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MozillaCamp is a friendly unconference where people get together to share, learn and talk about anything and everything related to Mozilla Firefox. It will take place on 10th February, 2009 at New Delhi. We all know how indispensible open source software has become, and Mozilla Firefox has been landmark in this regard. Let the Believers unite to celebrate this wonderful offering to the Open Source world.


Mozilla Stalwarts Attending MozillaCampDelhi


Seth Bindernagel, Director Of Localization

Seth is Director of Mozilla's localization efforts. He is a member of Mozilla's Evangelism team and also helps the product marketing team with projects directed at open source community building and marketing. Before becoming Director of Localization, he launched the Community Giving and Empowerment programs at Mozilla.[From his LinkedIn Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/sethbindernagel] Official Blog - http://blog.mozilla.com/seth/  


Arun Ranganathan, Standards Evangelist

As a Standards Evangelist at Mozilla, Arun works on Web API issues, ECMAScript issues, and general web platform issues. His vision revolves around the openness of the web platform and harnessing its true potential. [From his Linked In Profile: http://linkedin.com/in/arunranga] Website - http://arunranga.com 


Atrractive Addition - Mozilla Labs Sessions


Mozilla Labs will be initiating the talks about Open-Web Development and will be guiding Hack Sessions,through Video Conferencing.Concept Series,to be Emphasised upon.Thus,Food for thought,for Techno-Geeks !!


Pascal Finette

He'll talk about Open web development,and all the future works of Mozilla (Quite a Catch !)

Pascal's profile is available on his website www.finette.co.uk

He can also,be followed on Twitter www.twitter.com/pascalfinette

 For Details,about Mozilla Labs Click www.labs.mozilla.com

MozillaCampDelhi Broadcasting(Live Streaming)


MozillaCampDelhi will be broadcasted over Mozilla Firefox's Official Channel


Date, Time & Venue

Tuesday, 10th Februay, 2009

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM



Indian Social Institute (Near Ram Mandir)  For more details,Click http://www.isidelhi.org.in

10, Institutional Area,

Lodhi Road -110003

New Delhi


Just in case if you have any trouble you could reach Mohak Prince at +91-9868669175,+91-9811230042


How to Reach/Directions

For Directions,Please refer to this Map



TWO WHEELERS - Since being a Tuesday this place can hold atleast 100+ two Wheelers so i don't see any problems with this

FOUR WHEELERS - This place can hold upto 30 Cars




MozillaCampDelhi is a not-for-profit event. Hence, each and every sponsorship offered in any kind is appreciated,to support the event. Become the sponsors for the first ever MozillaCamp in India.


Organising Sponsor


Youth Media Partner 


Organising Partners



Media & Blog Partner                                           


SMS Updates Partner


Print Media Partner



To be a participant, you must be prepared to share your love for Mozilla Firefox and be enthusiastic about open source. It would also be great if you can help out with organizing the event. Sign up by clicking the button below.


Please add your name, your designation and email here.

