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Page history last edited by Darren Barefoot 13 years, 4 months ago

I thought it would be fun to run a draft for a hockey pool immediately following BarCamp 2008. We'll gather in The Backstage Lounge (part of the Arts Club Theatre) by 17:30 (sharp!). I'll run the draft like Gary Bettman, so we should wrap up by 19:30. More details will emerge, and these rules may change, but for starters:


  • We'll accept up to 20 participants (though I doubt we'll get this many).
  • It costs $20 to enter. I'll be using OfficePools.com to manage the pool, and that costs $20. The remainder of the pot will be divided with 80% going to the winner and 20% going to the 2nd place finisher. There's no bronze medal in hockey pools.
  • Everybody drafts 15 players, and they have to take at least four defencemen and (only) one goalie.
  • For skaters, it's the usual 1 point for a goal or an assist.
  • Goalies receive 1 point for a win and 2 points for a shutout. So, for example, Henrik Lundqvist was good for 57 points (37 wins plus 10 shutouts) last year.
  • There will be one mid-year redraft where participants can drop and pick up a maximum of three players (while respecting the aforementioned rules on defencemen and goalies). The redraft order goes from worst to first in the usual snakey format.


If you're interested in joining in, please enter your name and email address below. If you're willing, include your cell phone number too, so that I can call and harangue you if you're late for the draft. Your phone number is not required, though.


  • Darren Barefoot, darren at darrenbarefoot dot com, 250-885-5337
  • James Sherrett, james at adhack doc com
  • Rob Lewis, rob at techvibes dot com
  • Beth Snow
  • Trish Pattison, trishpattison at gmail dot com
  • Rebecca Bollwitt / John Bollwitt
  • DaveO ~ dave (at) uncleweed (dot) net
  • Keith Murray - kdmurray at kdmurray dot net
  • Dane Brown - danebro at gmail dot com, 778-238-3920