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P-Camp: An Agile Silicon Valley Product Management Unconference

March 15, 2008


This one time at P-Camp...


We had more than 170 people joining us for this free Saturday event, and an additional 120 who responded but were not able to join us live. That’s larger than the first Agile Development Conference! (We know, because Luke helped organize that shindig.) Participants proposed their own topics, ran discussions and panels, and networked with peers. This was so much fun that we’re already thinking about how to size this up for 2009.


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Check out a short video on YouTube!


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Among the talks and panels:


  • Nancy Frishberg showed us how to learn from our customers using the Product Box Innovation Game
  • Christina Noren (Splunk) talked about automating product management with home-grown extensions to Jira. Here's a blog of the session.
  • Perry Tancredi (VeriSign) shared some of the ways his company is using Agile roadmaps to bridge long-range planning with fast Agile cycles. Download a template from the session.
  • Erin Kinikin ran a panel on the role of product management in a SaaS world
  • Greg Cohen (280 Group) shared why open source makes sense for your product
  • Steve Mezak (Accelerance) managed a panel on using a global team to create your software product
  • Mike Freier (280 Group) taught us how to run a successful beta program. See his slides
  • Meghan Ede (Meadow Consulting), Nancy Frishberg, and Daniela Busse (SAP Labs) organized an intense discussion of user interface, extreme design and Agile. See Nancy's notes
  • Meghan Ede (Meadow Consulting) also organized a separate discussion on PMs and User Experience (UX). See the PDF article here.
  • Luke Hohmann (Enthiosys) led a rousing group on agilizing your Product Management backlog
  • Nils Davis (Accept) had the group collaborating on PM tool challenges. See his notes.
  • Chris Sims (Technical Management) had an overflow crowd for an "Agile 101" overview
  • Sudha Jamthe talked about Product Management for the Facebook Economy. See the full presentation (with her introductory comments) on her blog, plus our own our blog notes.wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet
  • Unmesh Kulkarni (Covad) and Sandeep Jain (OpsHub) talked about Distributed Scrum
  • Jim Holland (Pragmatic) led a discussion about Agile Marketing
  • Justin Quimby (Electronic Arts) talked about the challenges of product/project management in the video game industry
  • Joy Montgomery (Structural Integrity) led a session on effective communication. See her slide deck.
  • Richard Watson (DiVitas) recapped challenges for product managers on cross-vendor projects. Here are his slides.
  • Chung Wu (Oracle) gathered a big group on defining PM roles and responsibilities, and measuring success - notes and further discussions on SVPMA online forum
  • Al Nevarez (Medallia) ran a hacking demo with GreaseMonkey. Here are some notes.
  • Joe Katzman (Defense Industry Daily) moderated "what I wished I had known on my first PM assignment"
  • Steve Tennant (Tennant Consulting) presented "Maybe It's Not Your Sales VP: Avoiding the Top 12 Mistakes in Growing Revenues".


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Notes and blogs on P-Camp sessions

Here's a page to put your notes, and read others' notes, on the P-Camp talks.


Suggestions, Comments, Thoughts

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