  1. Abhijit Chatterjee, C.I.O. & Certified Security Consultant, abhijitchatterje@hotmail.com
  2. Akash Bansal, Strategic Marketing Executive-IR, akashmnit@gmail.com
  3. Kinshuk Sunil, Community Manager (OSSCube) , kinshuk@osscube.com
  4. Mohak Prince, Mozilla Firefox Campus Representative, mohak.prince@gmail.com
  5. Mohit Miskeen, Freehand Amatuer Artiste/Student & Mozilla-Firefox Fan, miskeen4@gmail.com
  6. Abhinav Gulyani, Internet Marketer, abhinavseo@gmail.com  9999.299.799
  7. Mohit Bhalla: 1st Yr. student,don't know what's  a "mozilla fan",but  for open source ,count me in! mohitb117@gmail.com
  8. Ankit Tayal:B.Tech student ,Amatuer programmer
  9. Shivam Shrivastava:B.Tech student Amatuer programmer
  10. Samir Beniwal:engineering student
  11. Ajay Yadav, Web Developer, ajaynsit@gmail.com
  12. Rahul gupta, Drupal Enthusiast, rahulg2[ahhht]gmail[daat]com
  13. Shree Kant Bohra, Student, shreekantbohra@gmail.com
  14. Manish Goyal, Student, manishgoyal57@gmail.com
  15. Deepankar Miglani, Student & Mozilla-Firefox Enthusiast, dcooldude.9angels@gmail.com
  16. vipul kalia, barcamper , firefox enthusiast, photographer , vipulkalia@gmail.com
  17. shobit ghai , camper ,firefox user , shobhitghai8@gmail.com
  18. Atul Gupta, Web Developer, contactatulgupta@gmail.com
  19. Ankur Banerjee, Firefox user, greatquizzard (at yahoo)
  20. Kapil Pareva,Mozilla Firefox fan & Engineering student,kapilpareva@gmail.com
  21. Ankit Rastogi, Business Head IHR & Firefox fan, ankit (at) indiahotelreview.com (dot) com
  22. Vineet Agrawal, Strategic Partner Manager, OSSCube,
  23. Mayank Singla, Software Engineer, firefox user,  mayank.singla@yahoo.com,
  24. Dipankar Sarkar, Mozilla user and software engineer, http://desinerd.com , dipankarsarkar@gmail.com
  25. ush Kumar, Mozilla Fan & Firefox user , AM- Website Operations, MakeMyTrip.com , piykumar@gmail.com
  26. Ankur Batla, Mozilla User, SEO by Profession, http://www.tech2gether.com, batla.ankur@gmail.com
  27. Arpit Kumar, Firefox Fan, arpit123[at]gmail.com, @arpitnext
  28. Piyush Gupta,Web Developer,mba.piyushgupta@gmail.com
  29. Joejeet Singh,Web developer , joe.nayyar@gmail.com
  30. Sachin Chaudhary, Web developer , sachin238@gmail.com
  31. Manjula R , Web Developer, rajmanjula2006@gmail.com
  32. Sushil Kumar, Web developer , sushil.kumar.2757@gmail.com
  33. Ankit Mishra, Open Source Developer, ankitmishr@gmail.com
  34. Umangjeet Singh, Amateur Programmer, Mozilla Firefox USER, Student, umang.cdr.90@gmail.com
  35. Rajendra Prasad Murakonda, rajendra.prasad@gmail.com
  36. Arun J., Designer at SlideShare, arun at simplyarun dot com
  37. Satpal Singh, Mozilla User, ssatpal@gmail.com
  38. Himani Agarwal, Mozilla User, Software Engineer, himanics@gmail.com
  39. Dhanaraj Saripalli, dhansar@hotmail.com
  40. Gaurav Paliwal (Linux Student Core-Team Member) GGSIPU USIT , Student  gaurav.paliwal1989@gmail.com
  41. Nilanjan Gupta, Blogger, Firefox enthusiast etc., nilanjan_gupta@yahoo.com, formerly of Birla Information Technologies programming in Oracle, C, Unix etc., former Techie
  42. Karandeep Singh, Professional Designer and logotist, mozilla fan!! , karandeepsingh123@gmail.com
  43. Gaurav Arora , Freelance Web Designer and Developer ,"Free Source For Human Beings", www.higa.co.in
  44. Piyush Chhabra, B.Tech 2nd year. Mozilla enthusiast. piyushchhabra1989@gmail.com
  45. Prashant, mozilla enthusiat,mozilla lover,prashant_4ever_delhi@yahoo.co.in
  46. Abhinav Chittora, B. Tech 3rd Year, Mozilla lover, want to work for Mozilla, bijolianabhi@gmail.com
  47. Anirudh Sharma, Natural User interface interaction, http://anirudhsharma.crypto/at/gmail/dot/co
  48. Vivek Kumar Goynar, USIT GGSIPU, Student vivek8911@yahoo.com
  49. Gurveen Taneja , Web Developer/Mozilla Enthusiast , gurveen.taneja@gmail.com
  50. Satyajeet Singh, Product Manager, satyajeet.singh@gmail.com
  51. Pallavi singh,B.Tech 1st yr.,mozilla fan,palliaprecocious@gmail.com
