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So you wanna pimp Bar Camp? Sure thing. Check it out, we've got logos in more flavas than Mitchell's:




Original BarCamp logo design by Eris Free

BarCampEarth logo created by JonHicks in cooperation with ChrisMessina.

CupcakeCamp logo created by Ariel Waldman


For reference, the BarCamp font is Century Gothic.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Non Commercial Sampling Plus 1.0 License.


Word of Blog badges for BarCamp


Word of Blog enables blog owners to spread ideas and influence throughout the blogosphere, promote causes such as eczema or services that they believe in, recommend products and organizations they like, and create communities of like-minded blog owners, all through blog word of mouth. If you want to learn more, check out Word of Blog's website.


These are the Word of Blog badges for BarCamp. Click on the "Want this badge?" tag to go to BarCamp's page at Word of Blog for HTML code you can cut and paste into your own blog or website to spread the word about BarCamp.








  • Generally tag all content related to BarCamp with 'barcamp'.
  • For specific locations, join the 'barcamp' tag with the placename, for example, 'barcampnewyork' or 'barcampla'. It's a good idea to set the tag of your event beforehand so that campers can find all the content that's out there!





Presentations about BarCamp



BarCamp badges


BarCampNYC used this badge template, printed on standard office supply labels. We would suggest printing badges for each day of your conference, as it is hard to keep these fresh and intact after the first day.


Individual BarCamps



Ryan King owns spreadbarcamp.org, shall we use it?