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Charting the Next Course


SocialDevCamp East is the Unconference for Thought Leaders of the Future Social Web


Following up on the successful premiere of SocialDevCampEastSpring2008, held in Baltimore in May, SocialDevCamp East Fall 2008 once again invites east coast developers and technology business leaders to come together for a thoughtful discussion of the ideas and technologies that will drive the future of the social web.


Because of the central location, the event draws from Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston — the emerging "Amtrak Corridor" technology scene.


Where is the social web going? It's going mobile, to geocentric services, and to open platforms. Join a community of like minded developers, social media gurus and thought leaders for an unconference to discuss the future of the social web.


We're looking for thought leaders from DC to Boston to meet, forge relationships, and envision the future.


SocialDevCamp East is convenient to the entire east coast corridor via Amtrak. Just travel to Baltimore's Penn Station -- University of Baltimore is two blocks south.


On Facebook

Feel free to use the Facebook event page to learn more and invite others!


On Twitter

Follow socialdevcamp to stay abreast of developments


On LinkedIn

Join SocialDevCamp East on LinkedIn if you're a developer or business professional who wants to be part of the East Coast social media ecosystem.


On Ustream

Firewall & bandwidth permitting, there is a plan to stream at least one session from every time slot via Ustream on the SocialDevCamp East Fall 2008 channel.


Event details



November 1, 2008

8:30AM - 6PM

6PM-10PM party


We recommend you get there as early as possible to maximize your input into the session selection process; similarly, stay as late as you like, there will be an afterparty gathering a short walk down the street. If you are going to have trouble getting there by 8:30 (because of train schedules or whatever), show up when you can.



University of Baltimore

Thumel Business Center Building (site #4)

Mt. Royal and Charles Streets

Baltimore, MD





SocialDevCamp Local Area Map



campus map



Free parking is available on the Maryland Avenue bridge immediately

north of Oliver Street. Parking is available in nearby garages and on the street.


Parking garages with hourly rates are located at:

Charles Street, between Chase and Eager streets: Belvedere Garage, 410.685.2700

1311 Cathedral St.: Meyerhoff Garage, 410.962.1311

1511 N. Charles St.: Penn Station Garage, 410.783.0213

1714 N. Charles St.: Lanvale Surface Lot, 410.685.2700.


Two-hour metered parking is available on Maryland and Mount Royal

avenues and on Charles and Oliver streets.


Cost to Attend

SocialDevCamp is free to attendees. The cost of the event is covered by our sponsors!


Transportation Options

Two blocks south of Baltimore's Penn Station, on Charles Street

Trains: Amtrak, MARC, Light Rail


By Air: BWI Marshall Airport, 15-20 minutes from downtown


Philadelphia Carpool Signup

Need a ride from DC to SocialDevCampEast? Contact Russell Heimlich


Where to Stay


If anyone would care to host someone, please post that info here.





We are looking for additional sponsors; the recommended sponsorship level is $250.

Please contact socialdevcamp@roundhousetech.com.


Event Partner

Greater Baltimore Technology Council




  • Incoming Cash (as of 10/26/08)
  • SocialDevCamp Sponsors $4800
  • Afterparty Sponsors $1750
  • Total $6450.00


  • Outgoing expenses (as of 10/31/08)
  • Univeristy of Baltimore ($1000)
  • Venue Coordinator ($450)
  • Sodexho @ UBalt, Food ($2700)
  • Misc supplies ($150)
  • Certificate of Insurance ($375)
  • Afterparty ($1775)
  • Total (Estimated) $6450.00





Proposed Agenda


8:30-9:15am Registration and Networking

9:15-10:30am Introductions and Session Selection

10:30-12:00pm First Sessions

12:00-1:00pm Second Sessions

1:00-2:00pm Lunch

2:00-3:30pm Third Sessions

3:30-4:30pm Fourth Sessions

4:30-5:30pm Fifth Sessions

5:30pm–7:00pm Sponsored Afterparty

7:00pm-??? Hang out!





