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What are MobileTech4SocialChange Barcamps? 

Mobile Tech 4 Social Change Barcamps are local events for people passionate about using mobile technology for social impact and to make the world a better place. Each event includes interactive discussions, hands-on-demos, and collaborations about ways to use, deploy, develop and promote mobile technology in health, advocacy, economic development, environment, human rights, citizen media, to name a few areas.  Participants for Mobile Tech 4 Social Change barcamps include nonprofits, mobile app developers, researchers, donors, intermediary organizations, and mobile operators.  

NYC Event details

  • A one-day event on Saturday, 21 February 2009 in New York/Hunter College's 'Black Box'  695 Park Ave., Room HN 543, New York, NY

  • Exploring mobile tech to advance social development and social change goals  

  • Interactive, particpatory, hands-on

  • For anyone interested in how mobile phones are changing the way we organize, advocate, provide health and other social services -- in short, make the world a better place. 


MobileActive.org and Hunter College's Integrated Media Arts Program 

Registration -- WE ARE SOLD OUT

  • UDPATE: We are completely full as of 2/12/09.  We will add anyone interested to a waiting list should there be cancellations.   Please send an email to katrin [at] mobileactive [dot] org to be added to the waiting list.

  • Registration is here: http://mobiletech4socialchangenyc.eventbrite.com/ (but please also add yourself to the list at the end of this page!)

  • Registrations will be used to defray costs for a scrumptious breakfast and lunch. Please register at http://mobiletech4socialchangenyc.eventbrite.com/


  • Building mobile apps for change

  • Mobile Fundraising 101

  • An primer on mobile social marketing

  • Mobiles for health

  • Citizen media via your phone --apps and lessons learned

  • Mobile activism in India

  • Has the Revolution Started Yet?  Mobile Tech and the Power of Individuals and Groups.

  • The Impact of Mobile Phones on Protests in Repressive Regimes: Empirical Results

  • Understanding the Importance of Who/What Comes Next - Mobile Tech In Perspective


Topics I would like to hear about 

  • Mobile campaigning on a grassroots budget

  • Who are the best mobile vendors for nonprofits?

  • Android, iPhone oh my -- can I do my own mobile app for change?

  • Lessons from the Obama campaign

  • Merging mobile phones and social networks - a practical guide to migrating across platforms

  • Neighborhoods, communities and mobile social change

  • Measuring impact of mobile strategies

  • Mobile games for change

  • Beyond Capitalism and Socialism, The Mobile Economy

  • Life cycle of mobile social projects - raising funds, lobbying local groups, launching final product

  • Kind of jobs available in this space, and what kind of experience is needed 

  • Mobile phones and networked music

  • Peer-to-Peer or "meshed" mobile phone communication

  • Geotagging/mobile and applications for activism

  • Data collection using mobile devices

  • Security and privacy issues



Participants (aka Campers) -- PLEASE ADD YOURSELF! (make sure you've registered - otherwise we won't be able to let you in: Registration is here: http://mobiletech4socialchangenyc.eventbrite.com/)

Session Notes 

  • Previous barcamp session notes are on the M4Change Notes page -- which we will use in New York to build the documentation and provide some continuity.  Already included: SMS applications beyond peer-to-peer; Location-based Services; Documenting human rights advocacy / abuses. 



  • Twitter, Flickr, blog, etc tags for Mobile Tech for Social Change Barcamps is #m4change