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Schedule and Call for Presenters


Below is the working schedule for SocialDevCampChicago. If you would like to present a talk, go ahead and edit the wiki (password c4mp) with your session title, name, and a method for us to contact you (email or Twitter). See the list of suggested sessions below the table, and feel free to claim one of these topics and present on it!


If you have questions or want to flesh out an idea, don't hesitate to contact Tim or Andy and we'll be happy to discuss.


Remember, all attendees can help guide discussions! If you have something you're passionate about that relates to social network and application platform development, talk about it!


Time Room : Technical Track Room 2: Business & Culture Track Room 3: Coding Lounge
  Discussion of a technical nature, languages, nuts & bolts of application platforms, scaling, etc. Non-technical discussion focusing on business, monetization, and cultural impact of social networking. Open room to lounge and code/discuss together!
8:30 Opening Remarks -- --
9:00 Goals and Platforms - I don't have slides for this, but I think it makes sense to start the technical track with a discussion of people's goals and the platform they are using. Attendees at this event range from bloggers who may need features and widgets to businesses that want to use wikis and other social networking media to support their community to people developing robust social networking sites. Avery Cohen, Metrist Partners http://www.metristpartners.com Email: averycohen@metrist.com Claim this slot! (Ben's going to be late) --
9:30 Claim this slot! What's it like creating a niche social network, my story - Eric Rochow http://ericrochow.com --
10:00 UrbanMelt.com - Switching from Java to RoR Kool-Aid - http://twitter.com/binarybreakfast Legal Considerations for Social Media - Lindsay LaVine - http://twitter.com/lindsaylavine --
10:30 Interactive Techie Retrospective - A look back at when enabling technologies and techniques were introduced so we can ask: what is happening right now? - Paul Caswell Social Sabotage: Destruction on the Social Web - Andy Angelos --
11:00 Importance of SEO in Social Websites for driving traffic. How Information Architecture, On Page Content Optimization, Bandwidth Optimization and other techniques can help your social website attract new users and drive traffic. http://twitter.com/johnfairley  
11:30 Collaborative Development for Niche Social Networks - Tim Courtney Cleversafe - commercial - www.cleversafe.com Open source - www.cleversafe.org - Creating storage and distribution infrastructure for social networking, mobile apps and digital content using Cleversafe's Dispersed Storage Technology. Learn how we are using the open source approach in our business model, Kumar Abhijeet, Business Development Manager. Email: kabhijeet@cleversafe.com --
12:00 Claim this slot! KPI Roundtable: Key Performance Indicators for Social Networks - Ken Novak & Avery Cohen of Metrist Chicago Web Analytics and Marketing http://www.metrist.com email averycohen@metrist.com ken@metrist.com http://twitter.com/kennovak --
12:30 Social Storytelling: Aggregating UCG to automatically generate stories - Andy Angelos Legal Considerations Part II. Legal Liability under the Digitial Millenium Copyright Act and the Communications Decency Act. Daliah Saper-- Saper Law Offices -- www.saperlaw.com --
1:00 Claim this slot! "How do we combine/convert online social tools with/to face-2-face events/meetings?" or "Affinitas Ex Machina" for short: David Flint, Founder - TechVenue.com


1:30 Necessity is the Mother of Invention: The History and Tradition of Social Action in Innovation - Ziad Hussain Short introduction to the Social Network Roadmap & How It Can Drive Demand for Social & Web 2.0 Services, Christopher Rollyson - Slides --
2:00 Claim this slot! Ron May On the Lessons of the Past --
2:30 Agile Methodologies In a Web Startup: Code -> $$ Sean Corbett Wikis: How to and why to! - Laura Hale --
3:00 Claim this slot! Actually Useful Online Trust Metrics in Social Networks and Online Marketplaces - Sachin Agarwal, Dawdle.com --
3:30 Claim this slot! How To Reorganize Management For Social Media, Search Marketing & Internet Advertising - @Dalka - Chicago --
4:00 Claim this slot! LARPs, ARGs, and Flashmobs, oh my! Artists, Creatives, and Social Media - Mark Smithivas --
4:30 How is the social web affecting interpersonal skills? The online video landscape. - Erika Blackwell Ringside Social Application Server - Jonathan Otto --
5:00 Claim this slot! Social Media - Defining and Breaking it Down for Business (It's how you use it!) - Ben Parr (TechThrill, Spine-Health, Mashable)

Social Media tools themselves are simple, but utilizing it for promotion, marketing, and even productivity can be a little more difficult, especially when you need to utilize them in concert. This is both a focused presentation on methods and resources to better utilize these tools, as well as a broad discussion on how technology is impacting how we promote and how we organize our lives. Expect us to delve into the intricacies

5:30 Social Networking for Membership Associations Through the Internet Where do your members go the other 51 weeks per year? How interactive should your community be? Present by InTimeTV.com CEO Jack McInerney --
6:00 On to dinner and post-event festivities! -- --



Suggested Topics


Technical Track

Discussion of a technical nature, languages, nuts & bolts of application platforms, scaling, etc.


  • Scaling Myths & Mysteries: EC2 and the Economics of the Cloud
  • How will Agile Development principles affect ideation and funding?
  • Data Portability: Reality & Practice
  • Mobile Application Development with iPhone & Android
  • Google App Engine: Implications and Impressions
  • Agile companies: Small entities creating multiple products
  • How will the social web alter interpersonal skills in the future?


Business & Culture Track

Non-technical discussion focusing on business, monetization, and cultural impact of social networking.


  • What are common barriers when creating new communities on the web? How do you combine face to face meetings with online social tools to build an interactive community (drbarb added this.)
  • Platforms Present & Future: Facebook, OpenSocial, LinkedIn, etc
  • How will Google continue to affect development, the web and our lives?
  • Defining "trust" in a noisy marketplace
  • How to monetize communities? Best practices? Emerging Strategies?
  • Creating maximum value with minimum contribution in social networks
  • How easily can amateurs become "professionals" on the social web?
  • How does the social web affect those not actively contributing?
  • Aggregation and Fragmentation: Where is the balance?
  • How is the web changing conceptions of leadership and organization?


Schedule Meta-Discussion


7/7/08 Tim Courtney: I'm making this a bit easier for people to visualize time slot availability by clearing out the table, adding a Code and Business track, and forming the Call for Presenters. Ping me @timcourtney or tim at timcourtney dot net if interested, or just edit the wiki (password c4mp).


6/28/08 Tim Courtney: I fleshed the list out into a couple tracks. These are suggested topics only, feel free to claim them or suggest others. Also, I'm thinking this through to how structured/unstructured we want this to be. Thoughts welcome.


Welcome Table Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer to work at the welcome table, please add your name below. When you arrive on Saturday, please see Andy or Tim for details. Thanks!


8:00-9:00 Laura Hale (Assuming trains into the city run on time)
10:00-11:00 Your Name Here!
11:00-12:00 Your Name Here!
12:00-1:00 Your Name Here!
1:00-2:00 Your Name Here!
2:00-3:00 Your Name Here!
3:00-4:00 Ji Lucas
4:00-5:00 Ji Lucas
5:00-6:00 (Teardown) Laura Farms, Brenda Smith


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