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iPhoneDevCamp San Francisco 2007


Making the web a better place for iPhone.


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If you are planning to attend iPhoneDevCamp, please list your name and contact information here by clicking the 'Edit Page' button on this page and scrolling down to the bottom of the page to make your edits. Please be careful when editing this page not to modify the other attendee entries or the structure of the page. Please add your name to the bottom of the list on a new line. Thank you.


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NDA: Everyone in attendance will be asked to sign a brief Non-Disclosure Agreement, either electronically or on paper. This agreement is in place to protect attendees in case they are exposed to any confidential information from Adobe. We do not anticipate that attendees will be exposed to Adobe Confidential information, but the NDA is required for admittance, and only applies to Adobe Proprietary Information. See iPhoneDevCampAdobeNDA. Attendees unwilling to sign an NDA are encouraged to participate remotely. Update 07/04/07: Adobe has waived the NDA requirement for the event. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


PARTICIPATION: This is a 'working' camp for developers, designers, and testers. The purpose is to build and launch web-based applications and sites for iPhone. This is not an iPhone users group gathering. All attendees will be involved in this process, either building or supporting builders. There are no lurkers! Please list whether you intend to develop, design, and/or test when you add your name. This is important information that will help us in the organization of teams (for those who want to work on a team effort).


DISCUSSION LIST: There is an ongoing iPhone developer community discussion list that the organizers of this list are members of. This is a good place for technical discussions before the iPhoneWebCamp, as well as place to recruit team members and discuss projects for the Hack-a-Thon.


IPHONE OWNERS: Are you bringing an iPhone to iPhoneDevCamp? If so, please update your attendee record once you actually own the iPhone. This will help us determine whether we need to recruit additional testers.


Are you a developer, designer, and/or tester? Please list below. Thank you.


