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A new community event from Minnesota Public Radio and MinneBar/MinneDemo


    • What


Minnesota Public Radio produces tons of really interesting content, data, audio, meta-data and feeds. PublicRadioCamp will be a day spent collaboratively remixing and mashing up these goodies.


When Saturday, July 12th, 2008 starting at 9:00am. Registration begins at 8:30am
WhereThe UBS Forum @ Minnesota Public Radio



    • Exclusive Access


In addition to their public feeds and data-sources we'll have the same highly-granular access to audio-clips, transcriptions, photos, etc. used by their own newsroom. Their newsroom uses them to create their on-air and web-stories. What could you do with them?


Expect studio tours and other goodies. Details forthcoming.


    • Who


It's for you if mashups like Chicago Crimes, Twittervision or Google's close-captioned powered TV search inspire you; if you're passionate about social-technology applied to news and cultural coverage; if you want to explore remix-culture or you want to explore what's behind the radio and web content MPR produces.


    • Event Sponsor


Internet access and lunch will be provided by ipHouse.



    • RSVP / Getting Organized


To RSVP, add yourself to the list below. If prompted for a password use "c4mp" (minus the quotes). If you have any special areas of interest (e.g., maps-mashups, remix, podcasting, tagging news content) add a note next to your name. We'll make a pass through here in a few weeks to start to organize and brainstorm project ideas ahead of time.


  1. Dan Grigsby (Co-organizer) - blog twitter Interests: hear broadcast audio, note something interesting, search transcription, get clip
  2. Sheila Kim (Co-organizer) - Minnesota Public Radio
  3. Alan Palazzolo
  4. Paul Wenzel - Minnesota Public Radio Interests: Streaming Audio, Video Workflow, Content Management, Audio/Video Hardware; live support
  5. Nick Sieger twitter
  6. Phil Wilson - RemainComm Localtone SystemsInterests: User-generated content, Listener involvement, Citizen Journalism
  7. Curtis Thompson twitter
  8. Justin Grammens - Localtone
  9. Paul DeBettignies - MN Headhunter Blog Twitter LinkedIn
  10. Chris Mitra - Motorola / Google Android Team. Special interests: Music and maps mashups / 89.3 / Podcasting.
  11. Eric Peterson
  12. JP Twitter
  13. Barry Madore Twitter
  14. Paul Cantrell
  15. Gabe Heller DoDoSoSo
  16. Scott Tran
  17. John Daenzer (Director of New Media - WCCO)
  18. Julia Schrenkler - MPR Interactive Producer Twitter; attending as live support
  19. Brady Clark
  20. Rich Yudhishthu - Minnesota Public Radio; live support
  21. Richard Elsberry - Mashups
  22. Robert Delutri - http://www.delutri.com/
  23. Todd Suomela - Todd Suomela Blog Twitter
  24. Ben Moore
  25. Leif Nelson - Internet Broadcasting Interests: Web Video, Streaming Media
  26. Renee Schaefer - LinkedIn; Interests: podcasting (esp. music)
  27. Matt Bartel - YouRankIt.com; Interests: Media, information sharing/collaboration
  28. Erik Eliason - uTead.com
  29. Doug Hamlin - Twitter
  30. Mykl Roventine - Ciceron Blog Twitter
  31. Andy Beger, Minnesota Public Radio; live support
  32. Stephen Van Dahm - Blog
  33. Mark Holterhaus: twitter, blog
  34. Jeremy Lizakowski Green Spring Design, TCLUG
  35. Dave Schroeder Pilotvibe: music + sound design for interactive Scoring, interviewing + storytelling with multimedia,
  36. Courtney Guertin: twitter
  37. Ivan Stegic - Twitter LinkedIn | Ten Seven - Allrounder, interests vary. Currently fascinated with iGoogle Gadgets & CodeIgniter
  38. Mike Bettison - APM/MPR Director New Media; live support
  39. Bill Greuling - LinkedIn; Interests: old media, new media, the currency and exchange of ideas and information
  40. M A al-Kabir - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bostonred Yes We Can ... !
  41. Bruno Bornsztein
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