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MobileCampNYC3 will TOOK Place on November 15th (9:15am-6:00pm) at Microsoft's NYC office in midtown Manhattan.

The theme of this event will be best practices & design patterns from a mobile perspective with a strong focus on the design of mobile software.

MobileCamp Post Mortum

MobileCampNYC3 was a Success! We had some really great talks and really postive feedback about the event.


If you have photos of MobileCampNYC3 feel free to upload them to Flickr and tag them mobilecampnyc3. Photos of the event can be found at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/mobilecampnyc3/


Event Feedback

For future MobileCamps I asked for MobileCampNYC3's participants to provide feedback about the event. Out of about 120 attendees, 36 people filled out the Feedback Survey and provided some really useful information. Most notably:

  • An amazing 97% said they would attend future Mobile Camps similar to this one!
  • More than 90%of attendees though the event was well organized!
  • 75% of attendees thought the event was on par with paid events (great job speakers!)
  • 33% of people traveled outside outside the New York area (5 Boroughs) to attend MobileCamp!
  • More than 80% of people attended 3 or more sessions!


What is your work related background?

NOTE: Other occupations included:
  • Entrepreneur
  • Illustrator
  • Consultant
  • founder / designer / developer
  • All of the above






















Public Relations








For how long were you at MobileCamp?

Just the morning




Morning through lunch




Late morning through mid day








All day




How many session talks did you attend





1-2 sessions




3-5 sessions




More Than 5 sessions




How did you hear about MobileCamp?

From a friend




















Did you travel from outside the New York area (5 Boroughs) to attend MobileCamp?









Did you feel this MobileCamp was well orginized?









How informative did you find the talks?

Not Informative




Moderately Informative








Pretty Informative




Very informative




Was this MobileCamp useful as a networking event?









In terms of overall quality, was this MobileCamp event comparable
to paid mobile events/conferences that you have attended.









Would you attend future MobileCamp events similar to this one?

Yes   35 97%
No   1 3%


What session did you enjoy the most?

Below are some comments about what sessions people enjoyed the most.


  • The future of SMS - what will replace SMS - a very useful topic and some interesting discussion was had.
  • It's a tie between the Twitter Vote Report talk, which was concrete and interesting, and Dennis Crowley's talk about making it easier to use NYC, which was way general and all over the place, but holistically inspiring and spawned some good Q&A for a while.
  • The Manga Man
  • Dennis Crowley's and Ian Spalter's two sessions were pretty informative. Both gave some good insights and new examples / sites / services, and were overall interesting, but nothing was earth shattering, which is not a complaint but an observation.
  • I got a nice overview of developing iPhone and iTouch apps, which was great because I had no idea what that process was like. I also really enjoyed Dennis' 3pm session. He gave tons of examples (though often he assumed everyone in the room was familiar with these sites, and I think everyone's knowledge was patchy so more explanation would've been helpful).
  • Seesions by Dennis and  David Harper were very informative
  • The designing one, 2nd session of the day. Phone Gap
  • NY Times
  • Dennis Crowley And A Room Full Of Smart Ppl Talking Abt Interesting Stuff
  • I enjoyed the session about QR codes--especially the author who embedded his book on his t-shirt!
  • Dennis Crowley / teendrama.com / Hey hi - anyone want to talk mobile + social or pervasive games? Past life = dodgeball.com
  • location-based marketing
  • Dennis's he's got great energy!
  • NYC mobile application brainstorm for vision & lessons learned from Mobile Dead for the content.
  • NY Times
  • NYT Mobile Strategy
  • dennis crowley's session for being the most entertaining and pretty interesting as well.
  • The IPhone sessions by Nick Carey.
  • NY Times developer
  • Introduction to iPhone development.
  • Dennis Crowley was def the most fun, knowledgeable, inspiring, and informative. Though, MANGA MAN was pretty epic.
  • Mobile Dead, mobile product design
  • all were very interesting in their own way, the sessions that talked about location-based services are most important to my job, so i enjoyed them the most.
  • Dennis Crowley's talk was a great survey and discussion - it truly energized the audience.
  • social marketing
  • Making living in NYC/anywhere easier.
  • Jose Martinez 2D code session 


Other Comments

Based on other comments received, there were a lot of "Thank you"'s and kind notes. We really appreciate it. Many said the event was worth repeating twice a year.