  1. Raven Zachary, raven@rinzai.com, tester, bringing an iPhone
  2. whurley, vision@whurley.com, tester
  3. Chris Messina
  4. Jim Yang, jimyang@safehaus.org, developer
  5. Abhay Kumar
  6. Chris Brentano
  7. Shiraz Ali Qureshi, shiraz@qspeq.com
  8. Alexander Muse
  9. Dana Wilson, danaswilson@gmail.com
  10. Huy Hong
  11. David B. Alford, davidba@speakeasy.net
  12. Dion Almaer
  13. Abdulrahman Tarbzouni ait {at} mit {dot} edu
  14. LeslieW, lwu.two@gmail.com
  15. Jon Bardin gonna work on a javascript game.
  16. J.R. San Diego, xjarfx@gmail.com
  17. Dylan Schiemann working on Dojo 0.9 on the iPhone
  18. Christopher Allen, christophera AT iphonewebdev DOT com
  19. Blake Burris
  20. Tim Burks, developer, tim@neontology.com
  21. Donnie Flood, donnie@admob.com
  22. Raj Singh, raj at rajansingh dot com
  23. Hong Tian
  24. James Craig, james@cookiecrook.com
  25. Warren Stringer, warren@muse.com
  26. Miriam Block, mblock@softraid.com
  27. Lee Wiesenfeld, leewiesphoto@yahoo.com
  28. Ratanjit Gandhok | Ratanjit.Gandhok AT Gmail.com
  29. Bill Breck, bill at niftee dot com
  30. Michael Hayes, tasslehawf@mac.com
  31. gbookout, toukoob/at-mac-d0t-com
  32. Dominic Sagolla http://dom.net
  33. Tim Liora, timliora@yahoo.com
  34. mail@stephan-sonnenschein.de
  35. Jeb Eddy, jeb@mac.com
  36. Henry Matthes, iPhone-at-Matthes-dot-com, designer
  37. Eric Brown, yogieric.dev AT gmail
  38. Doron Kauper, doron@wrappersystems.com
  39. Crispin McCabe, crispinsf AT gmail DOT com, tester w/ideas & opinions
  40. Chuck S., iphone at velofish dot com
  41. Ulan McKnight, ulan@yvod.com, tester w/ideas & opinions - happy to freely host apps/websites as needed!
  42. Anand Iyer, anand.iyer@microsoft.com
  43. Mark Johnson, markj at markj.net (dev)
  44. Adam Tow, dev
  45. Dru Nelson developer
  46. Brendan McKenna, tester
  47. Alex Payne, developer, will be working on an official Twitter interface
  48. Adam Birkner designer/programmer
  49. Brian Williams barcamp A.T. chromaticgray.com IxD/Cocoa Programmer
  50. Patrick Cheatham patrick (at) cheathamlane (dot) net, designer, developer, tester
  51. Michael Calore Wired News mike at wired .com testing and blogging
  52. Justin Davis, justinwdavis at yahoo.com, dev
  53. Chip Vanek, builder chipski at mac .com
  54. Geoff Davis, design, dev
  55. Craig Temkin, craig@jamjammobile.com [http://www.JamJamMobile.com]
  56. Marc Hedlund, marc@precipice.org
  57. John Depue, johnadepue at gmail, design/dev
  58. Brian Balthazor, design, test, ajax, brew bbalxx (at) yahoo (dot) com
  59. Jacob Balthazor, Maya animation, Shake,and photographer,
  60. Wai Seto, setomail07@gmail.com, tester, developer(new to widget development, so try to learn more from the project)
  61. Jason Cline jason@sitepen.com (dev)
  62. Scott Bourne - Apple Phone Show , applephoneshow@gmail.com - press
  63. Myk OLeary http://www.blueneedle.com/wordpress myko AT blueneedle DOT com - Developer
  64. Jesper Andersen iphone AT jesperandersen DOT net - Developer
  65. Emory Al-Imam, emorya at gmail dawt com
  66. Walter Luh, walterluh at yahoo dot com
  67. Jennifer Day, jennieday at gmail dot com
  68. Yung Kao, yungkao at yahoo com
  69. Kristin Henry blogging galaxygoo d org
  70. Ben Rockwood, benr@joyent.com
  71. William Lawrence, front-end developer
  72. Thor Muller, designer, developer, tester
  73. Scott Fleckenstein, developer
  74. Ted Grubb, designer, developer
  75. Cameron Walters, developer at Satisfaction
  76. Bill Humphries, developer
  77. Cass Costello, ccostello at stubhub dot com, java design/dev
  78. Scott Lopatin, developer
  79. Karl Channell, designer, web developer, mail at karlchannell dot com
  80. Richard Wolff, rrwolff-at-mac-dot-com, tester w/ proj. mgt. exp.; wannabe designer/developer; "Have iPhone, Will Travel"
  81. Jon Crosby, email: my-first-name-at-kaboomerang-dot-com (dev/testing of Actionatr) - continuous partial attendance
  82. Don Shin, email: don-dot-shin-at-crosscomm-dot-net, looking to optimize iPhone game, bringing iPhone
  83. Jeff Chen , jeffchen@sfmedia.com, designer, developer, tester
  84. Bogdan Marian Developer, Designer
  85. Jokton Strealy, Designer, Developer
  86. Terry J Fundak, Database Applications Designer, terry@tjsoftworks.com
  87. Michael Darius, Interaction Designer, http://the.darius.net
  88. Daniel Frysinger Engineer/Interaction Designer, dfrysingerATyahoo-incDOTcom
  89. Ben Wilson, Editor iPhone Atlas
  90. Nader Farahani, nader-at-genius-dot-com Developer
  91. Ryan Ausanka-Crues, Developer
  92. Raymond Crump, raycu@aol.com, developer
  93. Tristan O'Tierney, tristan AT otierney DOT net, safari dev
  94. Sean Kenney, skenney26@yahoo.com, designer & developer
  95. Dan Wood, Karelia Software, developer of TeleMoose for iPhone - see my iPhoneDevCamp page
  96. Jory Felice, Belkin, developer, designer
  97. Seni Sangrujee, developer
  98. Christian Crumlish, Pattern Detective, cheerleader, kibitzer
  99. Cliff Skolnick, developer
  100. Tomomi Imura, Mobile web developer, tomomi at yahoo-inc dot com
  101. Mike Brophy, mike *at* integralearn *dot* com, IntegraLearn (Seattle, WA), developer -- mobile learning solutions, RIAs
  102. Bill Scott, evangelist, developer, designer, manager @ yahoo, patterns enthusiast, ajax evangelist. bscott at yahoo-inc dot com ... might have a conflict... trying to attend.
  103. David denBoer, Web Application Architect
  104. Jonathan Grubb, mobile web designer and long-time believer that the browser is the key to mobile success
  105. Ben Metcalfe iphonedevcamp at dotben dot co dot uk - developer, designer-ish. Bringing Blackberry/other non-iPhone smartphones to try to produce multi-platform workbench/guidelines for cross-device compatibility.
