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MobileDevCamp is a derivative of the recent iPhoneDevCamp in San Francisco.

This Dallas area DevCamp follows a successful event and hackathon where 400 particpants created 50+ apps. This event for developers targeting the small screen with open web standards (xhtml, css, ajax) for mobile devices, including iPhone, Symbian, Opera, and Windows Mobile.


Raise Your iPhones!




MobileDevCamp is an upcoming gathering, inspired by BarCamp, SuperHappyDevHouse, and MacHack, to develop web-based applications and optimize web sites for mobile devices - including iPhone . It is a non-commercial event, organized by volunteers, with attendance free to all. By the completion of the weekend event, a number of mobile-ready web applications and sites will be launched. The event will be held at Sabre in Southlake. Out-of-town guests are welcome!


Attendees will include web designers, developers, testers; all working together over a weekend to improve the web experience for mobile devices. Development projects will include both solo and team efforts. While some attendees will wish to work solo during the event, we encourage attendees to team up, based on expertise, to work in ad-hoc project development teams. All attendees should be prepared to work on a development project or lead a session during the event.


Participants will:


  • Create new web applications for mobile
  • Optimize existing web sites and applications for mobile devices
  • Migrate web-based widgets for best mobile experience
  • Test and optimize web sites for a variety of mobile devices



Location Sabre Holdings - 3150 Sabre Dr. Southlake, TX 76092,(Campus Directions: Gate , Parking , Entrance)
Security When you get to the security gate, tell the guard you're with Mobile DevCamp, and you're in like Flynn.
Date Saturday Aug. 25th, Sign-up starts at 9:00am
Formatreception, presentations, hackathon, and demos




Follow MobileDevCamp on Twitter for event updates.


2007-8-22: Dexterity Media sponsors hackathon: AppleTV prize. Friday night pints & social @ The Belmont - RSVP (facebook): http://urltea.com/1a61

2007-8-15: Sabre Holdings has committed to sponsoring the venue. Lunch sponsor, AppLists.com. Spread the word! Participants : 35

2007-7-26: Jay Fichialos has joined planning efforts. Working to secure local telecom venue. Participants : 35

2007-7-17: New organizers added (JimYoung, Kinan Sweiden, and Christopher Allen), Scope expanded from iPhone-focused to "MobileDevCamp" for all mobile devices. Participants: 32

2007-7-13: iPhoneDevCamp Dallas proposed iPhoneDevCamp for Texans and anyone able to travel to Dallas, 1st prize sponsored by Viewzi Attendees Participants : 21



The instigators (creators) of iPhoneDevCamp include Blake Burris & Jay Fichialos



For more information on BarCamp roles, please visit the Building Block Roles for BarCamp page.


MC: BlakeBurris

Sponsorships: Blake Burris & JayFichialos

Logistics & Facilities: JayFichialos

Hackathon: Adam Keys


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If you're interested in sponsoring, lease contact Blake Burris blakeburris at gmail) about hackathon prizes. Thanks to Sabre (venue), AppList.com (meals), Viewzi, Adobe, DexterityMedia (hackathon prizes).


Sponsoring a BarCamp-style event is not about lead generation, it's more like a donation - you're supporting the effort by supporting the attendees.


Facilities (thank you Sabre)

Please add any space you have or can get with your name that is a possibility for hosting around 200 people Fri-Sun. We'll review options as we have a better grip on the size of the group. Adobe offices in Richardson (Matt Bendiksen), Big in Japan's office @ Infomart (Alex Muse)


Meals & Social sponsors

We are estimating that each meal will each run less than $1,000 for 100 attendees.

  • Friday night pints & social (The Belmont Hotel, Dallas) _____________ Event link (facebook): http://urltea.com/1a61
  • Saturday lunch: AppLists.com
  • Saturday coffee / breakfast / snacks: ________________


Hackathon Prizes

Participants in the mobile hackathon will be eligible for prizes




Add your name and details in order below...and show off your iPhone if you must ;)


Or RSVP on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=6246127740


  1. BlakeBurris, Corazón Labs & producer, CocoaRadio Nokia e61
  2. Has iPhone ChristopherStJohn, Entrepreneurial Engineer, Architectonic, DayTripr - I'm intending to focus on trying to combine non-browser-based phone info with mobile HTML access in a kind of "best of both worlds" approach. I'd really like to get some sort of location info (from my iPhone or my Samsung) and combine it with daytripr access. But maybe I'm dreaming :-)
  3. Has iPhone AdamKeys, Software developer and lover of syrup, The Real Adam
  4. MattHollingsworth, Mac convert, serial eater, taker of pictures NontrivialExercises
  5. Has iPhone Chris Griego, Front-End Architect, RD2, Inc.
  6. BrandonCotter, Viewzi
  7. Kinan Sweidan, Ximda
  8. Has iPhone Blake Elshire, Front-End Architect, RD2, Inc.
  9. RobertFiccaglia MotivePath - plan to continue work from San Francisco
  10. Has iPhone Daniel Larsen, Software Architect / Developer, iPhone apologist
  11. Christian Postier, Cisco Network Engineer Stunt Man
  12. Has iPhone Alexander Muse
  13. Scott Bauer, Code Samurai at Big in Japan
  14. Mike Vincent, Princess of Darkness
  15. Peter Gornell - evangelist/project manager
  16. Bill Erickson, New Media Entrepreneur
  17. Cody Marx Bailey, himself
  18. Jonathan Wight - dude
  19. Has iPhone giovanni gallucci - social media consultant
  20. Has iPhone Christopher Jones, crjones.us
  21. Matt Bendiksen - indie developer
  22. Bill Good - developer
  23. Kent McKeaigg- Learning Developer
  24. Mitesh Rami- Web Designer India
  25. Jim Young, Jambo
  26. John Bantam, Dallas Web Builders
  27. Has iPhone Darcy Brown, DBCP and he who is number 26
  28. Has iPhone Josh Handel, Passvault, Developer/Architect & Rails convert.
  29. Jonathan Miller, Miller-Interactive - Interactive Media Designer/Developer (front end)
  30. Has iPhone Benjamin Morin, Software Developer and iPhone enthusiast
  31. Has iPhone James Kersbergen, iPhoneJedi
  32. Has iPhone Dave Forbes, Software/Web Application developer
  33. Has iPhone Matthew Cave, Technical Director, Agency.com
  34. Has iPhone Tom Nelson, pair of threes
  35. Has iPhone JP Dubois, designtastesgood.com
  36. Has iPhoneCurtis Garrison Curtis at DreamCars.com
  37. Has iPhone Pauldy at timespace.org
  38. Kevin Marvin - No has iPhone
  39. Veerendra Jote - Software Developer www.handango.com
  40. Has iPhone Jeremy Johnson / Sabre User Experience
  41. Shawn Fitzgerald - no iPhone / Mobile Designer at Handmark.com
  42. Has iPhone Greg Jackson Database guy Hobbyist Win Mobile Dev www.handango.com
  43. Pedram Kazemi - Mobile Web 2.0 Enthusiast, and then some more! www.handango.com
  44. Leroy Levin Mobile Developer wanna be - www.dfwmobility.com
  45. Tucker Williams, Sr. Designer at Handango, Inc.
  46. Travis Isaacs, Sr. Designer at Sabre Travel Network
  47. Cone Johnson, Mistress of All She Surveys and Attendee-in-Spirit if not in Mind or Body.