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Possible Topics


Here's the list of FooCamp05 SessionSuggestions and BarCamp Ideas. This is a great list of stuff specific to the FooCamp people, what are people in Toronto doing.


  • I'd like to talk about how we build a tighter developer community in Toronto. I've been back for 4 years and I don't really like a lot of the professional groups because I don't always want to sell or be sold to, I'd like to do something fun, explore some new ideas, new technologies, etc. How do we make TorCamp an intregal part of what we do - DavidCrow
  • AJAX in enterprise development
  • Tagging and vocabularies
  • Stories as a mechanism for knowledge management
  • A Web2.0 conversation that doesn’t include Basecamp, Backpack, Writeboard, Tadalist or 37signals (LOL) --I volunteer to try this one! -- Reg Braithwaite
  • Mashups: building Company2.0 from Web2.0
  • Improving access to healthcare information - DrDel
  • Television/Film Remixed - with a video iPod potential on the way, with access to iMovie, amateur film-making is taking off what do OurMedia and Yahoo! need to do
  • Personal information managers and interfaces rather than services as product -- I volunteer to help out with this one! --SachaChua


  • I'd lilke to hear about innovative solutions that we're delivering to our current clients -ScottWeisbrod
  • I'm open to doing a presentation on assisted selling and guided navigations -ScottWeisbrod
  • I'd also be open to delivering a presentation about designing with personas -ScottWeisbrod
  • Documentation/deliverable design... great examples of wires and site maps, etc. -ScottWeisbrod


  • Title: If you're going off half-cocked, you're still spending too much time in development
  • Search technologies: visual search, no tags, no metadata.


Naive question: is TorCamp all about Software? DeborahHartmann


I don't think so. I'd love to see stuff that is different, unique. Hardware. Games. Medical stuff (MaRS is just around the corner). Transportation. As a group first thing we'll vote on the sessions ala OpenSpace, but I'd say anything is a go. IMHO.

Presentation Related: How does everyone feel about trying to record the event? Audio and Video? - BryceJohnson


Definately should try to record at least some of it in some format - Matthew Milan


  • you might like to have a look at how we documented our Open Space results earlier this year... the link is at the bottom of my namepage: DeborahHartmann NOTE: these sheets of paper were posted on the wall as sessions ended... to keep everyone up-to-date in real time.