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StartupLegalandFinanceBootcamp is a limited seating (40 people only, we have a small space sorry) 1 day BarCamp for Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who want to learn the basics of legal and financial details of starting a new company.


We are inviting 3 CEO Founders, 3 angel investors and 3 Legal, Accounting and HR professionals who can help answer questions, walk you through the basics of:


  1. Legal structure of the company (C Corp vs. LLC vs. S Corp)
  2. Funding (angel vs. Venture capital vs. bootstrap)
  3. HR and Operations (Benefits, payroll etc.)


We were thinking of this the same time as Ross and Eric blogged about this.




Event details



Saturday, 26th April 2008

9AM to 1PM



Vysr Inc. 540 University Ave, Ste 50, Palo Alto. CA


Where to stay?

Prefer if you are from the silicon valley and stay locally.



Vysr http://www.vysr.com - Mukund Mohan







  • Incoming donations (cash, in-kind)
  • Outgoing expenses


Get in Touch

by email: startupcamppaloalto@gmail.com

by twitter: www.twitter.com/startupcamp




Day 1


  • Morning

1. What angel investors look for?

2. What VC's look for?

3. The Legal framework of your company

4. How to setup payroll, benefits etc.


  • Lunch

Multiple Founder sessions addressing how they went over their own company formation


  • Afternoon

Open discussion Q&A


Topics I would like to hear about


"Angel Chalktalk" - where to to find angel investors, and what they look for

"Getting to No" - Why VCs, how to get their attention, and what to watch out for

"Options, options, options" - The right questions to ask, timing, etc.

"Founding Fathers" - Best practices for putting together a winning founding team.







  • Mukund Mohan
  • Eric Gonzalez
  • Ling Ling Dai
  • Susan Mernit (let me know how I can help..)


Participants (aka Campers)



Task List

(please cross out when it's done)





Projector, White Boards




Streaming or Stickam or Skype




Breakfast - Vysr

Lunch - Need Sponsor for Pizza

Coffee/Tea - Need Sponsor for Cookies / Tea / Coffee / Drinks

Tables and chairs - done




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Please use the tag (fill in your tag -- usually barcamp{location}) for content related to this event


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