  106. Dori Smith, developer & writer
  107. Damien Stolarz, writer/developer
  108. Adam Stolarz, writer (adam.stolarz atsign gmail dot com)
  109. Ken Kurzweil, Developer
  110. James McDermott, Developer lulu.tv
  111. Phillip Double, Developer lulu.tv
  112. Steven Eberling, Web Applications Engineer
  113. John Tokash, developer
  114. Joshua Chou, joshchou@yahoo.com, developer
  115. Wes Lebsack, wes@weslebsack.com, Designer/Tester
  116. Jerome Calvo, Developer
  117. Hui Ran Shao, huiran @t gmail dot com, Developer
  118. Phac Le Tuan, phaclt@yahoo.com, developer
  119. Matt Knight, matt at sumoradio dot com, designer/developer
  120. Edwin Veelo // eveelo (at) mac (dot) com = designer/tester/programmer (in that order)
  121. Jerome Poichet, poitch @t gmail dot com, Software Engineer
  122. Joe Manning, Petya Manning Designer manningwg at gmail dot com
  123. Kelly Brant, kelly@sonicswap.com, developer
  124. Bruce Boston // bboston (at) gmail (dot) com; designer/tester
  125. Rami Habal, rhabal at yahoo dot com, developer-ish, designer-ish, tester
  126. Alaric Cole, alaric _at yahoo-inc dot ccccccom
  127. Ramiro Calvo, Developer
  128. Steve Rhodes, tester (with an iPhone), writer, photographer
  129. Ryan Christianson, ryan dat christianson at disney dat com, Developer
  130. Chris Washington, christow at berkeley dot edu, tester, developer-an art gallery informational audio tour-podcast/app;bringing my iPhone
  131. Erick Carlson, erick{a}o2cs.com - artist-developer-designer
  132. Chris Franklin, cwfranklin@gmail.com, tester
  133. Carlos Sapene, csapene *AT* eentertainment *DOT* com, manager @ E!, development
  134. Melvin Ma, Developer
  135. Wendy Fischer, Mobile Interaction Designer
  136. Ben Snyder, bensnyd AT mac DOT com, Design and Test
  137. Kevin Marshall, kmarshall (at) claritycon (dot) com, developer
  138. Nate Ritter, nate (at) eventful (dot) com, developer
  139. John Tantalo, john (at) eventful (dot) com, developer
  140. Colin Toomey, designercolin@gmail.com
  141. Andre Charland, Nitobi andre {splat} nitobi.com, entrepreneur, geek, designer, usability
  142. William T. (Tom) McVay, putahcreek *at* mac *dot* com - tester, developer, ACN member
  143. Chris Sun, christophersun AT hotmail DOT com, Developer
  144. Allen Fung, allen DOT fung AT fuqua DOT duke DOT edu, Developer
  145. Rob Chang, rob DOT chang AT iliotech DOT com, Developer
  146. Jesse Edwin Evans , jesse at 30proof dot com, UI designer
  147. Kristell Klosowski
  148. Kevin Braithwaite, kevinbraith AT gmail DOT com
  149. Kiran Harpanhalli, Kiran.harpanhalli at gmail dot com, mobile embedded application development
  150. Tom Katkus, tjkatkus AT gmail DOT com, Developer
  151. Ed Schipul, Schipul, developer
  152. Marc Nathan, Bullblog, technologist
  153. Bill Perry, Flashdevices, Adobe, Developer Relations for Mobile and Devices, bringing iPhone
  154. Scott Jackson, neo AT sq1.net, Square One Labs, Inc., Macintosh Systems Architect
  155. Ishan Anand, AppMarks, developer
  156. Paul Neyrinck, AppMarks, developer
  157. Erin Denny aka Agent Handy, Executive Producer @ YouthNoise.org
  158. Brad Carvey developer, design, artist 2d & 3d (Plan to come from New Mexico, if I get an iPhone)
  159. Rob Abbott, Ribbit, Principal Product & User Experience
  160. Gaurav Gupta, Developer, Electronic Arts
  161. Georgi Dagnall, developer
  162. Rick Evans, developer
  163. Greg Murray, My Blog, Ajax Architect, Sun Microsystems, jMaki Project Lead
  164. Lilia Martinez-Coburn, designer
  165. Bill Denk, UX, UI billdenk@gmail.com
  166. Mike Judd, developer mikeres99@yahoo.com
  167. Venkata Kolla, developer, kolla94404@yaho.com
  168. Tim Callahan, thinking about buying an iPhone, tgc206@comcast.net
  169. Cody Pallo, designer, developer, www.codypallo.com
  170. Richard Bottoms, producer/developer
  171. Saumendra Swain, producer/developer

#Nuvo.net, Aftertouch Studios

