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4PM - User Stories in Agile Development

  • Tradition Requirements vs. User Stories
  • Users stories are requirements / features/ units of work
  • Capture a succinct item of work
  • Intentionally incomplete, it is a promise to have a conversation

3PM - Scrum Produt Ownership - What does it take to make SCRUM hum?

  • Part Product Manager, part business analyst, part project manager, part leader
  • Product Owner role is only part of Product Manager
  • You should connect with your team, should focus on building the team
  • Balancing the conflict between serving the team and serving the CEO and doing the traditional product management
  • Goal Setting helps drive SCRUM team behavior


2PM - Enhancing Business to Business Relationships with Social Media

  • Social Media is Interaction, Engagement, Conversation, Relationships, not about Tools!
  • Talked about Dell Idea Storm
  • Crowdsourcing was a good discussion
  • Don't forget Social Media IS Social.


1PM - Software as a Service (SaaS) Session

  • Pros and Cons of SaaS - who owns the data, etc. Beta testing is not an extension of QA, but should be considered a product feedback opportunity.
  • Discussion of recent marketplace mistakes by Twitter
  • Let customers guide you, use incremental changes to ease transitions.
  • Should you have a demo environment or use the production environment for sales to use.
  • The service IS the product.
  • Really funny onversations about understanding techology and use cases.

Lunch Time - The food was amazing! Here's a quick snap of folks enjoying the food

11:00 - 10 important Things for Product Manager - 

  1. Think - Take time away or you can easily become swallowed into the tactical.
  2. Leadership - 90% of your job.
  3. Pricing - Product Management should own the pricing of their product. Pricing is the only thing that brings in revenue
  4. Measure - Customer Satisfaction, Defects, Costs, etc. Track and share. It's easier to lead when you have the information to lead.
  5. Observe - Watch and learn. Observe your customers, determine why, and learn.
  6. Define your personas- Who are your buyers vs. users. Know their background, daily activities, etc.
  7. Call Reports - Validate assumptions, Discuss new opportunities
  8. Manage Roadmaps - Feature vs. Release based, Most important deliverable, review weekly. Make your roadmap, fill it in with key milestones and strategy.
  9. Win/Loss Analysis - Helps identify key features. Sales Process problems. Win\Loss analysis will be a career differentiator.
  10. Write Problem Statements - Don't just have it in your head. 



10:15 - Customer Voice Session - Customers don't know what they don't know. Discussed several things including:

  • Innovation discussion is very helpful. I'm looking forward to grabbing the slides.
  • Focus on benefits vs. features
  • Post market surveillance is sometimes more important than the pre-market work. 
  • Real innovation - not the overused misunderstood term called "innovation"
  • Learned a out "PITA"s Customer who are a "Pain in the ass" customers. Ask why and dig deeper.

Here's a photo:

Here we go! My first session:

Almost 10AM - Folks in the lobby networking. I just sat down waiting for my first session.

9:22AM - This is not a conference. This is an "un-conference". First time I have heard of the two foot rule. If I'm not gaining something from a session, I can use my two feet to go an network or find another session.

Here's a pic of our organizers right before we start! Thanks! 


Here's the first blog entry...going to give this a shot! It's 8:45 and folks are chatting up a storm behind me.

Here's a quick pic from my phone.