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You Are Cordially Invited To

Scotch Camp

An experiment in creativity


Place a short description here which talks about your event!


Thursday, February 1st, 2007






Toronto, On. Allens (then moved next door to less-crowded Dora's)


What's being poured?

Scotch, and if you don't like scotch, you can make a request to David Crow to be allowed to drink bourbon. Failing a taste for bourbon, please choose an appropriate drink.



Come up with ridiculous ideas and enjoy good company.


Who was there?


  1. Jevon MacDonald
  2. MarkKuznicki
  3. RohanJayasekera
  4. Patrick Dinnen
  5. Pete Mosley
  6. beal (michele perras, kelly seagram, catharine macintosh)
  7. "
  8. "
  9. Will Pate
  10. Jonas Brandon - Southerner, I'll be drinking bourbon.
  11. MartinCleaver
  12. Slava Sakhnenko
  13. Alan Hietala