Room 1What's new in HTML 5Evaluating & Hiring Developers and hosting providersGoogle Analytics goal tracking to measure ROISemantic WebHow to sell software to big companies
Room 2Can you really find work using social media?Your Personal Brand- Why it's ImportantAndroid App Development overviewData portabilityConfiguration control -GIT HUB
Room 3SproutCore Framework demoCloud infrastructureBest practices in building your online communityCollaboration 2.0Promoting events using social media
Room 4Location - leveraging in mobile appsIndustry Specific Social Media StrategiesCrowd source data qualityVC 1010 - how to raise moneyOnline Forums
Room 5 (Auditorium)Where's the $ and sense in social media?Building sustainable co-working in BaltimoreTwitter vote report + Election 08 techiPhone AppsEntrepreneurial discussion



SocialDevCamp East Afterparty


We've got an awesome afterparty planned at the Metro Gallery starting around 6-6:30pm. The SocialDevCamp crew will be entertained by some great local DC and Baltimore talent. The bands KADMAN and Ra Ra Rasputin will play for us and singer/songwriter Natasha El-Sergany will open the show. The Metro Gallery is about 2 blocks from the University of Baltimore. You'll also get to savor some of iStrategylabs' signature drinks!!


The Metro Gallery

1700 North Charles Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

Tel: (410) 370-7747

view map


Signup for the afterparty through eventbrite: http://socialdevcampafterparty.eventbrite.com/



Afterparty Sponsors:


  1. Tickets With a Twist ($250)
  2. Roundhouse Technologies, LLC ($250)
  3. Blue Sky Factory ($250)
  4. iStrategyLabs ($250)
  5. Network Solutions ($250)
  6. Jacoby - Growing Companies ($250)
  7. Mind Over Machines ($250)
  8. Add yourself here (now)!



Proposed Sessions


What are you passionate about? What expertise do you want to share with others?


  • Community Development Best Practices from DC to Boston
  • Erlang as Infrastructure Glue
  • Apps for Democracy - a New Model for Innovation for the People by the People Apps for Democracy
  • iPhone App Census: What's Working, What's Not
  • Android Update: Hands On With the Next Big Mobile Platform
  • Geo-Aware Apps that Matter: Using Geo Effectively
  • Building Out the Semantic Web
  • Building desktop-like webapps with SproutCore
  • Applying Social Media to Health
  • GET some REST: Working with 3rd-party web service APIs in the Enterprise
  • I Heart CSS (and so can you)
  • Importance of Software Configuration and Change Management for startups
  • Building Sustainable Coworking in Baltimore
  • Guileless SEO (vees)
  • Using Social Media for Event Promotion (roundtable discussion)
  • Twitter Vote Report Hack-a-thon: How you can help Tweet the Vote (davetroy)
  • Social Media Measurement: Beyond the Tools. How do you know social media is working for you/your business? (roundtable discussion)
  • Ruby Roundup: What's Cool in Rubyland? Sinatra, Merb, Rails Redux
  • Industry Specific Social Media Strategies (Presentation, Contest and Discussion) - by BOALT
  • Cyberspace needs a white pages
  • Goal Tracking and Analysis: an Important Part of Social Media Strategy
  • Sorry, advertising will not sustain a social media ecosystem
  • Collaboration 2.0: Platform Roundup


Topics I would like to hear about


What would you like to hear others talk about? What conversations do you want to have?


  • "The Amtrak Corridor" Tech Community
  • Mobile Development Best Practices
  • Future Trends in Data Sharing/Portability
  • DataPortability - It's not just Social - it can be good for your Health
  • Web 3.0, Cloud Computing, Crowdsourcing
  • Cloudsourcing Best Practices
  • The Changing Face of Reputation and Identity
  • What's the Long View for Social Media?
  • Open Questions/Problems in Social Media (The Hilbert Problems, problems whose solutions are at the root of what we're trying to do)
  • Record a video or write a blog post: which is most effective?
  • Participating in Open Source







Open Google group (and mailing list) for planners & volunteers:



Participants (aka Campers)