  1. Wil, Curious about iphone.
  2. Steve Demeter, Game Developer. demiforce (dot) llc (at) gmail (dot) com http://www.demiforce.com
  3. Keith Saft, director of user experience @ yahoo! mobile kdSaft @ yahoo-inc com
  4. Steven Jackson, interaction designer @ yahoo! mobile stevenaj @ yahoo-inc com
  5. Cole Poelker, interaction designer @ yahoo! mobile colep @ yahoo-inc com
  6. Steven Boynes, developer
  7. Estelle Weyl, Yahoo! Mobile and Mail code monkey, estellevw (at) speakeasy (dot) net
  8. Elias Fedorowski, elias (at) yahoo-inc (dot) com
  9. Jim Gan, jim at yahoo
  10. Larry Halff, Ma.gnolia, larry at ma dot gnolia dot com
  11. Todd Sieling, Ma.gnolia, todd at ma.gnolia dot com
  12. Erik Michaels-Ober, WordBreaker, erik (at) wordbreaker (dot) org, developer
  13. Jason Purdy - Developer - Interested in development on Safari including iPhone and N95.
  14. Pamela Bowman sarysa2 (at) yahoo (dot) com, hobbyist geek/dev/etc.
  15. Newton Chan, Foothill College, Developer/Instructor
  16. Nitu Jain, designer, developer, tester at www.mobitv.com
  17. Eric Arnold, developer at Adobe
  18. Brian Lee, code monkey
  19. Mike Chau, SudokuAddicts (dot) com
  20. Par Lindhe, design, developer, m.heysan.com - mobile IM
  21. Don Campbell, developer/evangelist
  22. Jerry Murray, jerry.murray@sbcglobal.net, waiting to see
  23. Preston Barger, depreston (at) gmail (dot) com, designer and testing
  24. Stayce Kavanaugh, stayce@wordnetworks.com, dev+design+test
  25. Cristian Filipov, Filipov@gmail.com, Developer, Tester
  26. Ryan Stewart, Developer, rstewart@adobe.com
  27. Matthew Levine, Developer, Technorati
  28. Joshua Kaufman, Interaction Designer, Tiny Pictures for Radar
  29. Bhanu Sharma - Entrepreneur, Apple Store employee
  30. Dave Zuverink, Mobile User Research & Workflow Design, Adobe Systems, zuverink AT adobe DOT com
  31. Kent Bye, kent@kentbye.com, Developer
  32. Yohannes Wijaya - Mac Evangelist, Tester - yohannes.wijaya@gmail.com
  33. Lee Davis, developer
  34. Khai Lu, developer, designer, tester - khai (at) jhaichrispy.com
  35. Lucy Carol Davis, Architect, developer lucycdavis@gmail.com
  36. Parker Emmerson, developer, www.MyBlogBand.com, powerinthelines@gmail.com
  37. Ray Ortigas, developer, ray (dot) ortigas (at) gmail (dot) com
  38. Harish Tejwani, Architect and Developer, harish.tejwani@sap.com
  39. Joe Rideout, Developer, jrideout at cs dot toronto dot edu
  40. David Stillman, Student/Developer; bringing iPhone; me@stilldavid.com
  41. Ashwani Kumar, Developer, zingller@gmail.com
  42. Michael Griffith, Developer, bodyvisual@gmail.com, no iPhone :(
  43. Colonel alexpiner, Developer, will make it if iphone available after cashing welfare check
  44. Danese Cooper, tester, Diva and iPhone fangirl, danese at gmail dot com, have iPhone (oh baby)
  45. Joey Trevino, jtrevino@mac.com, Developer willing to help, no iPhone yet :(
  46. Brian C. Bock, brian a-t iacta -dot--com, executive producer Iacta/Games4TV, iPhone if AT&T activates it.
  47. Jeremy Johnstone, Yahoo! Web Messenger Engineer (http://web.im), have iphone.
  48. John Holder, Zimbra Developer Relations, have an iPhone.
  49. Keith Crozier, developer, keithcrozier@earthlink.net, have an iphone
  50. Jeff Olson, Human Factors/Interaction Designer, jeffrey dot olson at mac dot com, have the sweet baby jeezus eyefon
  51. Dimitry B., dimitryb@gmail.com, developer, Y! engineer
  52. Tahoma Toelkes, tahoma DOT toelkes AT mac DOT com, developer (sigh...day job trumped barcamp)
  53. Ameet Mehta, Developer, Designer Fluid.com
  54. David Baldeschwieler, Developer, Designer db_barcamp (at) navimation (dot) com
  55. Jamin Guy, Developer, Griffin Technology, jamin at griffintechnology dot com, bringing an iPhone
  56. Dan Greening, greening (at) bigtribe (dot) com. Bringing an iPhone.
  57. Ron Lussier, rlussier (at) lenscraft (dot) com. Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. Bringing an iPhone.
