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iPhoneDevCamp San Francisco 2007


Making the web a better place for iPhone.


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In the spirit of MacHack, there will be an iPhone Hack-a-Thon during iPhoneDevCamp, climaxing in a public demo session starting Sunday at 2pm. Now available as podcast at http://kh7wg.podomatic.com - it is nearly 3 hours long so it is a bit of a download!




All submissions for the contest must be posted here by 1pm sunday. The moderators will then schedule everyone in starting at 2pm.


App name (hyperlinked), team name(s), source code information (if available), and contact info, please!wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


  1. A Voting Page for iPhoneDevCamp that displays results based on example
  2. Port of lulu.tv to iPhone - Project will allow viewing of converted video and audio on iphone as well as friends messaging through the sites friends messaging system as well as possible twitter integration.
  3. ChunkLove - Chunk Love is an Amazon shopping UI optimized for mobile devices, specifically the iPhone by using large icons and click regions. It displays information gathered by a scanner that checks Amazon for products with high % savings. The results pages link directly to Amazon's mobile ordering pages to allow ordering on the go. The queries are still being worked out, but the site is fully functional. Any comments welcome - myko AT blueneedle DOT com
  4. Bingo game (with prize). Dori Smith
  5.  Service Request Management, BMC Software. This is an enterprise application for requesting IT services such as a password reset, resolving connectivity issues, etc. It demonstrates the feasibility of scaling large enterprice applications down to run on the iPhone so that customers can access it anytime and anywhere.
  6. TeleMoose improvements recently added, by Dan Wood. Delayed image loading for better EDGE performance, trendy image reflection with JavaScript, maybe some gradients. Details at my iPhoneDevCamp page
  7. NewsMatch (updated!) by Laszlo Systems, a news quiz so you don't look stupid if Jay Leno asks you questions on the street. Demonstrates how the Open Laszlo RIA framework can be used to create a cinematic user interface that works on the iPhone.
  8. PickleView is a live baseball game application. It uses mlb.com to get the current info about a game in progress, while at the same time it follows a twitter friends feed. The idea being that you could watch a game while getting quips and thoughts about the game from your friends.
  9. iTunes Remote-o-Matic™. Remote Control iTunes running on a Mac via your iPhone. Enables you to control your iTunes-based whole-house audio from anywhere in your home. Or, drive your pets crazy when you're at work. Developed by Rob Chang.
  10. The Pool. We invite you to spend some time at The Pool. Reflect, dip your finger in. Who else is at the pool with you? Maybe together you can catch a fish...
  11. iPhogo. iPhogo makes mobile photography fun
  12. CarCalc. Simple Payment to take some of the headache out of Car Lot Shopping.
  13. My Music Stuff. My Music Stuff takes lastfm username and returns photos, videos, links, and events based on related, favorite artists. A work in progress. Developed by Justin Davis.
  14. AlterVille Gamecard: A brainteaser card from AlterVille. Developed by Richard Bottoms
  15. PartyStrands on the iPhone is an efficient method of browsing your remote music to choose a track. Proof of concept that will eventually work with our iTunes plug-in, MyStrands, and our party software, PartyStrands. By Trevor Misfeldt, misfeldt (at) mystrands.com and Josh Miller.
  16. Cowdog X [http://www.cowdog.com/x/], cut/paste-like utilities for web pages and page elements. Developed by Carlos McEvilly
  17. Mobile Adventure, an iPhone port of a web-based port of the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon PC Game.
  18. Tilt a game in 1.5 dimensions. A game you can only play on the iPhone. Players rotate the phone to control Flip who likes to eat falling leaves and butterflies. Tilt has a new home page for updates, the story of how we developed it, and the latest version of the game. Builds on Joe Hewitt's Liquid Navigation Hack Developed by: Joe Hewitt (Code), Nicole Lazzaro (Game Design), Colin Toomey (Art), Kent Bye, and Felipe Ortiz.
  19. FlashMob: Subscribe to one or more cities where flash mobs take place and get notified when one is about to happen and what to do. Or create a flash mob community by adding events that are then broadcasted to all users who've opted in to your locale. Developed by Ryan Sobol; Designed by: Aynne Valencia, and Nate Ritter.
  20. iSleuth is an internet frame grabber application which transmits near realtime iSight or built-in camera images from your MacBook or Mac to your iPhone on-demand. iSleuth can be used for any monitoring application, including baby, vacation home, pet, elder-care, entry doorway, outdoor weather, and more. By Srini Raja, Jacob Balthazor, and Brian Balthazor