  1. Steve_Goodman - SmartLogic Solutions
  2. Adam Bachman
  3. Chris Ballance - Volvo IT
  4. Zvi Band - zviband@jess3.com
  5. Eugene Barlaz
  6. Paul Barry - BrowserMedia
  7. David Beaudouin
  8. Rick Dassler - Automatic Appointments
  9. Shashi Bellamkonda - SolutionsArePower
  10. Ann Bernard
  11. Dan Birdwhistell
  12. Andre Blackman - Andre DOT Blackman AT gmail DOT com mindofandre
  13. Bob Blonchek
  14. Suzanne Bowen
  15. Leslie Bradshaw - lesliebradshaw@jess3.com
  16. Aaron Brazell - aaron@technosailor.com
  17. George Brett
  18. Amelia Burke
  19. Chris Busse - MemberPath
  20. Shawn Busteed - evDeliv.com
  21. Greg Cangialosi - Blue Sky Factory, Inc
  22. Maumi Cannell Chatterton - mjchatter AT yahoo DOT com
  23. Paul Capestany - www.ipiqi.com
  24. Rob Carlson @vees
  25. Robert Carter - WebTiger Search Marketing
  26. Keith Casey
  27. Luc Castera - ShareMeme
  28. Patti Chan - 600block.com
  29. Glennette Clark
  30. Andy Clibanoff
  31. Jonathan Coffman - PBS Engage - @jdcoffman
  32. Craig Connell - Lotame
  33. Joe Corbett
  34. Peter Corbett, @Corbett3000
  35. David Crowley
  36. Lokesh Dhakar
  37. Jim Doran
  38. Colin Drane
  39. Mark Drapeau
  40. Lindy Dreyer- SocialFish, LLC
  41. Lorne Epstein
  42. Patrick Ewing
  43. Clay Fink
  44. Steven Fisher - SolutionsArePower and Metaverse Media
  45. Yair Flicker - SmartLogic Solutions
  46. Hervé Franceschi
  47. Sean Gallagher
  48. Jimmy Gardner
  49. Mariana Gerzanych
  50. Shana Glickfield
  51. Sam Gonzales
  52. Jared Goralnick
  53. Maddie Grant- SocialFish, LLC
  54. Gyuri Grell
  55. Jen Gunner - GBTC
  56. Fulya Ozsel Gursel
  57. David Hale, lostonroute66 AT gmail DOT com, @lostonroute66 on Twitter
  58. Nick Hall
  59. Brent Halliburton
  60. Frank Hecker - hecker.org and the Mozilla Foundation
  61. Russell Heimlich
  62. Alex Hillman
  63. Chris Hopkinson
  64. Rick Hower
  65. Art Jacoby
  66. David James - CommunityGoals
  67. Changrong Ji
  68. Paul Jonathan
  69. Michael Jovel
  70. Sohit Karol- Diditz
  71. Melanie Kelleher
  72. Patrick Kelly
  73. Jeff Kubina
  74. Anthony LaFauce
  75. Don Lafferty
  76. Bryan Liles - Smarticus - TATFT
  77. Fname Lname
  78. Joel Mark Witt
  79. Christopher Mascaro
  80. Michael Mayernick - Contribune
  81. Justin Michaliga
  82. Bill Mill
  83. Sulman Mirza
  84. Pramit Mohapatra - pramit@fightticker.com
  85. Pramit Mohapatra
  86. Erik Monti
  87. Lynn Morton - SNAP
  88. Stephen Muirhead
  89. TJ Murphy - on Twitter
  90. Juliana Neelbauer - staffmagnet
  91. Bob Neelbauer - Jobmatchbox.com
  92. Jessie Newburn - JessieX
  93. Nick O'Neill
  94. Sean Oakley
  95. Scott Palmer - Thurp
  96. Morriss Partee
  97. David Patton - dcpatton.com
  98. Gordon Patrick Peters
  99. Victoria Pickering
  100. Christina Pikas
  101. Tom Poe - 600block.com
  102. Daniel Pohl
  103. Brendan Putek
  104. Jane Quigley
  105. Kyril Revels
  106. Javier Rios - javierios
  107. Harleen Sahni
  108. Jasmine Sante
  109. Linda Schenk
  110. Daniel Schiavone - Snake Hill: Practical Technology Solutions
  111. Mark Scrimshire - mscrimshire AT gmail DOT com ekivemark
  112. Chris Selmer - Intridea
  113. Brian Sloane
  114. Ryan Spahn
  115. Colin Steele
  116. Evan Steinberg - CheckMyCampus.com