  52. Manish Kutaula, B.tech III year, College of Technology, Pantnagar, mozilla fan and a web enthusiast, manish.yo@gmail.com
  53. Rahi Jain, Web Developer, rahismailbox@gmail.com
  54. Pritam P Hans, copy editor and blogger, pph.india@gmail.com
  55. Dinesh Vyas, Student, Firefox admirer, dineshgsvyas@gmail.com
  56. Sumit Arora,USIT(University School Of Information Technology)GGSIPU, Student, sumitarora17889@gmail.com
  57. Siddharth Srivastava, USIT(University School Of Information Technology)GGSIPU, Student,akssps011@yahoo.co.in
  58. Rajan Bansal,USIT(University School Of Information Technology)GGSIPU, Student,rajan2207@gmail.com
  59. Amar Kaushik,USIT(University School Of Information Technology)GGSIPU, Student,amarip2007@gmail.com
  60. Rahul Gautam,USIT(University School Of Information Technology)GGSIPU, Student,rahulgautam75@gmail.com
  61. Devesh Sharma,USIT(University School Of Information Technology)GGSIPU, Student,deveshsharma_usit@zapak.com
  62. Tarun Kumar,USIT(University School Of Information Technology)GGSIPU, Student,mrtarkum@gmail.com
  63. Anuj Kumar Singh,USIT(University School Of Information Technology)GGSIPU, Student,anujsingh2810@yahoo.com
  64. Neeraj Rawat,USIT(University School Of Information Technology)GGSIPU, Student,neeraj146b@yahoo.com
  65. Parth Ahluwalia,Student and mozzila firefox enthusiast, parth.suave@gmail.com
  66. Ankit Oberoi, Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions, ankit@innobuzz.in
  67. Diwanshu Joshi, B.tech III year, College of Technology, Pantnagar, mozilla fan, diwanshuster@gmail.com
  68. Ravi Shankar Joshi,B.tech III year, College of Technology, Pantnagar, mozilla firefox user, joshi.ravishankar@gmail.com
  69. Rony Felix, IT Infrastructure Specialist and Trainer, OSS Cube, rony@osscube.com
  70. Monika Verma , Java Learner & Mozilla Enthusiast
  71. Dhiraj Jain , Student & Mozilla Firefox Fan, dhiraj27489@gmail.com
  72. Sumit Sati,    Student B.Tech. 3rd YR. COT Pantnagar sumitsati@gbpuat-tech.ac.in
  73. Manu Goel, Associate - Interactive Developer, Sapient, manugoel2003@gmail.com
  74. Jatinpreet Singh, Student and Mozilla Campus Representative, B.TECH., GGSIPU, jatinpreet@gmail.com 
  75. Amit Bhagat, Java Enthusiast amit_bhagat_88@yahoo.com
  76. Kiran Mohan, Linux Enthusiast
  77. SLt Kumar Gautam, Firefox Enthusiast, Indian Navy, kumargautam2003@yahoo.com
  78. Sanket Bhargava, Student, bhargava.sanket87@gmail.com
  80. Vineesh Kumar, Pictualize, Open Source Enthusiast + Firefox user, vineesh@pictualize.com/vineesh1@gmail.com
  81. Vikash Dhankar, Fan of open source peoples,Firefox rocks, vikas[dot]2089[at]gmail[dot]com
  82. Anirudh Maitra, Pictualize, Firefox User, anirudh@pictualize.com
  83. Piyush Kumar, AM -Website Operations, MakeMyTrip, piykumar@gmail.com
  84. Tejas Palan, Student and Mozilla firefox fan, tejaskumar007@gmail.com
  85. Shivendra Kumar,Student,Firefox Enthusiast,funkyshiven@gmail.com
  86. Gaurav Khanna , Account Manager , gaurav.kh@gmail.com
  87. Pankaj Jain, CEO, Teknatus Solutions
  88. Samhit Singh , B.tech., GGSIPU, samhit.s@gmail.com
  89. kuldeep Hooda Student & Mozilla technology Enthusiast , kuldeephooda@ymail.com 
  90. Shivani Gupta, Student B.Tech Ist year,COT Pantnagar,guptashivani021@gmail.com
  91. Nikhil Mittal, Software Developer, MakeMyTrip, mittalniks@gmail.com
  92. Simranveer Grewal, Software Developer, MakeMyTrip, simranveer@gmail.com
  93. Piyush Kumar,student,piyush.dokania@gmail.com
  94. Ravneet Singh Sidhu, ravneet.sdh@gmail.com
  95. Realin, Software programmer, twitter.com/real_in
  96. Rahul Kumar Sharma,Software Developer,Makemytrip,sharmarahul01@gmail.com
  97. Arunjit Singh , arunjitsingh1190@gmail.com
  98. Harjot Shah Singh , harjot.shah@gmail.com
  99. Ashmeet Singh,ashmeetdabadboy@gmail.com  
  100. Karanjot Singh , karan18.kv@gmail.com
  101. Shreesh Kaushik , shreeshkaushik@gmail.com
  102. Dushyant Gadewal, dushyant.g@indiahotelreview.com

