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What is the Spirit of Barcamp?


'A number of people at BarCampBangalore wanted to know what the Spirit of Barcamp is... here's your chance to define it. Either write up your thoughts here or link to your post (tag it spiritofbarcamp.'


Kiruba Shankar (BarCampChennai)

The Spirit of Barcamps takes a swing at it.


Eric "GlitchNYC" Skiff (BarCampNYC, BarCampAustin)

→ "Barcamp is, simply put, an unconference. No vendors, no high level keynote speakers, no preset agenda." Read more.


whurley (BarCampDallas, BarCampAustin)

→ "The spirit of BarCamps is the people who make it a reality! People who come from various backgrounds, experiences, and interest yet have one very special thing in common…their willingness to participate and share all of this with complete strangers in a free, open, and inviting environment. The people are the spirit, without their participation there is no BarCamp." See for yourself.


Christopher \"cks\" St. John BarCampNYC, BarCampDallas, BarCampAustin

→ "The Spirit of Barcamp is trust in the community. Trust is hard, and I have to admit that on the morning of BarCampDallas the completely empty schedule board was about the scariest thing I've ever seen. But the community came through. The schedule board filled up (we ended up adding another room), and I'm still going back and looking at presentations on the wiki. Trust your users!"


Jay Fichialos ( BarCampDallas, BarCampAustin, BarCampBangalore )


Jessica Prabhakar ( BarCampBangalore )

→ "A meeting ground for like-minded people who'd like to use each other as sounding boards or just chill and be themselves. Trust is a big factor.. you need to trust the people you hang with. I love the way BarCampBangalore made itself happen once the logistics of place, food, etc were taken care of. Its the people.. and of course the bar stools and bean bags didn't hurt!"


Shimon Rura (BarCampBoston organizer)

→ I learned a lesson about the spirit of BarCamp thanks to my first conference altercation.


Riccardo Cambiassi (BarCampLondon, BzaarCamp, BarcampTurin, BarCampLondon2, RitaliaCamp)

BarCamp is the new Stone Soup


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