  58. Kurling Robinson, kurlingr@yahoo.com, developer, bringing an iPhone
  59. Smith, D., d03smith@yahoo.com, regular guy...bringing my imagination.
  60. Stephane Delbecque, stefgalaad (at) gmail (dot)com, Mobile PM and hypePhone frustrated.
  61. jose d lopez, jose@tumis.com, senior coder (php/mysql); possibly optimize myBloc.net or future5000.com with iPhone goodness
  62. Adam Glickman, adamglickman@comcast.net, wannabe coder / QA / Consultant (no hypePhone, previously had a xylophone)
  63. Joe Hewitt, joe@joehewitt.com, developer
  64. Rodney Aiglstorfer, rodney (at) mfoundry (dot) com, CTO & Co-Founder of mFoundry, creator of Mojax
  65. Sam Levin, samlevin@mac.com Host, Cool Mac Picks, Podcaster at Large MacLife, PodTech Director
  66. Vijay Chakravarthy, v_chak at yahoo dot com, engineer, bringing an iPhone
  67. Jim Oser, oserj@oserconsulting.com
  68. Paul Colton, paul at aptana dot com, Founder, Aptana, Inc. - Aptana IDE now includes iPhone plugin
  69. Ingo Muschenetz, ingo at aptana dot com, IDE Lead, Aptana, Inc. - Aptana IDE now includes iPhone plugin
  70. Alex Rolfe, arolfe@danger.com
  71. Kristopher Tate, kris.tate@gmail.com, founder & cto -- zooomr
  72. Oskar Lissheim-Boethius, avocade at gmail dot com, founder & ceo -- Acoustic Pond media productions
  73. Nate Warner, nate(dot)warner at us.redbull dot com, bringing an iPhone
  74. Scott Schiller - Front-end engineering/Scrumjax, Flickr/Yahoo! - i'd like to work at yahoo.com
  75. Daniel Zapata, dzapata@gmail.com, Tester
  76. RobertFiccaglia robert@motivepath.com, Developer
  77. Satya Mallya, satya.mallya at orange-ftgroup dot com developer, bringing an iPhone
  78. Scott Cederberg, cederber at gmail dot com, developer (also willing to test)
  79. Ron Forrester, rjf_at_securesauce_dot_com - have iPhone/MacBook, etc, can design, develop and test.
  80. Brian McLaughlin, Developer, George Fox University ourwebstop_at_gmail_dot_com
  81. Junius Gunaratne, Interaction Designer/Prototyper, Yahoo! - have iPhone
  82. Ryan Hare, ryanchare@hotmail.com, Tester
  83. Scott Isensee, scott_isensee@bmc.com, Interaction Designer
  84. John Cahill, john_cahill@bmc.com, Web Developer
  85. Adrien Cahen, adcahen at yahoo dash inc dot com, Web Developer, Yahoo!
  86. Ferhad (Had) Erdogan, Interactive Designer / Project Manager at go info pro . com, small web dev company in Ashland, OR