Additionally, some constructive feedback consisted of (these is not quoted feedback, this are comments that have been aggregated):

  • Longer session slots. Sometimes half an hour is too short and an hour is too long. In the future its worth considering a combination of half hour and 45 minute time slots.
  • More emphasis on meeting speakers associated with the event. Overall, more promotion of the speakers.
  • More opportunity to network in the morning and during lunch. 


What is a MobileCamp?

A BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. Check out the TheRulesOfBarCamp to learn what to expect.



A MobileCamp is a mobile technology themed BarCamp. Its aim is to bring together mobile enthusiasts, explorers and professionals to share the current state and their visions for the future direction of mobility. Topics may include - but are not limited to - mobile gaming, entrepreneurship, social mobility and presence, near field communication, physical hyperlinking, mobile storytelling, the importance of open standards, protocols, and platforms, linux based devices, and mobility on other continents.




MobileCampNYC3 Details



Saturday, 15th of November, 9:15am - 6:00pm Eastern Time

Free after event drinks will be sponsored by Skyhook Wireless at a yet-to-be-decided bar nearby.




1290 Ave of the Americas, Floor #6

New York, NY 10104

*On arrival, please check in with the front desk (photo ID required)

View Larger Map


Schedule (tentative)


Below is a general schedule for the day. During the actual event, the day will be broken down into at least 4 tracks (rooms) for people to host a session/talk.

A track specific schedule will be availible at the event.

9:15 - 10:15 Breakfast, Meet & Greet, Session-setup (adding your session to the grid)
10:15 - 10:30 Session-setup Last Call & Introductions
10:30 - 12:30 Morning Sessions and Workshops
12:30 - 1:30 Lunch
1:30 - 5:30 Afternoon Sessions and Workshops
5:30 - 6:00 Wrap up
6:00 - ?? hit the streets and continue conversation (free drinks!)





Sign Up To Attend MobileCampNYC3!

Interested in attending Mobile Camp? Please fill out the form below. Space is limited so sign up early.


This event is full and signup has been closed.

If you would like to be added onto the waiting list please email pcnofelt@gmail.com or mobilecampnyc3@gmail.com


How Can I Help?

Great question! There's several ways you can help before the actual event:

  • Plan a session/workshop: Mobile Camp depends on ideas from everyone. Most importantly we want to hear about your ideas so think about hosting a session/workshop! A Sign-up table to host a session/workshop will be the day of the event, but if you're really eager and want a spot early, let us know and we'll see what we can do.


  • Promote: Nothing is better than word of mouth. Help spread the word: blog/twitter about the event, email your friends, tell co-workers.


  • Help Organize: we still have lots to do and extra hands are always great.


  • Sponsorship: To make our campers happy, we need sponsors to help cover food and drink costs. Sponsoring MobileCampNYC3 is a great way to reach mobile developers in the new york area! Please contact mobilecampnyc3@gmail.com if you are interested in sponsoring part the event.

Remember, you make BarCamps great.


Current Attendees

Below we list the current attendees to the event. This list is based off the signup form above in "Participate" and will be updated regularly (unfortunately the process isn't automated) until the day of the event. If any information seems incorrect, feel free to modify or edit the list below.

Make sure to sign up using the form above!


