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Page history last edited by baron53 12 years, 4 months ago

The event is over. It was a grand success, with over 60 people attending. nearly 20 intense sessions & a knowledge cafe happened. Most of the participants were new to the concept of a barcamp/unconference and they really liked the idea of audience controlled agenda/timetable etc.


Thanks to all who participated & made KAMP a resounding success. Infact in the evening, people were asking as to when and where the next KAMP will be.


Please tag your flickr photos & blogs with the tag kamp-blr


BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.




KAMP is a BarCamp for Knowledge Management.

This is an event by us, of us and for us! So everybody is requested to actively take part by contributing to the event wiki with your ideas! We are looking at active participation from nearby places like Mysore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and maybe even Delhi and Kolkata!


Event details

Date 24th Nov 2007
Time Registration starts @ 9.30 am onwards. KAMP sessions start @ 10.00 am
Location & Venue MindTree Consulting Ltd., MindTree House, #3, 42, Block 'A', 27th Cross, Banashankari 2nd Stage,Bangalore - 560 070
Phone +91-80-26711777/ 26712777. Contact Shahnawaz Khan (+91-98801-28701) for assistance in reaching to the venue
LandmarkMindTree is located very near to the Banashankari temple and is just 200 mts away from the Banashankari bus terminus
Expected Attendance 145 MAX(a wait list will be created after 145 campers have registered. This includes our buffer on account of cancellations and no-shows.)




Map to Mindtree office


NOTE : Final Date: 24 Nov 2007

This is the final date change! We had to change the date as we thought we would require some more time to get more quality content and participants to the KAMP and also to publicise our event at K-Community events (http://k-community.org/), KM India (http://kmindia.in) and BarCamp Bangalore (http://barcampbangalore.org). Inconvenience is regretted.




Totally free!! But you should contribute in your own way by blogging about the event, taking active part in the discussions and taking pictures, videos and creating podcasts if possible.




Sponsors: Venue, Logistics & Infrastructure

MindTree Consulting Ltd MindTree Consulting Ltd is our venue, logistics & infrastructure sponsor. A big thanks to MindTree for supporting KAMP.



K-Community Bangalore K-Community (Knowledge Community Bangalore) is our supporter.


Media Partners

Blog NationBlog Nation


Podcast Partners

The Kiruba ShowThe Kiruba Show





We are open to sponsorships from organizations and companies which are equally passionate about Knowledge Management, and wish to leverage KAMP to showcase their commitment to KM and its implementation. The event is not-for-profit and sponsorships will be used for the event space rental, snacks, event T-shirts, workshop materials and other collateral. Sponsors may associate themselves with the entire event or with specific aspects of the event (workshops, giveaways)



If you are interested in hearing more about sponsorship benefits please email hrish.thota@gmail.com or Shahnawaz Khan

How to register?


This page is a Wiki page, which can be edited by anyone.

So, you can just edit this page and do the following:


* Add your name to the Campers' list ... This is the complete list of attendees

* Add a session to the Proposed Sessions list ... In case you would like to give a session on some topic

* Suggest a topic to the Discussion Topics ...

* Suggest what we can provide you with, apart from what we are already providing

* Add your name to the Bloggers list if you will blog about KAMP


Instructions to do the above:

At the top of this page you will find a link called "Edit Page"

Click it and enter your Name and e-mail address

The universal password is c4mp

After you submit, you will be able to edit the text you are reading right now.

Edit the Camper's list or add a topic for discussion


Some ideas which came out of Knowledge Cafe:


Question: "How do you encourage employees to share ideas and help companies to generate Business round those ideas?"




  1. Document ideas so they don't get stolen.
  2. Have an organization culture that rewards idea generation.
  3. Transparency in the process of idea generation.
  4. Website where names are mentioned.
  5. User friendly tools to make idea available.
  6. Attitude - bold enough to showcase the idea.



