


Add Yourself. (Click Edit Page & Log on)! Please include a topic you would like to discuss.


  • BryceJohnson - something about Silverlight (Some tech sessions needed - I encourage people to talk about tech from an UX/IxD perspective)
  • Audrey Carr: Designing Sustainable Conversations with Social Media
  • Sam Ladner - Usability is dead. Long live flow.
  • Matthew Milan - I have to work, which doesn't suck, because if I get back from work in time for the last session, I'll have something insanely cool to talk about.
  • James McNab - Value Centric Design
  • Jon Lax - The Experience Divide: Why Some Companies Excel at Great User Experiences and Others Don't.
  • Kelly Seagram - Regrets - working
  • Lindsay Ellerby - TBA (I'm trying to convince an urban planner to co-present with me about interaction in the physical world vs. interaction in the virtual world - whacky!)
  • Jason Oke - a couple of thoughts... 1) why customers can't tell you what they want, or 2) the rise of transmedia experiences
  • Ryan Coleman - discussion about/introduction to Visual Thinking
  • Gavan Gibson- The F Word: discussion about the interaction designer as facilitator.
  • Lee Dale: Using Online Tools to Nurture Your Community
  • Qixing Zheng - Silverlight Overview, plan to show a lot of demos on how Silverlight can delivering Media and RIA experience on the web.
  • Brett Lutchman - CSI Forensics(Remaining non-biased during a Client Scene Investigation so as not to contaminate the UX Strategy)




Add yourself (Click Edit Page & Log on)!

If you can't attend please:

    • 1. Remove yourself from the Attendees list and
    • 2. Add the top name from the Waiting List. Thanks!



  1. BryceJohnson - Navantis / TheChickenTest
  2. Kaleem Khan
  3. Audrey Carr - Organic
  4. Lindsay Ellerby - Critical Mass
  5. Sam Ladner 
  6. Matthew Milan
  7. DeborahHartmann
  8. Judy Reiter
  9. Jonathan Litwack
  10. Lynda Chiotti
  11. Ryan Gamble
  12. RohanJayasekera
  13. Patrick Dinnen
  14. Brian Cort
  15. JayGoldman - Radiant Core
  16. Michael Da Ponte
  17. Nick Dean
  18. Jason Moore
  19. John Killam
  20. An Nguyen
  21. Jeff Ginsberg - chief eMail officer the eMail company 
  22. Linda Burman
  23. James Christopher
  24. Saul Colt - The Toy Agency
  25. Zachary Houle
  26. Anya Galkina
  27. Gabriel Mansour
  28. Cameron Ley
  29. Jen Vetterli
  30. Dwayne Connolly
  31. David Feldt
  32. Eli Singer
  33. Mark Dykeman
  34. Joe Dee
  35. Kengwei Lu
  36. Collin Douma
  37. Colin McGregor
  38. David Gelb
  39. James McNab
  40. Michael Jones
  41. Dave Shen
  42. Jason Oke
  43. Jon Lax
  44. Kerri McKenna
  45. Qixing Zheng
  46. Kimi Sokhi
  47. Alexei Rebrov
  48. Laurence Lue
  49. Lee Dale - Smack
  50. Matt Rintoul - Smack
  51. Micheal Young - Toronto Restaurant Guide
  52. Brett Lutchman Sonic Boom Creative Media Inc.
  53. Matthew Burpee
  54. Erik Hagborg - RealDecoy
  55. Benjamin Motz - Breadwinner
  56. Daniel Chen - Proximity Interactive
  57. Haris Blentic
  58. Liat Amitay - Frogweb
  59. Libin Pan
  60. Mira
  61. Richard Perkins - [http://www.richardperkins.net/]
  62. SimonConlin - Simon Conlin
  63. Madhava Enros
  64. Kieran Huggins
  65. Trina Boos - Lifecapture Interactive
  66. Shannon Roy - THINKHIVE
  67. Jonathan Lin - jhslin@gmail.com
  68. Sonia Khan - sonia.khan@gmail.com
  69. Ryan Coleman | Clay tablet Technologies
  70. Maggie Greyson
  71. Liesa Cummings
  72. Aaron Rothschild - aaron.rothschild@eloqua.com Eloqua
  73. Mark Stephenson - RealDecoy
  74. Geoff Whitlock - Lifecapture Interactive
  75. Joyce Chan
  76. James Cullin - Humber College - Rich Media Program
  77. Nick Heise
  78. Robin Yap - RobinYap.com
  79. Anand Agarawala - BumpTop
  80. Ryan Gamble
  81. Roshni Wijayasinha
  82. Mike MacLennan
  83. Edward Perry - HEDNA Worldhotels
  84. Bo Zou
  85. Mark Raheja - Digital Cement, Hungry Sumo Wrestlers Are Awesome.
  86. Scott Suthren - Digital Cement
  87. Kyle Campbell- sLajax.com
  88. Samuel Benisty - 404Found!
  89. Edgar LeBel
  90. Simon Rowland - Direct Leap Technologies
  91. Nathaniel Bagnell - EN-FORCE Networks
  92. Ali Karbassi - City Surf
  93. Pat Ryan - Trapeze Media
  94. Jaret Manuel
  95. Rokham Sadeghnezhadfard
  96. Ali Ajellu
  97. Ana Gervasio - Bridge Collective
  98. Beverly Crandon - ad-ition
  99. Sayem A.
  100. TaylanPince
  101. Dan Wilson - Spark Inc
  102. Dave Hamel
  103. Melisa Yukselir
  104. Jacob Filipp - Powerspirit
  105. Liam O'Doherty Avoid.net
  106. Goran Matic goran.matic@gmail.com
  107. Ana Matic ana.matic@gmail.com
  108. Jane Zhang - Partnership Platform
  109. Brian Hogg - dotBoom, Indusblue
  110. David Mills - Critical Mass
  111. Rick Innis
  112. Chris Ye - 2Mass Media
  113. Anuj Singhal anuj@monetime.com
  114. Sarah English - Usability Matters
  115. Steven LeMay - Usability Matters
  116. Kyle Reid - Boxx3G
  117. Andrew Peek - Boxx3G
  118. Ushnish Sengupta email
  119. Adam Clarkson - CBC
  120. Saleem Khan - CBC