  1. Peter Nofelt / A mobile developer and co/founder of Perk Mobile.
  2. Naveen Selvadurai
  3. Indira Vaidy
  4. David Harper / Winksite / Founder, Winksite
  5. Oscar Salazar / I am in the mobile marketing business
  6. Jason Cianchette / Liquid Wireless / Former VP of Product for MocoSpace. Now starting a mobile consulting company.
  7. Michael Young / New York Times R+D (and Shifd) / Creative Technologist
  8. Jesse Boyes / Outalot / Mobile developer
  9. Mark Wyszomierski / Perk Mobile / Cofounder of Perk Mobile
  10. Alexander Fadeev / VerizonWireless / Product Design & Dev manager
  11. Karen Schrier / Scholastic/Columbia University / I am a mobile game developer, games academic and media producer.
  12. bonnie Sandy / DeMarketplace / lead projec designer @ DeMarketplace
  13. Tamecca Anthony / Azure Media / I'm the CMO of Azure Media
  14. Lowell Feuer / KlikVU Inc / CEO of WMV platform co
  15. Shawn Van Every / ITP @ NYU / Teacher and Mobile Developer for J2ME (getting started with iPhone and Android)
  16. Joseph Bambara / Azure Software / I'm a Solutions Architect for mobile devices
  17. Sebastian Wenzel / Viooli / I am a mobile and online marketer
  18. Marshall Sponder / Monster WorldWide and BlogSpeedway.com / I'm a Senior Web Analyst and Blogger who is also on the Board of Directors of the Web Analytics Association
  19. dean collins / Amethon / I'm a mobile analytics vendor
  20. Ron Espinosa / Mobile media professional specializing in mobile technology strategy
  21. David Miller / Mobile Discovery / CEO Mobile Discovery
  22. Keith Erskine / Padpaw / Founder of Padpaw - try it: send "join mcnyc3" to 74685
  23. Richard J Brett / Associated Press / mobile architect for AP
  24. Benjamin Stein / Mobile Commons / I'm the CTO of Mobile Commons
  25. rus yusupov / Batlab / Art Director
  26. Lisa Lurie / A mobile enthusiast and content generator.
  27. Tikva Morowati
  28. Allen Stern
  29. Kaiwen Lin / Avenue A | Razorfish / I'm a beginner in mobile device software development
  30. Masha Ioveva / R/GA / Interaction designer, interested in physical locations tagging and mapping
  31. Alex Magid / IT Manager ,VOLT TELCO
  32. Mitri Abou-Rizk / Verve Wireless
  33. Renato Taffi / Zero9 Spa / Web mobile developer - services
  34. Mihael Mikek / Celtra / Co-founder & CEO, Celtra Inc
  35. Melia Millanti / Ogilvy / Project Manager, web and advertising
  36. John Walker / Chart Capital Partners
  37. Soo Koon Lee
  38. Rachel Pasqua / iCrossing / Emerging technology strategist for iCrossing
  39. Crystal Ginn / Siegel+Gale / I'm a mobile enthusiast
  40. Radhika Rai / Beyond Interaction
  41. Raul Shum / Pinktag / Pinktag founder - mobile comparison shopping for women
  42. Claudia / R/GA / I'm an interaction designer of moible and emerging platform applications.
  43. Nathan Corvino / Meetup / Software Engineer at Meetup
  44. Jeffrey Ng / Eastmedia
  45. dan mason / ESPN / Product manager for ESPN Mobile Web
  46. Matt Pelletier / Eastmedia / Head nerd at Web/Mobile shop Eastmedia
  47. Jack Kelly / CEO & Founder of Adva Mobile
  48. Amir Rozenberg / Adva Mobile / VP Mkting @ Adva Mobile
  49. Shirley Wong / R/GA / Associate Director of Web + Media Analytics
  50. Kate Bauer / R/GA / Interaction Design, Interested in Wearable Tech, Mobile Interface Design & Snowboarding.
  51. Michael DelGaudio / Corkboard / Founder, Mobile Stagiest
  52. Alex Rainert / Schematic / VP, User Experience Design with a penchant for mobile and social apps.
  53. David Shulman
  54. Jesse Chan-Norris / Indaba Music
  55. Jesse Silver / MX Telecom / I'm a business development manager for MX Telecom; a mobile connectivity provider
  56. David Oliver / Oliver+Coady / Principal, mobile consultancy, full range of mobile devices
  57. Nathan Freitas / Oliver+Coady / Principal, mobile consultancy, full range of mobile devices
  58. Jason Cohen / ConcertAttack / I run a site for concert fans.
  59. Chris Frankenberg / Sony Music / VP Mobile Sales, responsible for generating revenue for our music via mobile platforms
  60. Erin Sparling / Wall Street Journal / Lead Design Technologist for WSJ.com
  61. Dustin Barker / Agile Partners / iPhone developer
  62. Chris Ackermann / Travel Channel Media / I lead up mobile efforts at Travel Channel
  63. Venu Moola / R/GA
  64. Jesse Wilbur / r/ga / interaction designer at a digital agency
  65. Giana Gonzalez / R/GA / I am interaction designer, interested in participation and user empowerment
  66. Victor Butler
  67. Sean Salmon / Schematic / User Experience Designer
  68. Stephen Mahadeo / Web Design / I'm interested in learning to develop for Blackberry or other mobile devices.
  69. Ghazal Haque / R/GA / Mobile Producer, Mobile & Emerging Platforms Group at R/GA
  70. Stephen Chukumba / MX Telecom, Inc. / I'm a Business Development Manager for a mobile aggregator.
  71. Susan Choi / R/GA / interaction & visual designer for mobile
  72. James Chen / R/GA / I'm a frontend developer for R/GA
  73. Joey Adarkwah
  74. Ghazal Haque / R/GA / Mobile Producer, Mobile & Emerging Platforms Group at R/GA
  75. Ian Spalter / R/GA / I am the Creative Director of R/GA's Emerging Platforms Group.
  76. Bryan Pedersen / Sportsvite / Product Management interested in mobile development
  77. Paul Oswald / Sony Music / Architect for digital music supply chain
  78. andrew rispoli / R/GA / producer of interactive marketing
  79. Raymond Cha / CScout / Digital Trends Consultant, Writer
  80. Frank Rosario / R/GA / I'm a webmaster/software engineer at R/GA
  81. Nick Smolney / Crisp Wireless / I am a senior project manager at Crisp Wireless and a former mobile games developer.
