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Living in Paris, 57, Financial and real estate experience

Co-organise http://barcamp.org/w/page/25707683/SocialInnovationBarcampParis

Philanthropic financial broker, credit, investment, insurance.


After having developed websites, financial and tax calculators, and

implemented banking and real estate partnerships in the mortgage and

real estate investment area, I comtemplate to make use of these

developments in social and humanitarian areas, under Pinko marketing.

Our devise 50/50 for poverty.

These tools can help to stimulate competition between internet

operators, in order to retain, via the FinanceHumanitaire and SolidarityFinance associations,

substancial financial margins, so that they can be used for social and

humanitarian purposes, and to participate in the financing of projects

as well as micro credit. Agreement to refinance Twollars.




Our philanthropic broker's sites, http://www.frenchmortgage.info, http://www.credit-relais.fr.


Contact :


tag-line : BarCampBank, BarCampBankBoard, FinanceHumanitaire SolidarityFinance