  87. Thomas Chen, tjchen5@gmail.com, Developer
  88. Arjun Thyagarajan, t.arjun@gmail.com, Developer
  89. Benjamin Shine, ben@laszlosystems.com, Developer, Open Laszlo
  90. Jonathan Isbell, isbellarch@gmail.com, tester, yeah, i got the iPhizzle.
  91. Josh Miller, miller at mystrands dot com, Developer, MyStrands
  92. Trevor Misfeldt, misfeldt at mystrands dot com, Development Manager, MyStrands
  93. Ben Finkel, ben@fluther.com, developer and designer, Fluther
  94. Benoit Bergeret, bbergeret@qipit.com, chief iPhone tester, event sponsor, Qipit Inc.
  95. Dow Patten, dow@see3.org, tester
  96. Aynne Valencia, UX Designer avalen.com aynne at avalen dot com- bringing my iPhone
  97. Andrew Mager, CNET Networks, Developer/Blogger mail@andrewmager.com
  98. Jeff Sauer, tester, jsauer a t jouledata d o t com
  99. Tom Seago, dude with a phone
  100. Ron Gutman, Blogger
  101. Alicia Lin aliciasf@yahoo.com
  102. Hong Tien
  103. Scott Corbin, scottdotcorbinatgmaildotcom, tester
  104. John Murch  ready with iPhone/MacBook for coding and part of sponsor mophie.
  105. Ben Kaufman with a lot of mophie love
  106. Adam Block adam@usa.net
  107. Andrew Crow, Adaptive Path andrew@adaptivepath.com
  108. Michael Fortson, ciparis at mac dot com, developer
  109. Sandosh Vasudevan sandoshvr@yahoo.com Yahoo-Dev
  110. John Sarreal - attending to test and learn.
  111. Jacob Litke jake at rakish dot com Product Designer
  112. Aaron Martin, Design Director, Viewzi.
  113. Michael Bazeley SJ Merc media mabzeley@gmail.com
  114. Tony Van, Tester and Designer, iPhone owner, tonyvan@goodspear.com
  115. nathan lee, iPhone owner
  116. Felipe Ortiz, techie dev
  117. oliver langan, Senior Developer, Razorfish
  118. L. J. Madar, designer / tester / interest in development, l j m a d a r a t y a h o o d o t c o m
  119. Ravi Dronamraju Financial Blogs, Investing Ideas
  120. Mark Gerrior, Developer
  121. Michael Lounsbury, tester, bringing an iPhone
  122. Melanie Nguyen, tester
  123. Zach Graves zachg at yahoo-inc dot com flash dev / prototyper
  124. Karl Erb, User Experience Architect, tester, designer, karl@karlerb.com
  125. Jason Wilson - neogeographer - Platial.com && 9>∞
  126. Steve Siu, tester
  127. Jordan Alperin
  128. Stephen Smith, stephen@uzonk.com, seeking Location Oriented Solutions
  129. Craig Wright, crw at yahoo dash inc dot com, Tech Yahoo
  130. Alexander Razo-Myers, ramyale (located at, around or near) gmail.com. Designer, tester.
  131. Trevor Johns, trevor@tjohns.net, Intern @ Google, Developer (also willing to help design/test)
  132. Lap Chan, lapchan@gmail.com, iPhone user
  133. Tony Bove, bove@rockument.com, iPhone user, iPod book author, musician, entrepreneur
  134. Joan Lafferty, curious Adobe observer
  135. Fabrizio Capobianco, CEO of Mobile Open Source company Funambol, iPhone user and casual developer
  136. Andrew Peterson, h8w8@mac.com, iTester, iThinker, iGofer, iEverything, iCollege bound coder
  137. Gregory Gamp, greg@funambol.com, Senior Sales Engineer of Mobile Open Source company Funambol, iPhone wannabe user (might have one for the event), casual developer and tester
  138. Huajun Qin, hqin@yahoo.com, tester
  139. Kris Mihalic, researcher yahoo! mobile, kmihalic at yahoo dash inc dot com
  140. George Vasquez, Tester
  141. Thomas Gromis, Tester
  142. Raines Cohen, Facilitator - bringing a SideKick so people can see how bad their sites look/work on other mobile platforms, and how while they're fixing 'em for iPhone they can maybe make 'em openstandards multifunctional. Also may help with organizational/documentational elements. Portions of Friday night only.
  143. Phil Wolff, editor, designer - bringing a Nokia N800 for comparison
  144. Jim Hornthal, investor, entrepreneur
  145. Artur Bergman, O'Reilly Radar
  146. George Arriola, just some random guy... george (at) deconstructivis (dot) ms
  147. David Ushijima, develop, davushi@gmail.com
  148. Romain David, Student
  149. Ken Wakamatsu, Tester
  150. b.radley, tester, thinker
  151. ty varley, ui designer
  152. Tryst DrMoseley@gmail.com, radical real world testing, communications iPhone 415 297 3536 Barrister, Naturopath, Podcaster & etc. (Belle Starr).....first lawyer to file computer generated brief in SF 1981 and first computer to TV program Interface * Pacifica Channel 8 1978-81 (Apple II) and Newton user.
  153. Gilles Drieu, just another random guy... gilles (at) lulu (dot) dog
  154. Eric Carr, eicarr@stanford.edu, designer. I design GUIs for distance learning at Stanford University
  155. Matt Hooker, matt at artistsinmotion dot com, entrepreneur and developer
  156. Michelle Quinn, michelle.quinn@latimes.com, reporter, able bodied tester
  157. Srini Raja, sriraja at gmail dot com, design, some dev tek guy
  158. Barbara Bowen - design, test
  159. Al Nevarez, Japan In Your Palm, Web Page to Podcast, day job: web product manager, night-time: hacker, anevare2 at yahoo.com
  160. Jacques Disraeli Bronson, disraeli.films@gmail.com, Designer
  161. Tom Haynes, trhaynes@gmail.com. Student, designer, developer.
  162. Marcus Colombano, marcus@lightpole.net, developer
  163. Doug Klein, doug@lightpole.net, developer
  164. Beth Wegner, autumnbeth at mac.com, designer
  165. Kevan O'Brien, obrien at adobe.com, tester?
  166. Mark Cummings, markcummings@envia.com, developer
  167. Abbi Vakil, Allmac- Investor, Entrepreneur, Designer, Developer & Raconteur. At this point, ready to learn...
  168. Adam Levine,adamcto@gmail.com, Developer, Tester
  169. Zach Leach, zapyourpram@mac.com, Developer, Designer
  170. eric Lin, phone scoop
  171. Brenton Olander, brentonolander at gmail, Developer
  172. John Magdziarz, mobile developer
  173. Neil Kumar, Developer
  174. Shannon Appelcline, shannona@skotos.net, web developer
  175. Lunatic E'sex, developer, UI designer, idea guy. Veteran Apple Newton developer. Also worked on the first mobile web browser at General Magic (PrestoLinks) in 1996.
