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iPhoneDevCamp San Francisco 2007


Making the web a better place for iPhone.


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Please add your iPhoneDevCamp-created applications here.


If you are planning to present at the Hack-a-Thon, please put your information on the Hack-a-Thon page, as well.


App name (hyperlinked), author name(s), source code information (if available), and contact info, please!

  1. Alternative Channel TV Alternative Channel is an international internet channel and alternative news source focused on the issues of sustainable development.contact@alternativechannel.tv
  2. iPhit Fitness Tracking developed by Jim Fulford of Ipod Fitness Center provides access to Nike+ Exercise data from your iPhone. jim@ipodfitnesscenter.com
  3. Corridor is 3D game utilizing the iPhone orientation for controls (the first 3D game?) emjay@apomorph.com
  4. iPHONEcolony is a social networking site created for the iPhone, and includes blogging, friends, communities, and photos. support@iphonecolony.com
  5. Life Record EMR full blown medical records in the palm of your hand on the iPhone! support@liferecord.com
  6. Appleopolis.com has a comprehensive listing of iPhone apps with both an iPhone and desktop compatible version of the site. They also have free online iPhone accounts that people can use to add, store and manage all their web apps. For more info contact infoATappleopolisDOTcom
  7. Jabber / GTalk chat for the iPhone (work in progress, yet highly functional) A Jabber / gTalk application for the iPhone. Works with your existing account, shows contact list and chats as tabs with a Gtalk Mobile style interface. Created by: Dallas Pool & Patrick Morgan from http://www.masterwebdesign.net'>Master Web Design
  8. Tilt - a game that uses the iPhone's accelerometer as the controller. Tilt is a game in 1.5 dimensions. Players rotate the phone to control Flip who likes to eat falling leaves and butterflies of a matching color. Tilt has a new home page for updates, the story of how we designed it, and the latest version of the game. Builds on Joe Hewitt's Liquid Navigation Hack Developed by: Joe Hewitt (Code), Nicole Lazzaro (Game Design), Colin Toomey (Art), Kent Bye, and Felipe Ortiz.
  9. SonicLiving + iTMS: a mobile version of SonicLiving's event tracking social network, plus browse the iTunes Music Store and sample tunes while you're on the go.
  10. MyMetar iPhone Edition is an elegant aviation weather application for iPhone carrying pilots that is fully integrated with MyMetar.com, by Tyson Weihs and Jason Miller
  11. iJoker by AwayBBL@gmail.com
  12. Spry Data and Widgets for iPhone by Spry Team
  13. ForeFlight iPhone Edition provides airport data and weather for iPhone by Tyson Weihs and Jason Miller
  14. iPhone illuminator - submit ideas for an application and/or a case. You can also access it via your iPhone by going to mophie.com and we will redirect you.
  15. iBrick (tetris) game - a work in progress. - Jeff Sauer - jsauer a t jouledata d o t com
  16. App Marks is web desktop for the iPhone that organizes your favorite web applications, widgets, and sites. - by App Marks team, info at appmarks dot com.
  17. Mojits (mobile widgets) is a launcher for iPhone widgets that can be customized from phone or desktop. It includes ratings, comments, tags, and a fully phonified interface.
  18. http://www.pressdisplay.com/test/pressdisplay21/mobile/home.aspx It is a (secret ;) demo version of the PressDisplay.com website modified for iPhone. We at NewspaperDirect so far only fixed some obvious problem with our regular mobile version. It looks much better now. Hope it will be ready for production in couple of weeks. We also will implement a special iPhone reach version of the interface soon. Please give it a try. You can read all the articles from the first newspaper page for free. If you want more, please register. It is free again for the first month. Any comments are welcome. alexn@lexansoft.com
  19. ChunkLove - Chunk Love is an Amazon shopping UI optimized for mobile devices, specifically the iPhone by using large icons and click regions. It displays information gathered by a scanner that checks Amazon for products with high % savings. The results pages link directly to Amazon's mobile ordering pages to allow ordering on the go. The queries are still being worked out, but the site is fully functional. Any comments welcome - myko AT blueneedle DOT com
