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iPhone Startup Camp





TIPS Group



TIPS Group – The Venture Catalysts


TIPS Group’s mission is to help technology companies achieve their strategic business goals by providing a synergistic mix of business resources, counseling and services. Our clients are continuously developing ideas on the cutting-edge of technology – our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations, to provide outstanding consulting and counseling services to protect our clients’ ideas, catalyze the growth of their companies, and to enable our clients to thrive in the technology community.


Raffle Prizes




iPhone Open Application Development, First Edition

By Jonathan A. Zdziarski

In this clear and concise book, Jonathan Zdziarski -- one of the original hackers of the iPhone -- explains how developers can design third-party software that will run on this device. You'll learn about the iPhone's native environment, the Objective...


Building Cocoa Applications: A Step by Step Guide, First Edition

By Michael Mahoney, Simson Garfinkel

Building Cocoa Applications takes a step-by-step approach to teaching developers how to build real graphics applications using Cocoa. By showing the basics of an application in one chapter and then layering additional functionality onto that application...

In Print. Published May 2002


Cocoa in a Nutshell, First Edition

By Michael Beam, James Duncan Davidson

Cocoa in a Nutshell begins with a complete overview of Cocoa's object classes. It provides developers who may be experienced with other application toolkits the grounding they'll need to start developing Cocoa applications. A complement to Apple's documentation...

In Print. Published May 2003


Learning Cocoa with Objective-C, Second Edition

By James Duncan Davidson, Apple Computer, Inc.

Based on the Jaguar release of Mac OS X 10.2, this 2nd edition of Learning Cocoa includes examples that use the Address Book and Universal Access APIs. Also included is a handy quick reference card, charting Cocoa's Foundation and AppKit frameworks, ...

In Print. Published September 2002


Objective-C Pocket Reference, First Edition

By Andrew M. Duncan

Objective-C Pocket Reference provides a quick and concise introduction to Objective-C for programmers already familiar with either C or C++, and will continue to serve as a handy reference even after the language is mastered. In addition to covering ...

In Print. Published December 2002





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