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Welcome to the RubyCampVancouver 2008 Wiki


RubyCampVancouver 2008 is presented by the Vancouver Ruby Brigade (Vancouver.rb)


Date Saturday, January 26, 2008
Time 9:00 - 5:00pm
Location WorkSpace, (21 Water St, Vancouver)
Attendence Expected between 50-100 Rubyists


Schedule Update


Doors will open at 9 o'clock and we will kick-off Camp-style with a talk scheduling session starting 9:15.


The idea is that everyone interested in presenting gives a two/three minute summary and than we arrange the schedule and room assignments depending on interest and expected audience and start off with the first talks at 9:30.


For the non-hack-a-thon we will have 45 minutes slots:


  • 9:30-10:15
  • 10:15-11:00
  • 11:00-11:45
  • Lunch Break
  • 1:00-1:45
  • 1:45-2:30
  • 3:15-4:00
  • 4:00-4:45
  • The End


What is the RubyCampVancouver 2008?


RubyCampVancouver is a free one-day Ruby (un)conference run on two tracks: A conference-style track with "classic" talks on Ruby topics and an unconference-style track with more informal hack-a-thons, hands-on project demos, ad-hoc coding sprints, lightning talks, and more.


See also: BarCampVancouver, MobileCampVancouver, FacebookCampVancouver



Vancouver Ruby/Rails Mailing List/Forum - Official RubyCamp Site


You're invited to join the Vancouver Ruby/Rails Mailing List/Forum to stay up-to-date on the latest news about Vancouver's 1st RubyCamp and stop at the Official RubyCamp event site.


Questions? Send a posting to the Vancouver Ruby/Rails mailing list/forum.


Talks & Topic Ideas, Coding Sprints & Hack-a-thons


Rubyize This!


Presenter: Scott Patten


Rubyize This! was invented by Fran├žois Lamontagne of Ruby Fleebie. The idea is that someone puts up a chunk of code that is written in Ruby, but in a not very Rubyish way. Then, everyone in the audience gets to Rubyize it!


I'll present some ugly sample code, and the audience will submit their refactorings to Refactor My Code. When everyone is done, you get to present your Rubyization.


Feel free to bring your own ugly sample code for us to work on too.


Should be fun for all, novice Rubyist to expert!


Wrangling Large Data Sets with Rails and JavaScript


Presenter: Eric Promislow, ActiveState


Coding like it's 1982: wrangling large data sets with Rails and

JavaScript without making your users suffer.


Accompanying article and code.


TrimPath Junction (Ruby on Rails in 100 % JavaScript)


Presenter: Jim Pick


TrimPath Junction is a clone of Rails written in Javascript. That means that your applications can run on the server and/or the client. I'll demonstrate a trivial application written using Javascript and Trimpath, and compare it to a Ruby on Rails app.


Hands-on Hack-a-thon Project:


  • Dojo Offline?


JRuby (Ruby on Java)


Presenter: Alexey Verkhovsky, ThoughtWorks


Intro-level JRuby is boring. Imagine the "use scaffolding to make a blog in 5 minutes" Rails movie we've all seen at least three times already, with all commands prefixed with "j" - that's about it. Instead, I want to talk about using JRuby in practical application development. When JRuby is a good choice, and when it is not? What problems does JRuby solve, and what problems does it create? How to design a JRuby app, and how to deploy it?


Unconference Discussion and/or a Hack-a-thon Project:


  • CruiseControl.rb - simple and straightforward continuous integration tool written in (duh!) Ruby. Discussion, if you have questions or "it-sucks-because"-type stuff to say about it. Hack-a-thon, if anyone has a patch, or a patch idea that they are particularly passionate about :)


Hosting Options, Tips and Tricks for Scaling Ruby on Rails Facebook Apps


Presenter: Mark Mayo, Joyent


Flexible Rails: Flex 3 on Rails 2


Presenter: Peter Armstrong, Ruboss


What's Ahead for JavaScript?


Presenter: Kurt Cagle


An overview about the changes that are being proposed for ECMAScript 4.0 (and some of the controversies there), the current state of affairs of JavaScript in Firefox 3.0 (discussing such things as iterators and generators) and a brief overview of E4X and how it fits into the broader JavaScript landscape.


General Systems Architecture (GSA) - A Modeling System in Ruby


Presenter: David Richards

Some last-minute things have come up, so I won't be up there this weekend. However, if people are interested in things like Bayes Networks and other classifiers, they can get a hold of me directly:drichards -at- showcase six zero dot com


What's GSA?


  • A Ruby-based architecture for modeling systems
  • Classifiers to tease out effective models from the data
  • Integration to some of the heavier-lifting tools, like the GNU Scientific Library and Amazon Web Services
  • A data life cycle management tool: Extract Transform Load (ETL), model development (training and testing models), model use, and model succession


This may be interesting to Rubyists because:


  • With a little bit of elbow grease, regular people can start to understand important scientific and business quesions
  • This is a broad experiment that will tease out the balance between quick development time and quickly performing code. The marriage between Ruby and C-based libraries is expected to hold its own with other established data mining tools


Secrets of a Successful Rails Deployment


Presenter: Vince Hodges and Paul Prescod, Kinzin


Our project has deployed several Rails apps with a cumulative user base of hundreds of thousands of users. We'll discuss some of the tools we use:


  • Capistrano
  • Mongrel (cluster)
  • mod_proxy
  • Load balancing
  • Solaris (including services and ZFS)


Techniques for improving Rails reliability


Presenter: Tom Kukuljevic-Pearce, Kinzin


We'll talk about how we use a combination of exception handling, Ruby blocks, Partial wrapping, load balancing and email notifications to make our application more resilient in the face of programming errors (in our code or third-party code).


Multithreaded image uploading and thumbnailing with Mongrel, Rack, ImageScience and Thread Queues


Presenter: Marc Gomez and Ian Suda, Kinzin


Although Rails is great in many ways, its lack of thread support makes it a poor choice for handling image uploads. While going through the relatively slow processes of parsing multipart messages and generating thumbnails, a Rails controller will typically lock out all other controllers in the same process. Instead, we use a suite of thread-friendly components: Mongrel, Rack and ImageScience.


Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) on Rails


Presenter: Arash Sanieyan, Peerglobe Technology


Basically I want to share my interest in AIR/Rails with the audience. I am in the middle of developing a AIR/Rail application which I hope to finish by the event date.


Rails and Not-for-Profits (The DogOnRails Presentation)


Presenter: Joe Bowser, Nitobi Software/FreeTheNet Vancouver


Sharing my experiences using Rails to implement and maintain web applications for local not for profits. Will be talking both about the experiences with the old FreeGeek Database and where things went wrong for FreeGeek Vancouver, and more recently DogOnRails. This includes the challenges of code that works vs the Ruby Way of doing things. I'll point out where DogOnRails does things right, and where DogOnRails does things horribly wrong, and why in some cases it's forced to do these bad things in the name of protocol compatibility and playing nice with others.



Off the Rails - why your next project should be in Merb


Presenter: Brock Whitten Sintaxi


A primer on Merb and why the Future of Ruby is bright outside of Rails.

Topics touched on:

  • REST
  • API
  • UJS
  • Mime-types



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