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What to prepare and bring



your laptop

your iphone

your iTouch

your iPod

your iphone books

your power strip

your business cards


Download iPhone SDK


The seventh beta version of the iPhone SDK includes Xcode IDE, iPhone Simulator with Open GL ES support, Interface Builder, Instruments, frameworks and samples, compilers, and Shark analysis tool.


To test your code directly on iPhone and distribute your application on the App Store, apply to the iPhone Developer Program.


Standard Program $99

The Standard Program is for developers who are creating free and commercial applications for iPhone and iPod touch.


Enterprise Program $299

The Enterprise Program is for developers who are creating proprietary, in-house applications for iPhone and iPod touch.


The iPhone Developer Program will initially be available to a limited number of developers during the beta period.



KPCB’s iFund™ is a $100M investment initiative that will fund market-changing ideas and products that extend the revolutionary new iPhone and iPod touch platform. The iFund™ is agnostic to size and stage of investment and will invest in companies building applications, services and components. Focus areas include location based services, social networking, mCommerce (including advertising and payments), communication, and entertainment. The iFund™ will back innovators pursuing transformative, high-impact ideas with an eye towards building independent durable companies atop the iPhone / iPod touch platform.


Seattle-based Pelago Inc. is the first company to receive financial backing through the iFund. Their social discovery service, Whrrl, will be available on the iPhone as a native application in June 2008.


The iFund™ will be managed by KPCB Partner Matt Murphy in collaboration with partners Chi-Hua Chien, John Doerr, Bill Joy, Randy Komisar, Ellen Pao and Ted Schlein. Apple will provide KPCB with market insight and support.


For more information or questions, please read the iFund™ FAQs or email iFund@kpcb.com


How to get free songs, and turn them into ringtones





How To Get iAno/Pianist on iPhone/iPod Touch





iPhone ad spoof- iBand on Drummer







Charles Jolley’s SproutCore.

The SproutCore JavaScript framework was developed outside of Apple by Charles Jolley, originally to create an online email manager called Mailroom. Apple hired Jolley as part of its .Mac team and collaborated to rapidly improve upon his framework.


SproutCore not only makes it easy to build real applications for the web using menus, toolbars, drag and drop support, and foreign language localization, but it also provides a full Model View Controller application stack like Rails (and Cocoa), with bindings, key value observing, and view controls. It also exposes the latent features of JavaScript, including late binding, closures, and lambda functions. Developers will also appreciate tools for code documentation generation, fixtures, and unit testing.


A key component of its clean MVC philosophy that roots SproutCore into Cocoa goodness is bindings, which allows developers to write JavaScript that automatically runs any time a property value changes. With bindings, very complex applications with highly consistent behavior can be created with very little “glue” code.