  103. Vishal Garg, B.Tech 2nd year Student & Mozilla Firefox Fan, vishalgarg09@gmail.com

  104. Anil Giri --Student and Mozilla User-- mail[DOT]anilgiri[AT]gmail[DOT]com

  105. Pooja Grover, HR Student.

  106. Nitish Jain, B. Tech, 2nd Year Student & Mozilla Enthusiast, astronj009@gmail.com

  107. Puneet Bharti, Web developer, puneet5887@gmail.com

  108. Rashmi Gupta, student, rashmi0708@gmail.com

  109. Ravi, web developer, 24.ravi@gmail.com

  110. Sahil Seth, Software Programmer, http://sahilseth.com

  111. Sunit Jain, Software Programmer

  112. Ankit Rana,B.Tech 2nd yr student,mozilla user,admirer & fan, nkitrana@gmail.com

  113. Rajat Gupta, CDAC Noida, Student, rg.rajatgupta@gmail.com

Just click on the edit button. You need to create an account which will only take a few seconds. Alternatively, you can also login using OpenID and then edit the page. (If you have a Blogger.com / WordPress.com / Yahoo! ID, then you already have an OpenID. Find out how to use it.)

Who Would You Like to Hear?

Please recommend a person who you are thoroughly impressed with and whom you really want to hear him/ her speak about Open Source or anything related to Mozilla Firefox. We will send out a special invite and do our best to get them to the event. 

  1. Please add the names here

Pitch in for Presentations/Open - Talks

Wanna Share something you know about Mozilla Firefox? Interested in Enlightening the crowd with your Inspirational talk about Open Source? Something related to Add-On Development? Or How to Develop Extensions/Themes for Mozilla Firefox? A Campus-Rep telling about the efforts put in for Mozilla Firefox Promotion done in the Campus?

Please add your name against the presentation/Open-talk you be pitching for.

  1. SLIM Server - Gaurav Paliwal  USIT (FOSSUSIT Core team member )
  2. add your name here


Video Testimonials(Earlybird Prizes - Mozilla Firefox Tshirt)

Taking forward the Mozilla Firefox's "On-the-Street" Interviews, Register here with a Video Testimonial( Maximum Duration 2 Minutes) talking about Your love for Mozilla Firefox, When did you started using it,How can Mozilla Firefox Improve,and stuff. Hurry Up!! and Take Advantage of this wonderful Earlybird Prize,as Tshirts are less in numbers.Be the first one,to grab them.  For more information:  http://www.spreadfirefox.com/campusreps/onthestreet


Here are some questions or ideas for your videos:

  • "I love Firefox because _____"   or "Firefox rocks because _____"
  • "My favorite Firefox feature is _____"
  • "I started using Firefox because _____" or "_____ introduced me to Firefox and I'm glad they did because _____"
  • "To me, Mozilla means _____"  or "Mozilla represents _____"
  • "To me, the open web means _____"  or "I believe in the open Web because _____"
  • "My favorite Firefox add-ons are _____"
  • If you have tried the 3.1 beta - "What do you think?"
  • If you are involved with the Mozilla project - "Why did you get involved with Mozilla and how long?"
  • Say "I love Firefox" in your local language


Add your name,against the Video link.

  1. Srajan Mani: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkRgylSZDts
  2. Kumar Gautam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc5AwP1a-L4
  3. Ankur Banerjee - http://video.yahoo.com/watch/4464980/11972056
  4. add your name with the video link here

Things To Do. Can You Help?

Please add any other tasks that needs to be done. If you want to pick up a task (we love you!), please put your name and phone number next to it.