  82. Evan Cordes / Organic, Inc. / I like food. Food tastes good.
  83. Alex Bisceglie / all-around hacker
  84. Yumi Endo / frog / I'm a master student in Parsons School of Design
  85. Yee Peng Chia / Organic, Inc. / RIA developer on the Flash platform.
  86. Leah Wechsler / I'm an interaction designer and researcher focusing on physical interaction spaces.
  87. jennifer daniel
  88. Darrell Silver / Jelly Desk / Entrepreneur, angel investor, co-founder of Jelly Desk
  89. Sharon Denning / Wall Street Journal / I handle interaction design for WSJ.com
  90. Agata Adamowicz / The Wall Street Journal online / I'm an interaction designer for WSJ.com
  91. Alex Bisceglie / all-around hacker
  92. Javier Rios / I am a web designer located in Baltimore,MD
  93. Nick Bilton / The New York Times R&D Lab / User Interface Specialist / Researcher at The New York Times R&D Lab
  94. aya karpinska / iconNicholson / Artist and interaction designer, creator of one of a children's story for iPhone
  95. Tim Allen / R/GA / Designer with an interest in mobility
  96. Brian O'Hagan / CCNMTL / I'm a technologist at Columbia University
  97. Oscar G. Torres / Blubee / Student at ITP, Inventor
  98. Alexis Rondeau
  99. Dan Melinger / Socialight / Socialight founder
  100. Matthew Garland / Deloitte Consulting LLP / Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting LLP - focused on wireless and media industry - technology strategy and sales-to-cash
  101. Frederic Guarino / Hemisphere Nobrainer - Mobile marketing agency / business development/strategic partnerships
  102. Anna Curran
  103. Peter Ng / The New York Times R&D Lab / I work on mobile apps @ the NYT
  104. Ram C Singh / id8, inc. / Entrepreneur & consultant
  105. Siddharth Mehta / University of Maryland, College park / Grad student - Telecommunications and business management- Uni of Maryland, College park.
  106. Daniel MacTiernan / Dow Jones / Product Manager, Mobile Media – The Wall Street Journal
  107. Felton Vaughn / I'm a web developer and hobby game developer interested in mobile platforms.
  108. Richard Hauck / Hauck Interactive, Inc. / I'm a designer/developer
  109. Greg Harris / Mobile Visions, Inc / CEO of Mobile Visions (Mobivity & Mobilytics)
  110. Aziz Uysal / Health Systems Solutions / I'm a mobile developer for Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and iPhones.
  111. Dr. Mark Watson / M.A.I.L.
  112. Wayne Richmond / Kreative Kode / I am a windows mobile developer
  113. MeenakshiSundar Arunachalam / CAMP Systems / I'm a web developer, currently focusing on mobile development.
  114. andrea dulko / NYU / ITP student focused on mobile development
  115. Dan Neumann / Organic / I am a strategist with Organic Inc's Emerging Platforms Group
  116. Petra Farinha / student
  117. Ja In Koo / ITP,NYU / I'm a student in ITP, NYU
  118. mohit SantRam / i'm a mobile developer.
  119. john dimatos / ITP / graduate student at ITP
  120. joshua berry / mobile developer at ITP at Tisch NYU
  121. Charles Truett / Digitas / Creative group at Digitas, focus on in interactive marketing
  122. Corey Menscher / I am a grad student at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program...studying mobile location-based services.
  123. Dennis Crowley / teendrama.com / Hey hi - anyone want to talk mobile + social or pervasive games? Past life = dodgeball.com
  124. Mitchell Said / Student, NYU's ITP Masters program
  125. Greg Yardley / Pinch Media / I'm the cofounder of Pinch Media -- we do application analytics.
  126. Stacy Van Wickler / FireMedia Partners
  127. Azeem Ansar / Pinch Media / I work in business development at a smartphone analytics company called Pinch Media.
  128. Christopher Santee / Developer all platforms
  129. Corey Menscher / I am a grad student at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program...studying mobile location-based services.
  130. phoebe espiritu
  131. Alex Jeannopoulos / developer
  132. Corrine Brown
  133. Michael Thibodeau / a lowly grad student at Parson CDT
  134. Aaron Uhrmacher / Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) Grad Student at NYU
  135. meng li / itp / an interaction designer and installation artist from Interactive Telecommunication Program
  136. Ira Downing / AVM Software Inc. / I'm a sys admin for Paltalk.com
  137. ram subramanian / web/mobile developer
  138. Analee Kasudia / I'm a web & graphic designer who wants to become more aware of mobile technology.
  139. Oliver Nowak / PalTalk / Flex Developer for online video chat service
  140. Peter Olivier Esveld / I'm a masters candidate at NYU ITP
  142. Hyouncheol Yun
  143. Angela Pablo
  144. Kristin Vincent / Barnes & Noble.com / I'm an information architect for a large ecommerce site
  145. Eric Mill / I'm a freelance web developer, most interested in Android apps.
  146. William Wong
  147. Ron Brayer
  148. John Baird / Quay, Inc. / Windows Mobile Device Application Development MVP
  149. Dilpreet Singh / Mobile Enthusiast, aspiring content producer
  150. Armanda Lewis / I am working with the Android SDK
  151. Michael Dory / Socialbomb / I work with mobile social games at Socialbomb and do research at NYU.
  152. Paul Downing
  153. Matteo Savio / GTN GmbH. / Project Manager at GTN, Student at Vienna University of Technology
  154. Adam Simon / Socialbomb / Socialbomb creative director & iPhone developer
  155. Scott Varland / Socialbomb
  156. Ted Cohn / Lead a montly discussion about all things web in The Web Lounge
  157. Jared Lamenzo / I'm a mobile developer interested in location-based apps and crowdsourcing.
