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I am the Founder of MeatballWiki, the BibWiki, and Startup-in-a-Box.


I currently live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but I am diffused across Kingston, Ottawa, and the Ottawa Valley.



I have my thumb in a lot of pies, so you may wonder why I am doing X when you thought I did Y. Aside from wikis, which I am big into, here are a list of the last few places I have worked (most recent first):


  • FreshBooks -- marketing and community development
  • InGenius -- building a call-control layer for VoIP over SIP
  • Socialtext -- the first enterprise wiki company, running their sales operations
  • Grail (OISE) -- a research project studying the use of wikis in a distance learning classroom. I made pretty graphs.
  • Commons Group -- Canada's leading technology strategy consultants for the non-profit and public sector, as a consultant.
  • JohnManley.ca -- Communications agent (Internet, Youth) for the John Manley Liberal Party of Canada leadership campaign.
  • BitFlash -- a mobile SVG company. SVG is W3C's XML competitor to Flash. I led the SVG DOM implementation team.
  • sofTV (aka InGenius) -- The company who wrote the software behind the CP24 television channel in Toronto, amongst others, where I was a software developer.


I also have a Masters degree in Information Studies and Knowledge Media Design from the University of Toronto, and a Bachelors of Computer Science, and a Minor in Mathematics from Carleton University in Ottawa, so you may know me from one of those fine institutions.

Discussion :


Sunir, thanks for your enthusiasm about this BarCampBank experiment. Very glad to imagine any follow-up exchange. Will report soon and will refactor soon our BarCampBankBoard. -- ChristopheDucamp