  117. Line Storgaard-Conley
  118. Alma D. Suarez
  119. Mike Subelsky - OtherInbox.com
  120. Jon Tarrant
  121. Michael Teitelbaum
  122. Elizabeth A. Terrell
  123. Ben Kutil Make Things Studio, Baltimore Based Design and Development
  124. Jesse Thomas - jessethomas@jess3.com
  125. Nicholas Tolson - DeGeeked - After-party only now, sorry all.
  126. Matt Topper
  127. JP Toto 30Points Design & Consulting
  128. Scott Tranter
  129. Andy Triboletti
  130. Dave Troy - twittervision.com ; Roundhouse Technologies, LLC;
  131. Atif Unaldi
  132. Kris Valerio
  133. Matt Walker
  134. Ahson Wardak - ShareMeme
  135. James Watson
  136. Eddie Welker
  137. Tim Windsor
  138. Joel Mark Witt
  139. Sohit_Karol - Diditz
  140. Muzzammil Zaveri
  141. Lynn Wallenstein - poweredbygeek.com
  142. Robert Guinn
  143. Eddie Resende
  144. Garth T Ogle
  145. Lesley Humphreys - Siquis, Ltd.
  146. Vaughn Micciche
  147. Amanda Schwarz
  148. David Adewumi
  149. youssouftra
  150. Ben Cruz
  151. Shawn Busteed
  152. Daniel Berninger
  153. Brendan O'Connor
  154. Benjamin Sterling - refreshbmore.org
  155. Stan Schwartz, stan AT toonamation DOT com, @Toonerstan
  156. corey brown (squidoo, coreyweb AT gmail)
  157. Matt Ortiz
  158. Jason J. Thomas - jasonjthomas@gmail.com
  159. Barry Austin
  160. Ron Schmelzer
  161. Greg Jastrab - SmartLogic Solutions
  162. Maria Matveeva
  163. Premraj Jeyaprakash - premraj@budgetpulse.com
  164. Ken Fischer - ken@clickforhelp.com
  165. Maxine Teller
  166. Glenn Fitzpatrick
  167. Mike Brenner
  168. Seamus Leahy 
  169. Travis Hurant
  170. Sarah Kitlowski - WelchmanPierpoint
  171. Christophe Lucas
  172. Linda Schenk, Cirquel Design & Development
  173. Gavin St. Ours Charm City Podcast
  174. Jaime Hood WebAdvantage.Net
  175. William Wingo The Power Magazine
  176. Adam Boalt BOALT
  177. Bob Woods Portalfuze
  178. Paul Johnson bosconet.org
  179. Teria Rogers
  180. Justin Brown - SmartLogic Solutions
  181. Angie Gentile
  182. Francisco Poblete
  183. Jake Frasher
  184. Gary Moore
  185. Beverly Guillermo
  186. Laya White
  187. Donald Brown
  188. Jeff Davis
  189. Paul Worsham - 1 Piazzaz
  190. Robert Gates
  191. Mykel Nahorniak from Localist.com
  192. Mary Hartney
  193. Nate Mook from Localist.com
  194. David Kelley
  195. William Flanagan TEMPUS Group


Please add yourself to this list by editing the page! The password is c4mp.


Task List

Finalize Location

Secure Afterparty Location

Finalize Sponsor List






Post-it White Boards


Alert: We Need 4 Projectors


Volunteers to bring/provide?


  1. MemberPath will provide 1 projector
  2. BudgetPulse will provide 1 projector
  3. Brendan O'Connor / Johns Hopkins will provide one projector
  4. Smart Logic Solutions will provide one projector



We need people to cover the event:

photos, streaming video, recorded video, audio, podcasts, etc.

Bring your tools and be prepared to interview folks and record sessions.



Tags for flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

Please use the tag SocialDevCampEast for content related to this event.

The Hashtag on twitter was #sdc2 check out the feed from search.twitter.com


Who's blogging?


SocialDevCampEast, Fall 2008


SocialDevCampEast, Spring 2008





Food for thought: