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SoloCamp is an occasion for freelancers and micro-business owners to gather and share their experience and the challenges of the soloist way of life, in the spirit of the Going Solo conference. Register now! The password for the wiki is cAmp.



The cancellation of the Going Solo Leeds conference leaves a bunch of freelancers (speakers and attendees) in Leeds on September 12th. Let's gather at OBH to chat and maybe even improvise a few presentations and workshops! Read the official announcement on the Going Solo blog.




  • September 12th 2008, 9am-noon (also the afternoon if enough people are present and the energy is high)
  • Leeds, OBH (Old Broadcasting House)
  • Lunch at Maliks (?) -- Indian buffet, very nice


Interested in attending:





9-10am self-organisation session: this is where we'll decide how to run the day and what sessions will be held, and in what format

10-11am session 1

11-12 session 2

12-2pm lunch break (one hour seems a bit short)

2-3pm session 3

3-4pm session 4

4-5pm session 5

5-5.30pm wrap-up, feedback, comments!




We had a great and enriching day! The format was very productive. We started out by sharing keywords that represented our preoccupations as freelancers, and then four people volunteered to moderate a session around one particular topic. We had some very interesting discussions and created the Going Solo wiki to start gathering notes and ressources around Going Solo and SoloCamp. Add yours!