  21. DangoTalk is a private universal IM web proxy built using rails, backgroundrb, and libpurple. Once installed on your own server it allows you to communicate to all of the major IM networks through your iPhone.
  22. Qix An iPhone take on the classic video game, Qix. By Mark Torrance, Al Chang, Barney Pell, and Jacob Balthazor. mark (at) vinq.com, alchang (at) pobox.com, jacob (at) kauai.com
  23. Doodle A touch drawing interface proof-of-concept. By Mark Torrance, Al Chang, Barney Pell, and Jacob Balthazor. mark (at) vinq.com, alchang (at) pobox.com, jacob (at) kauai.com
  24. iPheed Notebook, To Do List, and Technorati Tag Tracker. Developed by Seni Sangrujee.
  25. Fluther - A social, filtered Q&A site with a real-time twist. Developed by Ben Finkel (ben at fluther.com) and Andrew McClain (remotely) (andrew at fluther.com)
  26. iEventful - Learn about events in your area via the Eventful.com API (api docs). Developed by John Tantalo with iUI.
  27. gOffice for iPhone Word processor for the iPhone. Create Word docs online for free and send them by email to yourself or others. Send documents by postal mail anywhere in the world directly from the site. See text and video coverage on Scobleizer.com.
  28. Create iphone web apps directly from desktop browsr. Pick content from your favorite application (movies, cheapgas) using desktop browser plugin, AppVoyage proxy generates URL for you, and places it in your online acct, typical Jon Doe Workspace. Personalized web app is readily available from your workspace, downloads faster, required content on the top, remembers your app parameters like location, login info etc.
  29. Scalable buildout of Navigation music player for iPhone -- use of XML for metadata, and server directories for music repository. Robert Adkins and Nilayan Sharma Technetra (demo site is at iphoneplayer where you can test out clips of about 20-25 seconds apiece.)
  30. AppLists.com (formerly iPhoneReadyApps.com) Think of it like creating playlists for your Apps. It's also the first iPhone system that keeps iPhone Developers and iPhone users in sync. It tracks statistics, and more for both parties, and for those developers who desire to get paid for their work, iPhoneReadyApps can help them to do so (coming). User features include most recent apps used, favorites, genres and more.
  31. Tminusplus - Count down to (or up from) important events that you enter. By Lunatic E'sex.
  32. CoolDiscovery - coool stuff. NC
  33. City Explorer - Enter a few cities that you want to explore, it brings up the popular tags from Platial for those cities, then builds a list of places with those tags in those cities, and links to the native google maps app to show where the places are. jason at platial dot yknow com
  34. iLace - Chat webapp highly optimized for iPhone. Source available at www.iPhoneWebDev.com.
  35. App Marks - The web desktop for the iPhone.
  36. SonicLiving + iTMS - Find local events & browse the iTunes Music Store on your iPhone.
  37. Mobileplay.com, the mobile community, games and news portal, has added a custom UI for iPhone users, including links to iPhone news and widgets. Also an iPhone chat room, iPhone polls. iPhone users can create their own personal pages and add polls, photos, videos, etc. iPhone Widget developers can submit their apps for inclusion to iphone@mobileplay.com Developed byx.mobileplay.com
  38. Belkin : my Best FM : testpage - Find your local vacant FM stations to broadcast to using your FM transmitter - thanks to Joe Hewitt for his code - this is an iPhone optimized (static) version of this page www.belkin.com/mybestfm
  39. Nicholas Jitkoff. Demo by Adam Tow
  40. probably best as last demo, because we need 50 people with iphones to participate (recruitment to happen some time during the morning): moPhaic - the most expensive 50 pixel display in the world. (Eric Oesterle & Edwin Veelo)
  41. Griffin iTrip StationFinder - Find open FM frequencies for your iTrip. Developed by Jamin Guy
  42. tag - Tags for life. Developed by Kurling Robinson
  43. aboutmy.mobi - Open database and debugging for mobile. Developed Britt Selvitelle and Jason Cline
  44. WinPhoney - This is a contender for the most useless app of the day! An attempt to have an iPhoney look-alike for windows. I say look-alike because it does not make use of webkit or safari, all pages rendered in IE. Eventually I would like this to sync with your iphone like itunes, and become an iphone management app. Sorry, no link yet, IM me on AIM (sn: vopilif) or email filipov@gmail.com for source or binaries.
  45. Games4TV Mobile is a casual game service launching later this month. We are looking for sponsorship and potentially to license game apps.
  46. iPhone HOT or NOT Tell the world this is the best phone around!
  47. heysan! AIM, MSN, ICQ is a free mobile IM service with support for AIM, MSN and ICQ. Visit http://m.heysan.com in your iphone or mobile phone to sign in. Will soon include support for Google Talk and Yahoo.
  48. iPhone Tip of the Day Daily tips for maximizing your iPhone experience