  158. Lalit Kanteti / Mobiporter / I am Biz development person for a company dealing in Mobile space
  159. Liz Pullen / Drew University
  160. Rebecca Willis / Independent Producer
  161. Robert Gates / I am a Business and Technology professional with a broad range of experience in networking, systems, and Internet related technologies.
  162. Michael Yam / Y Technology / Former mobile develoepr for Palm devices, now seeing what's new.
  163. Serko Artinian
  164. Niles Brooks
  165. Bernardo Carvalho / Nokia / Product Manager for Nokia Software & Services group
  166. John W. Petrosino / Mobile bar code enthusiast
  167. Roslyn Kay / I'm a marketing communications mobile enthusiast
  168. Serko Artinian / I'm an enthusiast of all things Mobile
  169. Rick May / Rapid ID / I use barcodes captured in Cell phones, in projects around the world; latest in China
  170. Kelly Shoemaker / Cheil Worldwide / Interactive Art Director
  171. Adam Hirsch / Mashable / COO of Mashable.com
  172. David Kersnowski / Win Mobile Developer
  173. Greg Dowling / Nokia / I manage the business analysis team for Nokia Services & Software
  174. Steve Spencer / Mobile Executive
  175. Johnny Makkar / TigerSpike / I work for company that specializes in mobile dev and marketing.
  176. Theo Skye / Medialets / I'm the Creative Director at Medialets, the creative mobile ad network.
  177. Vidar Brekke / Social Intent / CEO Social Intent - social applications developer
  178. Lee Feinberg / Unfair Revenue / Marketer and business developer
  179. Murat Aktihanoglu / Unype Inc. / CEO of unype.com, a location-based social-network
  180. Landy Ung / [http://www.8coupons.com|] / co-founder of 8coupons.com
  181. Anaid Gomez Ortigoza / ITP student :)
  182. Wan-Hsi Yuan / [http://www.8coupons.com|] / co-founder of 8coupons.com
  183. Wayne W Snyder / Nokia / I am a online business analysis professional for services and software.
  184. Joshua Line
  185. Philippe Coup-Jambet / Tekora / CEO Tekora : changing the way you create mobile websites
  186. Eric Weinberg / [www.deviceanywhere.com|DeviceAnywhere] / Provider of testing, monitoring and development tools for the mobile application developer
  187. vikram tank / I'm a student at ITP interested in mobile development.
  188. Allison Mooney / Mobile Behavior / I'm a trend and behavior researcher/strategist/blogger for a mobile agency
  189. Che-Wei Wang  / itp / I make stuff
  190. Christian Cerrito / An ITP grad student who hates phones.
  191. kacie kinzer / ITP @ nyu
  192. dave / incubaker / a member of the incubaker innovation lab, always excited to hear and share news ideas and make them happen!
  193. Dwight Herperger / working ideas(TM) / I am a corporate & market strategist, specializing in new media; esp. interested in emerging business models in the mobile space
  194. Fabian Pfortmuller / [www.incubaker.com|Incubaker] / Young Entrepreneur & Student
  195. Todd Gailun / I am an angel investor looking to invest in platforms and applications that aren't sheep we throw at each other.
  196. Kuan Huang / a guy
  197. Andrew Parker / Union Square Ventures / I work in VC in NYC
  198. David Bamford / db / I am a designer of FlashLite applications
  199. Laura Garcia
  200. Hans C. Steiner
  201. Yasser Ansari / Current graduate student at NYU ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program), previously in Prod Dev/Mgmt at Qualcomm and Bus. Dev at Kyocera Wireless prior to that.
  202. Alexander Besher / San Francisco-based author, journalist and novelist, and former contributing editor to Infoworld magazine.
  203. Anthony Iacovone / [www.augmemobile.com|] / I am a strategy lead for a mobile interactive company.
  204. Yaron Oren / HFM U.S. / The mobile guy at my company
  205. Jason Valdina / user experience strategist
  206. Deepak Das / MOBOW / Co Founder - MOBOW.
  207. David Chen / I'm a web analytic guy and market researcher
  208. Gautam Advani / Mobile Prod Dev
  209. David Ambrose / Burson-Marsteller / Large marketing communications agency with focus on mobile.
  210. Froilan Mendoza / StyleHop / CTO, StyleHop
  211. Justin Tsang
  212. Tom Limongello / Crisp Wireless / I'm in business development for a mobile web development and advertising company, Crisp Wireless.
  213. Nick Clarey / Airsource / CEO of Airsource Mobile Software - we specialize in helping people realize their mobile application ideas on all popular mobile platforms.
  214. Ethan Chen / Mobile Geek
  215. Gaelen Green / I'm an information designer with a penchant for mobile apps
  216. Shunsuke Ueno
  217. Alexander Besher / Author
  218. Maria Karpoukina
  219. Lubna Dajani
  220. Aleks Jakulin / innovator, entrepreneur, technologist, data mining/statistics expert
  221. Jalil Vaidya
  222. Michael Stritch
  223. Sande Chen / Writers Cabal / I'm a writer/designer who is interested in mobile storytelling and gaming.
  224. Alex Abreu / ITP grad student.
  225. Kim Mingo / Frank first / I'm an interaction designer and co-founder at Frank First, a design agency focusing on mobile experience design.
  226. Sandy Fershee / Frank First / I'm an interaction designer and co-founder at Frank First, a design agency focusing on mobile experience designer and co-founder at Frank First, a design agency focusing on mobile experience design.
  227. Christoph Schmaltz / Headshift / I am working for a social software consultancy and development agency
  228. Nathan Woodhull / Mobile Commons / txt out the vote & mobile for advocacy
  229. Ted Roden / New York Times R&D / Creative Technologist
  230. Roman Fichman Esq. / Start Up Tech Attorney / TheLegalist.com
  231. Bonnie Peirce, B3OK
  232. Ron Roalsen, B3OK



