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June 27th and 28th - New York City

 Learn more at ParticipationCamp.org


Participate in PCamp

This wiki is your gateway to serious involvement with PCamp. 

 PCamp has a physical component which will take place  at New York University's Information Technology (ITP) building located at 721 Broadway, NY, NY. PCamp also has a virtual component that will take place on the Internet simultaneously. 


Both of these components need active participants and Volunteer organizers.


  • PCamp Sessions: Pcamp is going to be a mixture of an unconference an a traditional conference. Some sessions and workshops will be planned and scheduled, others will follow the unconference model, and will depend on who signs up to present at Pcamp. Use this page to brainstorm and suggest yourself or someone else to present at Pcamp.


  • PCamp Planning: There are a lot of moving pieces to PCamp, and we are seeking volunteer organizers who can own one of those pieces.  Click on the link to see our current needs. 


  • PCamp Ideas: We've got bright ideas for PCamp all the time, and we bet you do too.  Use this page to suggest crazy ideas, and we'll see if we can make them happen.


If you would like to volunteer as an organizer, please add your name to the grid (and email the organizers at participationcamp@gmail.com


 PCamp is free to attend.  Reserve your ticket now at pcamp.eventbrite.com


Name Email Address Website Helpful Comment
Matt Cooperrider mattcooperrider@gmail.com http://mudball.net Help Me
Oliver Wellington oliverwellington@gmail.com http://mudball.net Looking for event production volunteers
Suresh Fernando  suresh@strat-insight.com    If you're interested in helping out with the virtual aspects, let me know! 
Devin Roche     Helping on the days
Stephan Dohrn stephan@sustainableteams.org http://radical-inclusion.com Helping with Virtual PCamp