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iPhone Startup Camp Agenda



Hacking Sessions

TimeArea IArea II
1:00pm-8:00pmFREE STYLESilicon Valley iPhone Orchestra


1:00pmJay Freeman, iPhone HackerWorkshop - iPhone Objective-C I
2:00pmJay Freeman, iPhone HackerWorkshop - iPhone Objective-C II
3:00pmTim Burks, iPhone Meetup LeaderTBD
4:00pmJay Freeman, iPhone HackerWorkshop - iPhone Java Development
5:00pmJay Freeman, iPhone HackerWorkshop - iPhone Python/Misc


Barcamp Style TimeSpeakerTopic
TBDAl Nevarez, Developer at iMovieMash.comDemo your iPhone applications. Share development tips and tricks. Brief IUI javascript/css overview
TBDAlex Amaya, VMware and Virtualization Solutions at HPVirtual Machine Optimization Cost Saving to Startups
TBDIssac Trotts, Engineer at GoogleRunning code Within iPhone
TBDPhilippe Furlan , SearchQuest, Inclocation-based platform to publish web-based application
TBDAbdulkarriem Khan, Universal FootballFuture of Mobile Monetization - How do you get your app on all platforms without it being installed http://thebirthofwebd3.blogspot.com
TBDBess Ho, iPhone DeveloperSproutCore - Javascript Framework - Flash-LESS, FLEX-LESS Web App on Safari World
  • Order of sessions will be determined on the spot on that day. Feel free to add your barcamp session here.


1:00pmBasil Fthenakis, Corporate Partner, TIPS GroupFounder Term Sheets
2:00pmGlenn Von Tersch, Patent Partner, TIPS GroupPatent Your iPhone Ideas
2:45pmDave Izuka, consultant for start-up management teamsiPhone Startup 101
3:20pmJohn Ricci, Founder and President at US Angel Investors & Founder and President at Bay Area Startup NetworkiPhone Startup Funding
4:00pmMichael Carter, Kaazing Impact of the Reverse AJAX (Comet), TCP Connection and HTML5 to the architecture of the Web ** Don't Miss
5:00pmWayne Pan, AdMobCapture iPhone Revenue - Mobile Advertising Platform
6:00pmKeith Saft, Director of Mobile User Experience Design @ Yahoo!iphone
8:00pmIndependent Content Creators including Grammy & Golden Globe Nominated Artist Martin Luther http://rebelsoulmusic.com/ check out his video to his smash single "Daily Bread" featuring The Roots & Nona Gayehttp://youtube.com/watch?v=yxHO5J0dcDU ; Tajai Massey (Label owner & Member of Heiroglyphics Heiro Imperium) & their experiences with Integrating web & Mobile Monetization.Future of Mobile Monetization & Hosting a Panel