Below are sessions/workshops that people are interested in presenting. This is just to give you an idea about what will be discussed at Mobile Camp. Sign up for hosting a session is the day of the event, but we will pre-schedule some talks in advance. Also, feel free to add your own session/workshop by modifying the wiki.


  • Horror stories in mobile: a round table talk about mistakes, pitfalls and legendary mess ups in mobile (technical/ui/personal). This session is meant to be a learning experience for everyone.
  • SMS - How it works and the mess that comes with it.
  • Creating mass consumer mobile sites.
  • Designing real-world games using mobile technology, designing browser-based mobile games.
  • Developing a Blackberry app for Mobile Financial Services and/or Mobile Banking app development using POLISH.
  • Mobile Development on the BlackBerry.
  • Mobile Web Analytics Tracking.
  • Mobile Analytics.
  • Business case for mobile application in conjunction with mobile website. Working within the parameters the client understands and not completely upsetting the apple cart.
  • Mobile development practices.
  • Mobile (SMS) Fundraising for Non-Profits (Intro to the Mobile Giving Foundation)
  • Exploding Use of Text Messaging in "Get Out the Vote" Campain
  • How Mobile Technology is Changing Advocacy & Public Health
  • Introduction to PhoneGap - an open source framework for accessing hardware features and creating mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry over the web (get the presentation)


