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The camp is over! Thanks to everyone who came and helped out!

For coverage of the event, including videos and podcasts soon, check out:



mobileCampLondon is for designers/developers/entrepreneurs/artists working on mobile applications, devices, and experiences. From FlashLite and mobile Processing to openMoko, Green Phone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and the iPhone, we’ll spend the weekend asking questions:


What do these platforms mean for art, design, commerce and communication? How do we create simple, engaging, and beautiful experiences with the complex soup of technologies at our disposal?


We want to create a camp where hackers and designers can come and play together. If you do stuff with small screens, voice, or something in between, come and share. mobileCampLondon is about big idea evangelism, and nitty-gritty details.


We’ll look at what matters most: well crafted code, and a solid understanding of

how people use their phones.


Never been to a barcamp before? Check out

The rules of barcamp



Event details



Saturday September 29th & Sunday Sept. 30th 2007


Registration will begin at 9 AM


Sessions will run from:

Sat 9:30am - 5pm

Sunday 10:00am - 4:30pm



  • Due to venue restrictions, this camp will not take place overnight, if you need a place to stay, cheap accommodations can be found at the Piccadilly Hostel which is 5 mins. away from the venue.



Fjord - 45 Fouberts Place, London W1F 7QH


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Victor Szilagyi

Imran Ali

Christian Lindholm



Orange Partner

Forum Nokia

The Astonishing Tribe

Vodafone Betavine





Session ideas - add your own, here's some of the things we're thinking about

- Mobile VoIP

- Hardware hacking

- Gestural interfaces

- Mobile gaming

- Widgets

- Platforms: Linux, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Java ME

- GPS Hacking


- The mobile web

- Mobile Money - Securing mobile transactions

- Mobile Social networking

- Ad-hoc networking/Compute cloud.

- Mobile advertising/ PPC/ affiliates

- Near field communication and RFID interfaces

- PayForIt

- Vodafone's Web Translation Engine hiding user agent headers

- Mobile Blind Touch Typing ?


Volunteers - want to help out? let us know....

Registration Volunteers (1 - 2)

  1. Feren Calderwood
  2. Nick Middleton


Beer Setup Sat Nite (1 - 2)

  1. Simon Maddox
  2. Nick Middleton


Live Bloggers & Podcasting

  1. Sarah Blow - Will be live blogging the event, and happy to podcast/ video cast.
  2. Improbulus - has blogged and vidcast.
  3. Vero Pepperrell - Blogging & photographing the event
  4. Alexander Baxevanis - will take lots of hi-res photos of the event & upload to Flickr




Participants (aka Campers)