  1. Design a poster. - Yadu Rajiv
  2. Bulk Poster/Banners Printing. - Gaurav
  3. Tshirt Printing
  4. Design an Animated Presentation. - Pictualize
  5. Design a Flash,for MozillaCampDelhi
  6. Tidy up this wiki. - Mohak
  7. We need a nice tag line. - Taking Back the web,one user at a time (Mozilla's tagline)
  8. Find venue and freeze the date. - Indian Social Institute,Lodhi Road & 10th February,2009
  9. Find sponsors for food and snacks. - To be Paid
  10. Design a backdrop
  11. Purchase Black & white Canvasses.
  12. Prepare a press release. - Innobuzz
  13. Podcast being available.
  14. Design small web buttons for blogs that says 'I'm speaking at MozillaCamp' and 'I'm attending MozillaCamp' - Yadu Rajiv
  15. Design a laptop sticker. - Yadu Rajiv
  16. Get Wifi at venue. - We're trying (Though,advised to carry own Data Cards,if possible)
  17. Send mailers to Barcamp, OCC, Proto.in and other mailing lists. -Kinshuk
  18. Add the event to Barcamp.org main page schedule - Mohak
  19. Hire caterer. Fix menu. - Fixed
  20. Please bring your digital cameras. It will be good to take lots of snaps. - Deepankar,Srajan
  21. Live Video Recording,with Tripod Stand.- Kinshuk
  22. Getting Standees (5-10).
  23. Add directions to the venue. - Routeguru
  24. Add info about parking
  25. Add sponsorship details.
  26. Buy colourful post-it notes.
  27. Arrange for projectors. - Mohak
  28. Must arrange for a Mic and Amplifiers. - ISI (From Venue)
  29. Arrange for a raised platform for the speaker so that he is seen by everyone. - ISI (From Venue)
  30. Create a hashtag for Twitter #mozcampdel. - Kinshuk
  31. Publicity in GGSIPU During Anugoonj(Annual Cultural-Technical Festival). Gaurav Paliwal
  32. Online PPC based Event Promotion Campaign. Ankit (Ready, Starts as soon as Venue gets finalized)
  33. Twitter about the event, live time - Abhinav Gulyani


If there are any more tasks to be done, add them here.


Kinshuk Sunil, +91 9910024895 kinshuk@osscamp.in


Mohak Prince, +91-9868669175,+91-9811230042 mohak.prince@gmail.com


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Twitter      -     http://twitter.com/mozcampdel

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Facebook -     http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=65384691408#/event.php?eid=65384691408

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IndyaRocks -  http://www.indyarocks.com/tribes/tribe-view.php?trid=12116

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Graphics & Web Stamps for your blogs and websites are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/mozillacampdelhi/

What will People say About Mozillacamp?


People's reactions from blogphere, twitter world and the Press. If you would be writing about Mozillacamp, please add the link here. Please tag your tweets/blog posts/photos/videos related to MozillaCamp with the tag MozillaCampDelhi so that it will be helpful for people searching for information regarding the event.


  1. http://twitter.com/blogadda
  2. http://twitter.com/mozcampdel
  3. http://twitter.com/aby
  4. http://twitter.com/kinshuksunil
  5. http://twitter.com/dipankarsarkar
  6. http://twitter.com/simplyarun
  7. http://twitter.com/umang_cdr_90
  8. http://twitter.com/deepankar_9
  9. http://twitter.com/srajanmani
  10. http://twitter.com/higatech
  11. http://twitter.com/piyushchhabra
  12. http://twitter.com/rahulg2
  13. http://twitter.com/ankurb
  14. http://twitter.com/graphicmist
  15. http://twitter.com/sumitsati
  16. http://twitter.com/gurveentaneja
  17. http://twitter.com/arpitnext
  18. http://twitter.com/pictualize
  19. Add your twitter here