  176. Stephen S. Hau, shau@patientkeeper.com. PatientKeeper. Developer, Tester.
  177. Raju Vegesna, Zoho
  178. Mani Vembu, Zoho
  179. Balakumar Muthu, SweetCircles.com, My Tech Blog, Blogger, Designer and Developer
  180. Carlos McEvilly, mobile developer
  181. Mike Thole, Mojits.com, developer
  182. Eric Firestone, Mojits.com, developer
  183. Nathan Spindel, Mojits.com, developer
  184. Eduardo Yeh, edu@yobros.com, [http://www.linkedin.com/in/eduardoyeh], entrepreneur
  185. (got S60 browser) Harald Rudell junk99@inbox247.com insidemobility, developer
  186. Justin M & guest info@digitol.homeipdotnet tester,developer bringing iPhones.
  187. Barbara Tien, tester
  188. Phil Gaitan, ex WM5 Developer philgaitan@msn.com
  189. Mark Hartenstein, Entrepreneur, Designer emailoption@gmail.com
  190. Richard Herrera, Doctyper, Client-Side Developer
  191. Tom Ferris, ThemeMyPhone, Security Researcher / Entrepreneur
  192. Josh Ulm, Dir. Experience Design / Adobe
  193. Keyvan Sadigh, ksadigh@gmail.com, tester
  194. Matthew Wilson, matterfact@gmail.com, developer
  195. Rudolf Psenicnik, 4D Inc, developer
  196. Grayson Lang, grayson@grayson.net, graysonlang.com, Adobe designer/developer
  197. Durai Arasan, arasan_durai at yahoo dot com, Tester
  198. Aliya Haq, tester
  199. Mark Roest, designer, location-based apps, emerging markets, sustainable economic development, mark@onevillagefoundation.org
  200. Glen Murphy, glen@glenmurphy.com, developer
  201. Nicholas Jitkoff, one@blacktree.com, designer/developer
  202. Matt Whisenhunt, mattwhisenhunt@gmail.com, developer
  203. Kevin Warnock, kevin@goffice.com, gOffice.com word processor built for iPhone - site is live now, please try it
  204. Brian D. Johnson, brian@briandjohnson.com, SitePen
  205. David Schoenbach, david-at-mobihand-dot-com (mobile software distribution); I want to explore where Flickr API and YUI (Anim...) meet; developer - marginal