Topics You Would Like to Hear About

Below are some interesting topic provided by you via the sign up form or modifying this wiki.

  • Managing resources on mobile handsets.
  • How to build and debug an iPhone app (hello world) in 10 minutes from scratch.
  • Mobile and the network. How to keep your users connected and what happens when you can't.
  • How SMS works and solutions to building SMS based apps.
  • Where's my information? Security in mobile.
  • Where am I? Why its so hard to get a users location in mobile.
  • 2D Bar Codes
  • business models for mobile social networking
  • Best practices in the mobile web. Thoughts about the increasing number of development platforms: iPhone, Android, Symbian, J2ME, etc...
  • educational mobile games, real world mobile games, browser-enabled mobile games and interactive experiences
  • Mobile Marketing via Bluetooth Messaging and LBS
  • Solutions for universal format for video streaming to mobile devices.
  • Getting started with Android
  • Future of Wireless
  • Mobile marketing (any kind)
  • Mobile Web Analytics Tracking
  • voice applications using asterisk
  • Location based games - eg. mogi mogi
  • Is opensource the true future of mobile? With Android and LIMO beginning to percolate, what is the impact on Windows Mobile, OSX, and other "proprietary" systems.
  • New business model for mobile, Next gen messaging (after SMS)
  • Android templating techniques
  • future of TV, Movies, Music
  • UE for mobile.
  • What makes a great app?
  • best practices for developing cross-platform applications (more specifically for iPhone and Android)



How is all this getting done?

For MobileCampNYC3 to work there's a lot of stuff that has to go on behind the scenes. Thanks to our organizers and sponsors everyone gets a day of great talk on mobile with food and drinks!



MobileCampNYC3 is organized by:


Below are a list of existing sponsors. Please contact mobilecampnyc3@gmail.com if you are interested in sponsoring part of the event.

* Microsoft - A small software company in Seattle that is hosting MobileCampNYC3 at its NYC offices.

* SkyHook Wireless - Provider of wireless solutions for finding your location.

* R/GA - An interactive advertising agency which specializes in servicing a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies, world-class brands and franchises.



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