Blog Posts

  1. http://chickswhoclick.wordpress.com/2009/02/04/india-arun-seth-take-it-on-the-road/ - Mary Colvig (Mozilla)
  2. http://www.spreadfirefox.com/node/3438 - Spreadfirefox
  3. http://www.foxiewire.com/Mozilla-Firefox/MozillaCampDelhi_Happening - Foxiewire
  4. http://chronosign.com/rant/category/mozillacamp - Yadu Rajiv
  5. http://www.osscube.com/content/osscube-organizes-sponsors-india%E2%80%99s-first-mozilla-camp-1 - OSSCube
  6. http://startupranch.com/Event/MozillaCamp-Delhi-2009 - Rahul Gupta
  7. http://techexpose.wordpress.com/2009/01/27/mozilla-camp-delhi-10th-feb-2009/ - Srajan Mani
  8. http://blogs.bigadda.com/kar3689570/ - Karandeep Singh
  9. http://higa.co.in/blog/?p=77 - Gaurav Arora
  10. http://www.nyutech.com/ - Pritam P Hans
  11. http://www.ankurb.info/2009/02/03/mozillacamp-delhi/ - Ankur Banerjee
  12. http://immortal-forever.blogspot.com/2009/02/mozillacampdelhi.html/ - Pawan Goel
  13. http://kinshuksunil.com/blog/2009/02/mozillacamp-delhi/ - Kinshuk Sunil
  14. http://blog.arpitnext.com/2009/02/mozillacamp-firefox-delhi.html - Arpit
  15. http://tanamania.wordpress.com/2009/02/10/mozilla-camp-delhi/ - Tanay
  16. add your blog posts here

Post-Event Blog Posts/Feedbacks

  1. http://blog.mozilla.com/seth/2009/02/10/moz-camp-delhi/ - Seth Bindernagel (Mozilla)
  2. http://mohakprince.tumblr.com/post/77981613/mozillacampdelhi-delhis-first-unconference-on - Mohak Prince (Unorganizer)
  3. http://kinshuksunil.com/blog/2009/02/mozillacamp-delhi-within-and-without/ - Kinshuk Sunil(Unorganizer)
  4. http://pictualize.com/creations/pictualize-supports-first-mozillacamp-delhi.htm/ - Pictualize
  5. http://osscube.com/content/mozillacamp-delhi-%E2%80%93-spreading-mozilla-love - OSSCube
  6. http://www.nyutech.com/2009/02/mozillacamp-delhi-turn-geeky-jargons.html - Pritam P Hans
  7. http://www.ankurguru.blogspot.com/2009/02/mozilla-camp-delhi-rocks.html  - Ankur
  8. http://www.ankurb.info/2009/02/17/mozillacamp-delhi-2/ - Ankur Banerjee (No, goddammit, not the same guy as above)
  9. add your blog posts here


  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mozillacampdelhi/ - MozillaCampDelhi
  2. http://flickr.com/photos/osscube-solutions/sets/72157613607865731/ - OSSCube
  3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/aruner/sets/72157614061270270/ - Arun Ranganathan
  4. http://twitpic.com/1ezde - SLt Kumar Gautam
  5. add your photo posts url here


  1. http://www.vimeo.com/album/65868 - MozillaCampDelhi (Includes Arun & Seth's Interview Session with Mohak & Kinshuk @ Indian Habitat Centre,Delhi)
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_MmiQkPuVc&feature=channel_page - Arun & Seth's Open Session

Press Coverage

  1. http://blog.blogadda.com/2009/01/31/mozilla-camp-delhi-first-mozilla-unconference-in-india - BlogAdda
  2. http://ecosystem.pluggd.in/index.php/component/option,com_events/Itemid,56/agid,64/day,10/month,2/task,view_detail/year,2009/ - PluggD In
  3. http://www.letmeknow.in/index/show/id/685 - LetmeKnow
  4. http://www.youthv.com/content/view/698/111/ - YouthV
  5. http://www.chalocampus.com/tentative-new-delhi-mozillacamp-2009/ - ChaloCampus
  6. http://www.quickonlinetips.com/archives/2009/01/mozillacamp-delhi-firefox-unconference-in-india/ - QuickOnlineTips
  7. http://www.clickindia.com/eventdetail.php?id=9009 - ClickIndia
  8. http://confplans.in/2009/mozillacamp-delhi-takes-shape-basics-up - ConfPlans
  9. add your press coverage url here

Notifications under Upcoming Events

  1. http://www.watblog.com/2009/02/02/events-update-for-february-e-summit-mozilla-camp-wordcamp-searchcamp-more/
  2. http://www.medianama.com/events/
  3. add any notification for MozillaCampDelhi



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