Prizes will be awarded to those who demonstrate the values of sharing, participation, and "can do" attitude.


We are looking for more awards sponsors. Donated items must directly tie-in to either the iPhone or development for the iPhone. Example awards include iPhone accessories, iTunes Music Store gift cards, and web development software licenses.


The prize stash, as it stands today (and growing up until the event):


  • iPhone, 8GB (Qipit)
  • Apple Gift Card for iPhone 8GB or equivalent value (The Apple Phone Show from Podango Productions)
  • iPhone, 4GB (Viewzi)
  • (2) Adobe Creaive Suite 3 Web Premium for Mac or PC (Adobe)
  • Adobe Timbuk2 Messenger Bag (Adobe)
  • Stereo Orb (mStation)
  • Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset (Intel)
  • (4) Make, the First Year, Volumes 1-8 (O'Reilly & Make)
  • (5) Coda Licenses for Mac (Panic)
  • (8) CushTop laptop cushion (Belkin)
  • (2) $50 itunes Music Store Gift Cards (iLounge)
  • Headset Vibe Duo (v-moda)
  • (7) PowerJolt iPhone Car Chargers (Griffin Technology)
  • Headphone Adapter (Belkin)
  • (8) USB Car Charger Adpaters (Radtech)
  • (15) $50 online gift certificates for Sena Cases (Sena Cases)
  • (25) iPhone: The Missing Manual, when published (O'Reilly)


...and many more prizes were given out throughout the camp.


Tentative Schedule:


  • Friday evening: Informal gathering of projects and teams.


  • Saturday morning: A "What We Know", "What We Don't Know" session, and then a session where people can have an opportunity to recruit others to help with their projects.


  • Saturday afternoon though Sunday mid-day: Find something undocumented and share it! Show us how you optimized for the iPhone! Create a cool demo of a feature we didn't know about! It doesn't have to be perfect, just enough to be able to share it!


  • Sunday 1pm: Entry Deadline -- all entries for the Hack-a-Thon demo should be submitted to website. If there are more submissions then what we have time to demonstrate, submissions that offer source code will be given first priority, then submissions that the moderators think are "cool".


  • Sunday 2pm: The public Hack-a-Thon demo begins in the Adobe Theatre. Demonstrations should be around 5 minutes, and no more then 10. We'll try to have multiple projectors set up so that we can transition from demo to demo quickly. Many prizes will be given at the choice of the moderators, and by acclaim from the audience.


  • Sunday 4:50pm -- Some more valuable prizes (including possibly an iPhone, Adobe CS, etc.) will be given out by random draw to those who participated in the Hack-a-Thon. At their discretion, the iPhoneDevCamp staff may also allow some others who did not demo the opportunity to get a chance to win if they demonstrated values of sharing, participation, and "can do" attitude during the iPhoneDevCamp.


  • Sunday 5:00pm -- End of Hack-a-Thon, source code and demos are made available to the public!




The iPhoneDevCamp organizers and Hack-a-Thon moderators are not eligible for any of the more valuable prizes.