Proposed Sessions

(add your topic below with your name or just add a topic below -- we will have lots of passionate people to discuss these )

(You can also add your name against any of the sessions listed below :)


S.No. Session Title Discussion Initiator
1Are Indian users really ready for complete Web2.0 ? How do we tap it ? K.Kaviraj
2KM Systems -- what doesn't work & why Shahnawaz Khan, Mindtree
3The 'mythical system' called expertise locator Shahnawaz Khan, Mindtree
4Innovation in education: What and how to educate future managersPavan Soni
5Knowledge Flow: Work Space Design & Encouraging Chance Encounters -
6Knowledge Sharing & Culture Raymond D'Silva
7Measurements & Metrics -
8KM related recognizition -
9Generation of KM through social networking
10Processes involved in KM -
11Role of quality management systems (Six sigma, CMM-I) in KM -
12KM and innovation: is there any confusion? Raj Datta, MindTree
13Emerging areas in KM -
14Functional implementation in KM -
15Is India really ready for Web2.0 ? Syed Nazir Razik
16Wikis in knowledge management Shahnawaz Khan, Mindtree
17Personal knowledge management Chitra B, IBM
18Innovation in education: What and how to educate future managers -
19 Unconferences as a KM tool Kiruba Shankar
20 KM as a Science Vs KM as a Art Subash Thyagarajan
21 Are knowledge managers required in a knowledge-sharing environment? -
22 KM: employer mandate? Kirti Kapoor
23 KM: Managing the explicit part of Knowledge: Learning from existing, unidentified but effective, KM systems in organizations Madhav G S
24 Understanding knowledge processing activities of the industries -
25 Role of KM in the Community Hrish Thota, Accenture Technology Labs
26 Synergizing Content Management and Knowledge Management Padma S
27 Unconventional KM Subbarao Machiraju (Subbu)
28 Globalizing Innovation Complexity - Creating Wealth in GIXBang world Navneet Bhushan
29 Constituents of a Knowledge Ecosystem: a Knowledge Cafe Raj Datta, MindTree
30 Emerging Technologies for Knowledge Management Rakesh Rajora, Accenture
31 Is language a barrier for knowledge sharing? If so, how to overcome this difficulty? Deepak, SAP

32 KM Strategies for Intergenerational Workforces Nandini Kamalakar, Mercer


Participants (aka Campers) - CLOSED. See WAIT LIST below.

( add yourself with your email ID) (we will create a separate wait list after 145 campers have registered here.. So HURRY..)

