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This is an archival copy of the page from the 2007 event. If you're looking for the March 2008 event, please check out SkeptiCampColorado2


THE EVENT WAS A TERRIFIC SUCCESS! A big thanks to all who participated. Turnout in the high twenties with a full slate of speakers. Roundups by RichO and Rachael



What is SkeptiCamp?


SkeptiCamp is a new kind of BarCamp, a conference whose content is provided by attendees. Where BarCamp is focused on technology, SkeptiCamp instead focuses on topics of interest to skeptics, including science, critical thinking and skeptical inquiry. For full details, including a listing of other camps being organized, visit the SkeptiCamp main page.


A video introducing skeptics to BarCamp: What is SkeptiCamp?


Event Details


Who You! Everyone was welcome. See the List of Attendees
When Pre-party: Fri Aug 3rd, 2007 (7:30pm - 10pm)

Main Event: Sat Aug 4th (9am - 6pm)

Cost This event is free!
Where Sigi's Room (below pool hall), The Tivoli - pics
Address 900 Auraria Parkway at Speer Blvd, Denver Colorado - map




Please post ALL feedback here. Post the Positive and the NEGATIVE for future organizers of SkeptiCamps. If you post positive feedback please be descriptive. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


The event overall was good.


Some positives:

  1. coves for people to go outside and talk in small groups
  2. lots of presentations, the presentations were all good
  3. this setting allows for people to grow their presentation skills and give them an outlet to talk about what they think people need to know


Some Negatives:

  1. The Structure needed to be more defined.
  2. Questions and Answers didn't have much time
  3. More BREAKS!
  4. Fixed and enforced limit for talks, perhaps 25 minutes
  5. Insufficient participation. Everyone should contribute, even if it's merely getting up and putting an interesting question to the group for discussion.
  6. Need to either reduce costs or improve skills in finding local sponsors to cover the costs.
  7. Organizers shouldn't do talks. Two reasons: 1) too many distractions to prepare properly 2) if there's an expectation that organizers do talks, then it's one more barrier to organizing an event. That goes against a core principle of barcamp.

Campers (attendees, participants, and various hangers-on)


See some of who attended this event at SkeptiCamp Colorado Attendees




We had one sponsor which was a big help!



How to Participate?


  • Edit this page to add your name to the list of campers (hint: click 'Edit Page' button above, password c4mp)



  • Lead a session on a topic related to skepticism that's important to you.


  • Contribute your experience and expertise.


  • Help document SkeptiCamp by writing, taking photos, blogging and just generally spreading the word. Upload photos to Flickr, presentations to SlideShare and videos to YouTube.


    • Use the tags SkeptiCampColorado and SkeptiCamp.



  • Help improve this site. Edit this page with the password: c4mp**


Requested Sessions


  • Denver International Airport - Headquarters of the New World Order!? more here
  • Reported UFO sightings in Colorado
  • Reported Bigfoot (and other cryptozoological) sightings in Colorado
  • Reported paranormal activity in Colorado
  • A Tour of Logical Fallacies
  • A Tour of Cognitive Biases
  • Prominent moments and figures in secular history
  • Beat them at their own game--how to do a cold reading. (Rich O's proposal--we need someone to do this)
  • (add your requested session above this line)


Requested Donations


  • Projection screen (covered)
  • Sponsor to cover site fee (covered)
  • LCD projector (covered - Geoff offered his while he and Michelle are honeymooning in Paris. Misty said she might be able to get one from school.)
  • Sponsor for t-shirts
  • Sponsor for food and drink - note that venue requires that food be purchased from food court vendor (Subway, etc.) or an authorized caterer.
  • Sponsor for vinyl 'skepticamp' banner