  20. PickleView - PickleView is a live baseball game application. It uses mlb.com to get the current info about a game in progress, while at the same time it follows a twitter friends feed. The idea being that you could watch a game while getting quips and thoughts about the game from your friends. Multiple developers are working on this, including Ryan Christianson (ryanch at gmail dot com), Estelle (estellevw at speakeasy dot net), Wai Seto, setomail07 at gmail dot com, and Richard Herrera.
  21. iDictate.org iDictate has turned the Apple iPhone into an awesome go-anywhere dictation device with the finished documents promptly emailed back to the user for final editing. Transcription fees start at slightly more than a penny per word, with no monthly charges.
  22. PartyStrands for iPhone is an efficient method of browsing your remote music to choose a track. Proof of concept that will eventually work with our iTunes plug-in, MyStrands, and our party software, PartyStrands. By Trevor Misfeldt, misfeldt (at) mystrands.com and Josh Miller.
  23. DangoTalk Universal IM web proxy. Uses rails, backgroundrb, libpurple. Could also serve as a base iphone rails application template.
  24. NIGHT CLUB Locator This is an iPhone app which helps you in locating the night clubs in your region, helps you in choosing the best club by giving reviews and ratings. It is also integrated with the native iPhone Google Maps application for the driving directions.
  25. iSleuth is an internet frame grabber application which transmits near realtime iSight or built-in camera images from your MacBook or Mac to your iPhone on-demand. iSleuth can be used for any monitoring application, including baby, vacation home, pet, elder-care, entry doorway, outdoor weather, and more. By Srini Raja, Jacob Balthazor, and Brian Balthazor
  26. gOffice for iPhone First working word processor for the iPhone. Create Microsoft Word docs with built in graphics, header and 'fake' but real looking signature. Save results by emailing them to yourself or others. The gOffice for iPhone site is being launched today, 7/7/07.
  27. kfc coupons joann coupons best buy coupons borders coupons walmart coupons outback steakhouse coupons subway sandwich coupons papa john's coupons wendy's coupons harbor freight coupons olive garden coupons
  28. Movies.app Allows you to search for movies in your zip code and provides basic movie information, including Length, Genre, Rating and Showtimes. Also integrations with the Google Maps application to get directions to the theater, provides a link to buy tickets, and also includes trailers for the movies. Created by Jeff Grossman.
  29. Gas.app Allows you to find the cheapest gas prices in your area. Includes Google Maps integration for driving directions and also has a diesel version available here. Created by Jeff Grossman.
  30. Telekinesis: Remotely access your Mac through a collection of mini web apps on your phone.
  31. Quicktate.com Voicemail has never been more visual. Quicktate transcribes your voice messages or voice notes into text. Receive text by email, SMS, or iPhone-compatible web widget. Watch for our launch in August 2007.
  32. FLASH mob is an experimental mobile app that allows anonymous flash mob event sharing and joining. Sign up, select a set of locations, and wait for SMS and e-mail notifications of flash mobs in your area. Or create a flash mob community by adding events that are then broadcasted to all users who've opted in to your locale. Designed and developed by Ryan Sobol, Aynne Valencia, and Nate Ritter.
  33. GreenMarble by RobertFiccaglia and DanielZapata. In the spirit of 07-07-07, a way to keep the eco-friendly vibe alive. Hoping to wrap up before 2...but if not, will update with link ASAP.
  34. iPhoneVote The perfect app to vote on anything instantly. Use the iPhone's revolutionary position-sensing ability to cast a "yea" or "nea" for the event you are currenly attending. Real-time crowd polls at their sexiest. Developed by Scott Bauer at Big In Japan, graphics by Jeremy Harrington
  35. Girls Kissing is a 2D flash based game developed for the iPhone. Developed by Kissing Girls Inc.
  36. AlterVille Gamecard A brainteaser card from AlterVille. Developed by Richard Bottoms
  37. iTunes Remote-o-Matic™. Remote Control iTunes running on a Mac via your iPhone. Enables you to control your iTunes-based whole-house audio from anywhere in your home. Or, drive your pets crazy when you're at work. Developed by Rob Chang
  38. Qix An iPhone take on the classic video game, Qix. By Mark Torrance, Al Chang, Barney Pell, and Jacob Balthazor. mark (at) vinq.com, alchang (at) pobox.com, jacob (at) kauai.com
  39. Doodle A touch drawing interface proof-of-concept. By Mark Torrance, Al Chang, Barney Pell, and Jacob Balthazor.