S.No.NameE-Mail ID
1 Hrish Thota hrish dot thota at gmail dot com
2 K.Kaviraj -
3 Siddharta Govindaraj (to be confirmed) -
4 Prashant Mishra pravams at gmail dot com
5 Samuel netisam at yahoo dot com
6 Swaroop C H swaroop at swaroopch dot com
7Thejesh GN i at thejeshgn dot com
8 Sharath M -
9 Vibhash invincible (dot) vib (at) gmail (dot) com
10 Shivram K B (shivram.kb@hotmail.com)
11 Shahnawaz Khan (shahnawaz dot khan at yahoo dot com)
12 Arjun Thomas ( arjun dot thomas at rediffmail dot com )
13 Hari Prasad (harii_us at yahoo dot com)
14Kirti Kapoor (kirtikapoor at gmail dot com)
15Sashishankar G (sashank2k at yahoo dot com)
16 Dhruv Singh (singhdhruv at hotmail dot com)
17 Sujatha Merchant (sujatha dot merchant at gmail dot com)
18 Himanshu Sheth (himanshu dot sheth at gmail dot com)
19 Prashanth HN (prashanth at techbangalore dot com)
20 Harish Kumar (HarishKumarM at gmail dot com)
21 prabhu rajK (prabhu dot k dot raj at gmail dot com)
22 Syed Nazir Razik  (snrazik at gmail dot com)
23 Dhanu Pattanashetti (dhanukumar at gmail dot com)
24 Deepak V Deepak V
25 Mark Doray -
26 Sonalina Choudhury -
27 Rajith Surendran -
28 Nandini Kamalakar nandini.kamalakar@mercer.com
29 Sunil Jose -
30 Sreeharsha BG Sreeharsha BG
31 Sridevi Iyengar (nethrakrishna at gmail dot com)
32 Sanish Singh sanish@careerxperts.com
33 Sridhar Rao CH chshridharrao@gmail.com
34 Puneeth Prasad pune2th at gmail dot com
35 R Pooran Prasad pooran at zealousnet dot in
36 Jayanthi Chander jayanthi_chander@i2.com
37 KalaiSelvi kalaiselvi_saravanan@i2.com
38 Veereshkumar Hiremath veeresh.kh@gmail.com
39 Ashwin Arya ashwin.arya@gmail.com
40 Prakasan Kappoth prakash.marar@gmail.com
41 sanishks@gmail.com
42Suresh Bandanadam suresh.bandanadam@in.ibm.com
43 Pushparajan vprajan @ Google Mail
44 Vyasraj vyasraj_ns at hotmail dot com
45 Saurabh Narula reachsaurabhnarula at gmail dot com
46 Balachandar Muruganantham mbchandar AT gmail DOT com
47 M. Nandeesha m dot nandeesha at tcs dot com
48 Anupam Sinha reachanupamsinha@gmail.com
49 Lasika Kannan lasika dot kannan at gmail dot com
50 Amrit Vatsa (Vatsap) avatsa at gmail dot com
51 Praveen Kumar Veeramalla praveenkumarveeramalla at yahoo dot com
52 Nanda Kishor iBangalorean@gmail.com
53 Deepti Mittimani deeptimittimani at gmail dot com
54 Ashwin H
55 Navin Dutta dutta dot navin at gmail dot com
56 Sachin Tiwari tiwarisac at gmail dot com
57 Kiruba Shankar Kiruba at Kiruba.com
58 Rashmi Mahadevaiah rashmi83@gmail.com
59 Subash Thyagarajan subash.thyagarajan@wipro.com
60 Raj Datta, MindTree rdatta at mindtree dot com
61 Sajeev VK sajeev_aol AT yahoo DOT com
62 Muralidharan L -
63 Abdul J -
64 Gireesh PV -
65 Ganesh Gudigara gudigara.ganesh@gmail.com
66 Ashwini Kakkeri -
67 Ravita Mili ravita_mili at yahoo dot com
68 Sushmita Bhuyan sushmitabhuyan at hotmail dot com
69 Madhurima madhurima_01 at yahoo.co.in
70 M Arockia Lourdu Raj nimatum at gmail.com
71 Narasimhamurthy nsnarasimhamurthy at gmail.com
72 Sowmyah sowmyah_bs at yahoo.co.in
73 Gururaj gururajkvasudev at gmail.com
74 Yamuna Krishna Yamuna.Krishna at axa-abs.co.in
75 Agatha Bennet agatha.bennet at hotmail.com
76 M Ezhil Raja ezhil at uptrendhits.com
77 Ren ren at uptrendhits.com
78 Shalini B M shalini.bm at accenture.com
79 Anil H
80 Sridhar Rao chshridharrao at gmail.com
81 Ina Rath ina.rath at accenture.com
82 Chitra B IBM
83 Ramanathan v.ramanathan@hotmail.com
84 Manu Raveendran manuraveendran at gmail dot com
85 Chirag Patel chirag_zealous at yahoo dot co dot in
86 Goutham Reddy goutham485 at gmail dot com
87 Pavan Guntu pavankumar.guntu at logicacmg dot com
88 Narendra Chitirala narendra.chitirala at logicacmg dot com
89 Dilip Shahan dilip.shahan at accenture dot com
90 Vignesh Guntu vigguntu at in dot ibm dot com
91 Poonam Jain poonamkjain at gmail dot com
92 Pawan Kujur pawan dot kujur AT gmail dot com
93 indrasish banerjee indrasish_banerjee@rediffmail.com
94 Swati Jetli swatijetli@in.ibm.com
95 Prashant Augustine prashant.augustine@gmail.com
96 Shreyas Srinivasan shreyas at radioverve dot com
97 Faiq Gazdhar faiqrg AT gmail DOT com
98 Sathish sathish at webardo dot com
99 Angrosh angrosh@isim.ac.in
100 Vikram vikram@isim.ac.in
101 KKR dr.k.k.ramachandran@gmail.com
102 Tulika Srivastava tulikadotsrivastavaatwebchutneydotnet
103 Ninjoo (from Chennai) -
104 Sanjukta samyuktadotbasuatgmaildotcom
105 Kumar TheVolts@Aol.in
106 Rajiv rajiv.s gmail
107 Ashwini S ashwini.s@tcs.com
108 Neil neil dot henry at gmail dot com
109 Rashmi M rashmihori@gmail.com
110 Sanjeevakumar Hiremath Sanjeevakumar@gmail.com
111 Suma Rani suma dot shades at gmail.com
112 Kaushik Satish ksatish4 at aol.com
113 Madhukar G madhukarg8 at aol.com
114 Somashekar B somashekar3@aol.com
115 Raghu NS ns.raghu@gmail.com
116 Ravishree ravishree@gmail.com
117 Palani tpraja at gmail
118 Ruby immanuelruby at gmail
119 Raymond D'Silva louieray717@yahoo.com
120 Sapna R Kumar sapna.rk@gmail.com
121 RKVS Raman rkvsraman at gmail
122 Sawani Bade sawani dot bade at gmail
123 Govind Srinivasan govindsrinivasan at in.ibm.com
124 Padmanabhan G gpadmana at yahoo.com
125 Thiyagarajan thiyags22@yahoo.com
126 Madhav G S gsmadhav@yahoo.com
127 Deepak D deepakd.com, deepakd.wordpress.com
128 Suhel Bidani suhelbidani@gmail.com
129 Manasa G manasg11@gmail.com
130 Pradeep Kumar, UM umpradeep@ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
131 Sanjo Jose sanjo@ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
132 Obaiah, B bobaiah@ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
133 Gokula Vijaykumar vijay@cpdm.iisc.ernet.in
134 Sushma Bharathisushmamb@rediffmail.com
135 Rajan Tawaterajantawate@gmail.comFounderhttp://www.meetingflex.com
136 Andhe Prafullaaprafulla@yahoo.com
137 Raveesh S raveesh@ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
138 Arshia Ariff arshia_ariff@i2.com
139 Dr. Kavi Mahesh drkavimahesh@gmail.com
140 Chidananda B G chidananda.bg at gmail.com
141 Dipti Kumari Chaurasia dipti@ncsi.iisc.ernet.in
142 Gaurav Kataria k.gaurav@hcl.in
143 Padma Spadmash@gmail.com
144 Gurpreet Kaur gurpreet.kaur@hp.com
145 Ram Singh ram_shekhawat@yahoo.com

