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The first barcamp in Athens, Greece was quite succesful! We thank you all for coming out, participating and making history. We will provide you with a re-cap and media coverage soon.

Live Flickr Slide coverage on our homepage www.mediacamp.gr

More photo updates here:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3





The goal of this event | Ο στόχος του event

MediaCampAthens intends to bring together new media enthusiasts, explorers and professionals to share the current state and their visions for the future of the web, arts, new media, interactive advertising and marketing throughout one day. MediaCampAthens hopes to unlock the potential of new opportunities within the new media industry in Athens. Topics may include - but are not limited to – Web 2.0, entrepreneurship, design, interactive advertising, wi-fi, mobile media, business/marketing perspectives etc. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


Το MediaCampAthens σκοπεύει να ενώσει ενθουσιαστές των new media, ερεύνητες, μαθητές και επαγγελματίες για να μοιραστούν απόψεις και ιδέες για την παρούσα κατάσταση και το μέλλον του διαδικτύου, των καλών τεχνών, new media, interactive advertising και marketing − μέσα σε μια μέρα. Το MediaCampAthens ελπίζει να προσφέρει νέες ευκαιρίες εντός του κλάδου των new media στην Αθήνα. Τα θέματα μπορούν να περιλαμβάνουν τα εξής (και διάφορα άλλα επίσης). Web 2.0, πρωτοποριακές ιδέες, design, interactive advertising, wi-fi, mobile media/κινητή τηλεφωνία, business και marketing κτλ.


Facebook Group

Visit our website




What was this camp all about? | Τί ήταν αυτό το camp?

This Camp is a form of an "unconference", meaning a conference where the planning, the sessions and their content is driven and created by the participants themselves.

The attendees gather early in the day, at the selected venue and begin to create the schedule of workshops/sessions/talks on the spot.


The roots of the idea: BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.


Who joined? | Ποιός ήρθε?


    • Professionals
    • Freelancers
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Enthusiasts
    • Students



Who came? | Ποιός παραβρέθηκε?


This is the list of attendees signed up before the event. Many, who attended are not on this list, because they heard about the event from other mediums and just showed up!


Name/Website + Topic of presentation/interest

1. Crystal M. Ginn - Design, interactive/mobile media

2. Vassilis Fourniadis

3. Nikos Drandakis

4. Maria Patsi - PR, advertising

5. Alexandros Mylopoulos - (Citizen journalism description, tools, case studies and online public relations)

6. Stella Arabatzi

7. Charis Tsevis - Visual design, editorial design, typography

8. Nektarios Sylligardakis - Drupal, Content management, web app development

9. Costas Vlachakis - Web, new media

10. Katerina Kotsana Advertising, new media

11. Costas Vanis - Advertising

12. Evangelos Liotzis - Media communications

13. Panayotis Vryonis - Web / Virtual Reality in real world

14. Konstantinos Penlidis

15. Konstantinos Dimitriadis

16. Fotis Evangelou - Joomla!, CMS

17. Manos Moschopoulos

18. Nikos Anagnwstou

19. Stefanos Vasdekis - Building a social network targeted to students.

20. John Nousis - Social Networking, Social platforms (facebook, opensocial), Dataportability, Web Entrepreneurship, Life in a startup.

21. Vassilis Chryssos - Environmental Engineer.

22. Gerasimos Katramados

23. Vagelis Liaskas - Visual Marketing

24. Dimitris Anastasiades

25. Yanna Tr

26. Aristides Hatzis

27. George Bourazanas

28. George Georgakopoulos - Second life development / opportunities in Greece

29. Νίκος Παπαγιαννόπουλος

30. Panos Kontopoulos

31. George Katsoulis

32. Yiannis Lolis

33. Antonis Sigalas

34. Vassilis Goulandris - Online political and social communications

35. Marina Budayeva

36. Apostolos Grigoropoulos - Web design, web app development

37. George Ropodis

38. Natalia Lorentziadi

39. Deppy Karagianni

40. Dimitris Karalis

41. Vasilis Nastis

42. Giannis Panagiotou

43. Panos Ladas

44. Konstantina Zoeher

45. George Tziralis

46. Alex Kurpick

47. George Kourakos

48. George Kaiafas

49. Villy Hiskaki

50. Despina Emmanouil

51. Marina Vasilara

52. Vicki Koumbounis

53. Giwrgos Moschovitis

54. Giwrgos Detsis

55. Fotis Antonopoulos




The 30 minute sessions were comprised of a lecture, talk, discussion, workshop or of whatever format was preferred. These were scheduled at the beginning and throughout the Camp. Names and topic were slowly added on the event panel.




When and Where? | Πού και Πότε?


Venue - Αίθουσα

The Akto Art & Design College was the host of

MediaCampAthens '08.

Located at Kranaou 3, Plateia Koumoundourou, Athens

If you are using the Metro, or Train you will get off at Monastiraki



    • When :: Saturday, February 23, 2008
    • Πότε :: Σάββατο, 23 Φεβρουαρίου 2008




Here is a sneak peak of how things flowed the day of the event.



12:00 - 13:30 Session-setup & Introductions

13:30 - 15:00 First set of Sessions and Workshops

15:00 - 16:00 Break

16:30 - 19:30 Afternoon Sessions and Workshops

19:30 - 20:00 Wrap up

20:00 - after party?


Pre-camping event the day before

The pre-camping event tonight, Friday, the 22nd was awesome! Thanks for coming out!





To participate/inquire please send us an email at info@mediacamp.gr.




Sponsors | Χορηγοί



Fantasy Report



Redpepper t-shirts

gba internet development

Entelia informatics


Pre-Camp Coverage



myDrupal.gr myDrupal.gr ; planet.hellug.gr ; planet.ellak.gr Feb 2, 2008

Wordsattack Jan 08, 2008

vraseryzi Dec 30, 2007

Social Media Advocates Dec 21, 2007

Interactive Ideas Dec 21, 2007


Camp Coverage


[https://twitter.com/mediacampathens] | Twitter

Video - Site to be decided

Flickr and anywhere else in general - tagged as *mediacampathens*


Mobile Site


Here is a mobile site for those who would prefer to check updates on the go via your mobile browser:

Type in http://winksite.com/mediacamp/mobile

or scan the QR Code below to access the information directly.





Behind the scenes

Hi! We are the planners of the event: Crystal and Vassilis


Vassilis :: (+30) 699.444.2004

Crystal :: (+30) 694.908.6992