  206. Othman Laraki, othman-at-gmail-dot-com, Product Manager for Google Gears
  207. Joe Zott, jaz@zott.com, developer
  208. Kyle Killion, killionspam@mac.com, JamLab Director of Operations
  209. Julien Borel, jborel@gmail.com, Engineer Lead at Google
  210. Josh Estelle, barcamp@joshestelle.com, Engineer at Google
  211. Jeff Hoffman, jeff@iphoneusers.com, Owner iphoneusers dot com, designer - tester - light development
  212. Mike Jennings, protoplazm-at-gmail-dot-com, project manager @ Google, tester
  213. Mike Price, McAfee
  214. Abderrahim Yousfi, ayousfi01@aol.com, Developer, AOL LLC.
  215. AJ Fouladpour, SiK, iPoding, iFoning, ajfoul at gmail
  216. Michael Kovacs, kovacs at gmail, Co-founder PitchWire.com
  217. Phillip Corrigan, Sound ID, Director of Wireless, pbcorrigan at gmail
  218. Fabricio Zuardi, fabricio-at-gmail-dot-com, developer @ Ning
  219. Justin Kent, developer, tester, attending remotely from Miami
  220. Brant Strand engineer @ Adobe
  221. Douglas Paul Ambort, dpambort@mac.com, tester
  222. Jonathan Le, jle@airplay.com, developer
  223. Mukund Mohan, Very curious onlooker
  224. Bret Simister, bret@laszlosystems.com, Designer/Developer, [Laszlo Systems]
  225. Ben West, bewest at gmail. developer.
  226. Sid JA Hubbard, sid@kumogo.com, [Kumogo]
  227. Chris Lambert, clambert@gmail.com, Google Engineer
  228. Eddy Ciotic, ciotic@gmail.com, tester, developer
  229. Kurt Brockett, kurt@brockett.net, Tester
  230. Shannon Clark, shannon AT nela.mobi, developer, entrepreneur
  231. Mike Utke, utkemich@mac.com
  232. Brendan Donohoe, bdonohoe at ye olde mac d com
  233. Gabe Benveniste, milk at sonicliving doooot com, [SonicLiving]
  234. Alolita Sharma, iPhone Fan, tester, have iPhone
  235. Bob Adkins, robert.h.adkins@gmail.com, Developer willing to help
  236. Nilayan Sharma, nilayan at gmail dot com, Developer willing to help
  237. Wm. Marc Salsberry, wmmarc@mStationAudio.com
  238. Enlai Chu, enlai@3jam.com, CTO 3jam Reply-All Texting
  239. Alex Ainslie, alexainslie-gmail-com
  240. Mikeal Rogers, mikeal at osafoundation dot oh are gee, developer, bringing an iPhone
  241. Charles Warren, charles.h.warren-gmail
  242. Conrad Carlen ccarlen mac
  243. Elliot Kroo, Google intern (ill stop by, not planning to stay the whole time)
  244. Adam Goldstein, BookTour.com
  245. Dipesh Khakhkhar Dipesh Khakhkhar: Developer
  246. R. Ghosh, rghosh2@gmail.com, Develop & Test, will bring a smartphone to compare/contrast with iPhone dev.
  247. Brian Ball, MacZOT.com
  248. Jeremey Ball, jamaicaj@gmail.com
  249. Klaus Strelau, strelau@alum.mit.edu
  250. Uri Sarid, my_first_name at aptana.com, Aptana
  251. C, mso
  252. Arno Gourdol, Adobe, designer/test, have iPhone
  253. Rick Sher, developer/test, rick -at- sitime /dot/ com
  254. Matthew Lloyd, developer/tester, iphonedevcamp_at_matthewlloyd.net
  255. Alexandre Naverniouk, alexn@lexansoft.com
  256. Lee Sherman, SoftwareDeveloper.com, writer and tester, bringing an iPhone, geewhizard@gmail.com
  257. Danny Colligan, dannycolligan at gmail dot com
  258. David Hodge, David at DavidHodge dot net
  259. Clifford Ker
  260. Eddie Chen, User Experience Specialist, eddie_chen@bmc.com, have iPhone.
  261. Will Low - will@willowfactor dot com - a biz dev consultant/entrepreneur from 'ol Apple days looking for the smartest that wants to change the world (or at least a part of it)- bringing iPhone
  262. Yongyong Xu, yongyongxu@gmail.com
  263. Tim Leung, tim dot leung at yahoo dot com
  264. Jesse Tayler, http://netmodular.com, online community and social networking via iPhone.
  265. Sam Gharabally
  266. Mark Liu, Sr. Program Manager at AnQ Systems Inc., mliu@anqsystems.com
  267. Sergio Cardoso, http://jeepx.blogspot.com
  268. David E, presenting all this to high school students www.isomethingcool.com email: info (at) isomethingcool
  269. Michael Montesano, michael // michaelmontesano // com, Eng+Mgr+Architect working @ Yahoo!
  270. Tom Magdziarz, wireless developer, have iPhone
  271. Al Chang, alchang at pobox.com
  272. Lee Dorfman Developer, www.quicktate.com Really Read Your Voicemail ... voicemail-to-text .... ljd at quicktate dot com
  273. Rick Shane, Adobe Systems, rshane@adobe.com
  274. Joe Latone
  275. Donald C. Kirker, OpenMobl Systems, donald.kirker@openmobl.com
  276. Todd Powers, Coder, ka.pow At sbcglobal
  277. Garrett Smith, dhtmlkitchen at gmail dot com
  278. Nitish Kumar, BPM, coder nitish23@gmail.com
  279. Nimish Kumar,ASIC Advantage , nimish_kumar@hotmail.com
  280. Carl Harris, developer, CNET Networks, clh201@gmail.com
  281. Tom Neuhold-Huber, tester interested in iPhone, tomswim@mindspring.com
  282. Blake Sobiloff, sobiloff {at} gmail dot com, tester
  283. John Manoogian III, UX Hacker, jm3 at jm3.net, http://jm3.net
  284. John figueroa, jfigueroa {at} mac dot com, developer, entrepreneur for audio, location finding, and paid service
  285. Aaron Gustafson - Easy! Designs, LLC - aaron {at} easy-designs {dot} net