Registration closed...Oops ! No Donut For You....please register your self in the wait list section...Do not add your name in this main list.


WAIT LIST - Event Participants


We've crossed our infrastructure constraints. This includes our estimate of buffer on account of cancellations and no-shows. Thanks for the amazing response!!!


The registration list stands closed at 145. However, we may be mistaken in our estimate of the turnout. So do enter your name in the wait list below. We'll consider the folks in wait list AFTER the folks in the main list.

S.No.NameE-Mail ID
147Santhosh Shekar santhoshshekar@gmail.com
148 C.SHANATH KUMARshanathk@gmail.com
149 Shyam Prasad K Rshyamprasadkr@gmail.com
150 Sameer Agarwalsameer.agarwal@hp.com
151 Dinesh Sachdevadinesh.sachdeva@honeywell.com
152 Arshia Ariff Arshia_Ariff@i2.com
153 Subbarao Machiraju subbu.machiraju at gmail.com
154 Dileep R dileep.r@tcs.com
155 Arun V arun.venkataraman@tcs.com
156 Anitha Pai pai.anitha@gmail.com
157 Subbaramu P. A. subbaramu@gmail.com
160 Dilip Gangaiah dilip.gangaiah@mercer.com
161 Sourish Ghosh sourish_hr@rediffmail.comsourish.ghosh@gmail.com
162 Navneet Bhushan navneetb@hexaware.comnavneetbhushan@gmail.com
163 Prasanna prasanna@anadocs.comprasanna.business@yahoo.com
164 Padma padma_bhamidipati@infosys.compadma8376@gmail.com
165 Manasa G manasg11@gmail.com
166 Arun Ramarathnam arunram25@gmail.com
167 Renukaradhya renukaradhya.s@in.abb.com
168 Manasa G manasg11@gmail.com
169 Rakesh Rajora rakesh dot rajora at accenture dot com
170 Manjiri Amitabh manjiri6@gmail.com manjiria@tiss.edu
173 Anuradha Mahindramanurad@monsanto.com
174 Muthu Krishnammsubr@monsanto.com
175 C.B.Chengappachengs@epitomeservices.comchengs@infoconi.com
176 Muniraju T Muniraju T
177 Shyamala S shyamala.swaminathan@hcl.in
178 Ravi Nandhan Vravinandhan@gmail.com
179 Kala Madhavarao kalam@hcl.in
180 Vimali Swamy vimali.2713 at gmail dot com