  1. Ben - mobile indymedia portal, blasterisk info lines, can accommodate participants at rampART social center nr aldgate east
  2. Simon Maddox - Mobile web development, audio downloads to mobile, and m-commerce
  3. Hayat Benchana
  4. Peter Romiszewski
  5. Matthew Allum
  6. Sutha Kamal
  7. Sarah Blow - Girl Geek Dinners founder and Mobile dev. (.net mobile blog)
  8. Jeff Tupholme - Hoping to develop some mashups with LiveConductor, our application server that can create messaging services from RSS feeds, and output (geocoded) feeds of incoming messages
  9. Olu Bolu
  10. Guy Dickinson
  11. Antony Ribot mobile design and prototyping
  12. Jerome Ribot mobile design and prototyping
  13. Steven Ferguson
  14. Jason Delport
  15. Terence Eden mobile Internet / Vodafone live!
  16. Jack Moxley Mobile Service, Server Developer; Future Platforms
  17. Alexander Baxevanis, Motorola Labs, interested in mobile photography & media sharing
  18. Gareth Howell
  19. Dan W
  20. Vero Pepperrell Blogger/Marketing, Taptu.com mobile search
  21. Katie Lips, soon launching Treasuremytext2.0 a web+mobile2.0 app
  22. Chris Heathcote, ex-hacker, a canary at the coalface of mobile interaction design
  23. Adam Cohen-Rose mobile Java development & user interfaces
  24. Andy Maclaren, wireless innovation - UI/UX specialists
  25. Simon Cavill CTO, Mi-Pay, mobile payments, money transfer etc - willing to help out on day etc
  26. Becky Faith Hoping to attend as we're working on a Mobile Advocacy toolkit which is aimed at advocates and campaigners in the global South to help them use mobiles and telephony in their work. Met Victor at ETel....
  27. Ashley Benigno
  28. Omar Jamil
  29. Kwame Ferreira
  30. Thomas Baxter (National Lottery)
  31. Peter Ferne currently working with HP Labs on mscapers
  32. Ross Burton
  33. Paul Cooper
  34. Neil Patel
  35. Norman Lewis
  36. Chris Davies - Zeroconf networking evangelist
  37. Tarek Abu-Esber - Lead Device Engineer, Volantis Systems
  38. Liz Myers | Sr Product Designer, ShoZu Inc. - Interested in Flash Apps, UI/UX Design, Advanced Prototyping
  39. Stephanie Rieger - Interested in mobile design, Flash Lite, mobile-learning
  40. Bryan Rieger - Interested in mobile design, mobile Processing, Widsets, Flash Lite
  41. Ron Bird - UX designer of the camera and carousel style gallery for the Nokia N series. Interested in rapid prototyping.
  42. Richard Spence - Java Me Developer and Ukulele player - interested in all things mobile, happy to help out on the day.
  43. Feren Calderwood
  44. Peter Bond - Interested in mobile audio information, happy to help out on the day.
  45. Olof Hedman - Developer, TAT, Passion for high performance graphics and UI. working on Symbian and anything else I can get my code into.
  46. Roy Arvenäs - Programmer at TAT, interested in anything that helps humans use electronics.
  47. andrew khoo - low-level networking stuff
  48. Daniel Åkesson - Yet another programmer at TAT. Loves all about technology.
  49. Nicholas Herriot - Web Technologies Researcher at Vodafone Group R&D.
  50. Henrik Nyman - Programmer at TAT, interested in Linux, embedded systems and graphics programming.
  51. Riikka Puustinen - UX/Interaction designer, specialised in mobile & web service design. Interested in useful, creative & visual stuff.
  52. William Lai - Community Development, Openmoko
  53. Michael Shiloh - Developer Relations, Openmoko
  54. Alex von Feldmann - Interaction Designer
  55. Johan Mowitz - Programmer at TAT, interested in moving pixels and user interaction.
  56. Martina Schell - UX designer.
  57. Yacir Persson-Chelbat
  58. Hannes Edfeldt - Software Developer at TAT, interested in gaming and online communities
  59. Henrik Sandstöm - Programmer at TAT, interested in moving pixels and user interaction.
  60. Anders Larsson - Software Architect, looking forward to see what comes out when we start mixing our technologies and competences
  61. Cristiano Betta - Student, Developer and Blogger at FourStarters
  62. James Coops - working on mobile music community and mobile advertising projects
  63. Owen Griffin
  64. Chris Browne - Flash Lite developer, student at the Media Lab Arts at the University of Plymouth
  65. Francesca Rosella - Interaction designer specializing in wearable technology
  66. Ryan Genz - Interaction designer specializing in wearable technology
  67. Improbulus - Blogger. Tech including mobile.
  68. Martin Destagnol - Web enthusiast and Consultant at Fullsix, a communication agency focused on the digital age.
  69. Jay Patel - Mobile Web Enthusiast
  70. Sirish Reddi - Entrepreneur and mobile enthusiast.
  71. David Mery - Developer community team, UIQ Technology
  72. John Cass
  73. Evgeny Morozov , Director of new Media at Transitions Online
  74. Haiyan Zhang
  75. John Moore - Developer with an OpenMoko phone
  76. Gleb Kanunnikau - Designer/Blogger
  77. Tom Hughes-Croucher - Yahoo! Web Developer/Blogger
  78. Johan Oskarsson - Last.fm
  79. Davide Mancuso - Mobile Software Architect and Consultant
  80. Morten Hjerde - Interaction designer at mBricks
  81. Tiki® 6 keys are enough for all Larry + Tiki'symbian on N70 & Tiki'linux on N800
  82. Mal Minhas - New Product Architect at symsource.com
  83. Timo Arnall - Designer and researcher
  84. Rafe Blandford - All About Symbian
  85. Dale Lane - Software developer and mobile enthusiast
  86. Sascha Pohflepp - Designer and contributor to WMMNA
  87. Sam Machin
  88. Robert Bragg
  89. Marek Tuszynski
  90. Jono Cole - Software Developer, Last.fm
  91. Bruna Gardella - Software Engineer at Vodafone Italy
  92. Wong Hui Shin - Mobile Application Architect


If there are 100 people signed up, please add your name to the waiting list below.


Waiting List


  1. Yolanda de los Bueis - Motion graphics designer and animator
  2. Claudia Zanon
  3. Marco van Hylckama Vlieg - Yahoo! frontend developer / web designer
  4. Marten van Wezel - Mobile application engineer
  5. Linus Åkerlund - TAT
  6. Giulia Piu - User Experience Architect
  7. Steve Jarrett - Berkeley, California
  8. Philippe Silberzahn - Digital Airways, User Interface solution / Any UI specs, on any platform, in record time
  9. Marco Zamarato - IxD student
  10. Eyal Burstein - Interaction Designer, Beta Tank
  11. Michele Gauler - Interaction Designer, Beta Tank
  12. Ann Witbrock
  13. Victor Zambrano - Interaction Designer
  14. Capgemini Pierre-Denis Autric Senior Consultant Services & Consultancy


Can no longer attend


  1. Nico Macdonald | Spy (London) - Writer and consultant on media and innovation
  2. Mark Simpkins Social Software Consultancy
  3. Mike Albers
  4. Claire Welsby
  5. Louisa Heinrich - User-centred design and product development type person, excited by the possibilities.
  6. Andre Howe - Symbian and Java Developer
  7. Nick Gerig - Flash Lite developer, mobile enthusiast
  8. Oliver Steiner - cellity - tune your phone