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PhotoCamp2007 @ BarCampVancouver

Version 5.0 of the popular Photo Camp hosted by kk+


Let's get together and photogeek out! We'll have a bunch of photography related talks and sharing, take a photowalk together, and work on some sort of yet-to-be-conceived collaborative group photo project. Yay. :)


If you're interested in participating please add your name to the list below and also add your desired topics.


1. Kris Krug

2. Matthew Trentacoste

3. Warwick Patterson

4. Jordan Behan

5. MJ Ankenman

6. Megan Cole

7. Elizabeth S

8. Phillip Jeffrey

9. John Biehler

10. Jess Marshall

11. Andrew Ferguson

12. Tylor Sherman Can't make it anymore, have fun everyone!

13. Regina Le

14. John Davis

15. Roland Tanglao 27000 photos on flickr, the triumph of quantity over quality


Topic ideas and suggestions:


* Workflow, backup, etc

* Photosharing beyond flickr

* Flickr hacks

* Flash photography

* Mobile photosharing and photography

* Cross processing digital stylee and *gasp* using film

* Prepping for Web and Printing - Colour Spaces, Sharpening, and Actions

* Technical overview of digital cameras and how they differ from film

* RAW file format

* MC - 1. I hate flash... so tell me when and exactly how I absolutely HAVE to use it, and make me love it maybe?... and touch on again the perfect ways NOT to have to use it (look at the magic star button too!) And 2. By default, I take a ton of dog photos... fast action shots - tips and tricks please :)

* Jess - cross processing digital / long exposures on D70s / HDR

* Photoshop for photography

* Lightroom - I can demo basics but am befuddled by: curves and to a lesser extent clarity and sharpening and noise reduction - Roland Tanglao