1 Hrish Thota hrish dot thota at gmail dot com
2 Sonalina Choudhury -
3 Rajith Surendran -
4 Nandini Kamalakar nandini.kamalakar@mercer.com
5 Dhanu Pattanashetti Dhanu Pattanashetti
6 Mark Doray -
7 Shahnawaz Khan Shahnawaz Khan
8 Deepak V Deepak V





( add yourself with your email ID...)


1 Sunil Jose -
2 K.Kaviraj -
3 Thejesh GN (i at thejeshgn dot com)
4 Himanshu Sheth (himanshu dot sheth at gmail dot com)
5 Vatsap (avatsa at gmail dot com)
6 Chitra B IBM
7 Rajan Tawate rajantawate@gmail.com
8 Gaurav Kataria k.gaurav@hcl.in
9 Padma S padmash@gmail.com
10Jimmin j Kurichiyilcmdsjgroup@gmail.com
11 Anuradha Mahindramanurad@monsanto.com
12 Muthu Krishnammsubr@monsanto.com
13 C.B.Chengappachengs@epitomeservices.com
14 Ravi Nandhan Vravinandhan@gmail.com
15 Nanda Kishor(iBangalorean at gmail dot com)



Task List

(please cross out when it's done)


Venue being decided

Sponsors being worked out





Projector, White Boards



Demos of products/trial software/freebies








T-shirts (I can design them: Vatsap)

Posters (I can design these too: Vatsap)

Vinyl Banners





Where to stay?

Please arrange for your own accommodation.


Tags for blogs, flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

Please use the tag kamp-blr for content related to this event



Nandini - http://picasaweb.google.com/nandini.kamalakar/KAMP?authkey=E525On-FrNU

Kirti - http://picasaweb.google.com/kirtikapoor/KAMPBLR

Arun Ram - http://www.flickr.com/photos/arunram/sets/72157603293387747/



Shahnawaz talking on Wikis - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9oQ2QyvZTI

Subash talking on KM in Indian Cinema - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaQYf7fN1iM

Nandini talking at KAMP - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2anmG7g7L4

Chitra talking on Personal KM at KAMP - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3phQpmznPWk

Chitra talks more on Personal KM - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0O59HJM_fE

Hrish talking on KM through Social Networking - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkXWWPK9w5A

Knowledge Cafe @ KAMP - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn0TwbhmGj4



Who's blogging?


Post-event Blogging

Himanshu - http://thoughtsprevail.blogspot.com/2007/11/kcamp-knowledge-management-20.html

Shahnawaz - http://shahnawazkhan.wordpress.com/2007/11/25/kamp-the-first-km-unconeference/

Navneet Bhusan - http://innovationcrafting.blogspot.com/2007/11/barcamp-km-unconference.html

Murali - http://muralidharanl.wordpress.com/2007/11/24/a-knowledge-cafe/



Pre-Event Blogging

Navneet Bhushan - http://innovationcrafting.blogspot.com

Pavan Soni - http://pavansoni.blogspot.com

Samuel - http://taalk.com/all

Syed - http://wordpress.fuentesystems.com/?p=19

Hrish - http://dhempe.livejournal.com/232745.html

Patrick Lambe - http://www.greenchameleon.com/gc/blog_detail/km_unconference_in_bangalore/

Ambati Sreedhar - http://ambatisreedhar.wordpress.com/2007/11/03/announcing-the-1st-kamp-km-barcamp-in-bangalore-on-24th-nov-2007/

Events Bangalore - http://www.eventsbangalore.net/2007/10/16/kamp-barcamp-for-knowledge-management-in-bangalore/

Arun Ramarathnam - http://arunram.wordpress.com/2007/11/24/kamp/

Syed - http://orione.wordpress.com/2007/11/21/web-20-products-is-indian-ethos-ready/

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