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This event is over and was a great success with 50+ attendees. For a recap and pictures see Janiece's blog, Rich Orman's post, Reed's recap and the Bad Astronomy blog



What is SkeptiCamp?


SkeptiCamp is a new kind of BarCamp, a conference whose content is provided by attendees. Where BarCamp is focused on technology, SkeptiCamp instead focuses on topics of interest to skeptics, including science, critical thinking and skeptical inquiry. For full details, including a listing of other camps being organized, visit the SkeptiCamp main page.


Event Details


Who You! Everyone is welcome. Add your name to the List of Attendees below
When Sat March 22nd - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Cost This event is free!
Where Philip S. Miller Library
Address 100 S. Wilcox St. Castle Rock, CO 80104


Campers (organizers, attendees, participants, and various hangers-on)


Organizer: Rich Ludwig (rich.ludwig at gmail dot com)


The Denver Skeptics Meetup has a signup page here (requires registration.)


OR, add your name below by editing this page. The password is c4mp.


  • Donna Druchunas (writerdd) on How I Became a Skepchick - Readings from a book in progress and discussion
  • Gary on Pariedolia - Believing is Seeing
  • R.G. Price (http://www.rationalrevolution.net) on Family Tomb of Jesus (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHBQz6GWJAI) Watch the link!
  • Reed Esau on Modern Skepticism - a barnstorming tour through the basics of skepticism
  • Linda Rosa - Therapeutic Touch and other nurse quackery
  • Larry Sarner - Update on Health Related bills in Colorado
  • Emily Rosa - is currently a maybe
  • Crystal Yates-White -- Fund for Thought
  • Dr. Joseph Albietz - Medical quackery
  • Rocky Mountain Paranormal Society - 1 hour presentation.
  • Amy Phillips - Mars Needs Women and so Does the Skeptics-Why women need to be active in the skeptic movement.
  • Frank Haskett - just along for the discussion.
  • Rich Orman Skeptical Trivia Challenge
  • Jeanette Norman - denialism vs skepticism
  • minusRusty (probable) - Possible methodolgy for us to test JFK ballistics/physics ("Mellon Shoot", a la Penn & Teller).
  • Randy & Sarah - maybe's as attendees. Sounds very interesting.
  • Paul - Discussion on Scientific understanding of mystical, psychic, and occult experiences. Derived from the Skeptic's Dictionary Newsletter (Robert Todd Carroll) and Andrew Neher's Book The Psychology of Transcendence
  • Marlowe Cassetti – I was involved in the Gemini-1 mission UFO cover-up when I was with NASA in the mid 1960s. My interest now is in the introduction of critical thinking to the public. As an example, senior citizens are targeted by Scammers because seniors are considered an “easy mark” for fleecing. If the public was aware of critical thinking techniques they might avoid being victimized.
  • Dumb All Over - Available for extemporaneous filler material if needed.



How to Participate?



  • Lead a session on a topic related to skepticism that's important to you.


  • Contribute your experience and expertise.


  • Help document SkeptiCamp by writing, taking photos, blogging and just generally spreading the word. Upload photos to Flickr, presentations to SlideShare and videos to YouTube.


    • Use the tags SkeptiCampColorado and SkeptiCamp.



  • Help improve this site. Edit this page with the password: c4mp


Thanks to our Sponsors!


There is no cost to this event thanks to the generous donations of the sponsors.


  • Amy secured the location for us.