Waiting List

When the Attendees list hits 100 please add yourself (Click Edit Page & Log on)! You will be added to the Attendees list in the event some people can't make it (you have good odds). To be notified of a change in status please include your e-mail address or contact the organizing team.








InteractionCamp Organizers

contact the organizing team





Have questions? We've got answers!



  • add questions here...




Thanks to all of our sponsors for helping make the first InteractionCamp a huge success!


If you are interested in sponsoring the next InteractionCamp to help cover the costs of food and materials please contact the organizing team.



Critical Mass (www.criticalmass.com) is an interactive services firm that helps the world's leading companies use digital channels to increase revenues, reduce costs and deepen customer relationships. Its clients include companies such as Dell, Mercedes-Benz USA, Procter and Gamble, Rolex, and many others. Founded in 1995, Critical Mass has offices in Calgary, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Geneva and London. Critical Mass was ranked the top Interactive agency for overall offering three years running according to reports by Forrester Research.







TechSmith is the world's leading provider of screen capture and recording software.







Usability Matters offers strategic services that result in usable products for the digital environment.

Our team of Information Architects and Usability Specialists help you create compelling products that meet users’ needs, while reducing project frustration, saving you valuable production time and simplifying complex processes.



Morae Contest


Brett Lutchman won the fully licensed copy of Morae by TechSmith! TechSmith, which was one of InteractionCamp's sponsors, was generous enough to provide us with a copy of its flagship software to give away.


Morae is software for usability testing and user experience research -- it's essentially a usability lab on your computer.



All Brett had to do was tell us the following:


  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Why you need Morae
  4. Your positive or negative feedback on InteractionCamp -- we want to make InteractionCamp 2 even better!


    • Thanks to TechSmith and everyone who participated **




Past Events




About UXIrregulars

The UXIrregulars is a gathering of User Experience Design professionals or anyone else interested in the practice meeting up to talk about anything maybe even User Experience Design.

UXIrregulars Group (UXIrregulars@googlegroups.com)



About TorCamp

TorCamp is a community of people in the Toronto area. TorCamp is a community of designers, developers, marketers, PR people, executives, testers, quality assurance specialists, consultants, recruiters, network administrators, business developers, venture capitalists, angel investors, policy analysts, etc. The goal is to build an open community of individuals and companies. To provide open events and instill a sense of community in the Toronto technology scene.


TorCamp Group (torcamp@googlegroups.com)


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