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VENUE CHANGED TO GG i.e. Girish Gaitonde

BarCampTechfest|Student Level

"Techfest 2004, IIT Bombay's annual technology festival, is mounted on a scale that will make many global corporate events blush. The fact that it's being organized by students is perhaps the only thing that makes it a campus fest"

- The Telegraph, Kolkata.



Been quite some time since we attended those "Democratic lectures"

something like

For the attendees

By the attendees and

Of the attendees

So for all those who are passionate about Startups and related eco-system, Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications, Flex, Mobile Technology, iPhone, OpenSocial, Facebook Applications, Android, Service Oriented Architecture, Mash-ups, Semantic Web, Open Source Technology or Open Standards, programming in general or about any other technology...Techfest 08 presents




But WHAT IS BARCAMP?? ps...!!



BarCamp Techfest an Un-Conference !!! and nothing related with the bar; you might think!

A place where we all get together and discuss / rack / brain-storm / share opinions about Web technologies & trends, Mobile computing, Hacking, Blogging, Vlogs, Social Media, ... everything about the Technology that interests us.

Born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment this is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction with NO FORMALITIES into it ... wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet




For updates of barcamptechfest on your mobile join the SMS group by sending


JOIN barcamptechfest

to 567673434


Check http://www.smsgupshup.com/groups/barcamptechfest




EVENT ....



Techfest 2008 Day 3 i.e. 27th of January Sunday

Timings ----9:30 AM onwards.



Girish Gaitonde (GG) Ist Floor

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay




















How to register?

This page is a Wiki page, which can be edited by anyone.

So, you can just edit this page and do the following:

  • Add your name to the Campers' list. This is the complete list of attendees
  • Add a session to the Proposed Sessions list. In case you would like to give a session on some topic
  • Suggest a topic to the Discussion Topics. Some of these topics will be discussed after all the sessions are over
  • Suggest what we can provide you with, apart from what we are already providing.

Instructions to do the above:

  • At the top of this page you will find a link called "Edit Page"
  • Click it and enter your
  • The universal password is c4mp
  • After you submit, you will be able to edit the text you are reading right now.
  • You need to find out the list you want to add your name to and then do the needful
  • Dont forget...whichever list you add your name to, you have to add your name to the Camper's List for sure




Also check out the sidebar...


BarCampers you would luv to hear from

Atul Chitnis

The Indian consulting technologist known for his work in the fields of data networks, internet and intranets, Linux and Free and Open Source Software and mobile computing in India. He is also the founder of FOSS.IN (formerly Linux Bangalore), one of Asia's largest FOSS conferences.


Jon "maddog" Hall

The Executive Director of Linux International. (do i need to say anything else !!!)






Proposed Sessions


Sessions are 20-30minutes in length (including five to ten minutes for questions), so prepare your slides accordingly.

S NoTopicPresenterLInkemail id /fone no
1.Content Management Systems OverviewAbhishek NagarajI'm not sure if I'm coming to techfest. If I turn up - I'll definitely speakabhishek dot nagaraj at sun dot com
2.Opensource Indic Transliteration and more.Raxit Shethraxit at mykavita.com
3.Introduction to Long Tail Strategy and Some recent Case Studies.Vaibhav Jhavaibhav.jhaatiitbdotacdotin
4.cyber crime and security.Monika Prabhagmonika_bhilai@yahoo.co.in
5.Open Source in Enterprise: case studies and challengesNagaraj Pottiwill do a couple of demos - QRcodes and DimDim.nagarajatmoxxdotin
6.Free CultureVishnu Raowww.vishnurao.comvishnu at easternbrain dot com
7.Internet Marketing Industry In IndiaRonak Shahrichdollarblog.blospot.comronaksha_h@hotmail.com
8.Obscure coding in C/C++Sangram RajePresnetingsangramraje@gmail.com
9.Free Software: It Teaches You TwicemaddogWant to know why Free Software should be used for Teaching? Want to have good arguments for your teachers about why free software should be used? Attend this talk. Slides at http://www.slideshare.net/maddog maddogatlidotorg
10.Live/TV Streaming to Mobile deviceKunal LagwankarWill be demonstrating Live transmission of television content / webcam to mobile phone. Visit www.novix.inkunal@novix.in
11.Open MobilityAtul ChitnisCool gadgets running open source platforms - OpenMoko, Nokia N800 and morehttp://atulchitnis.net
12.Mobile LifeStyleChirag RanderiaLauch of OTAM - Pioneering Mobile Momentumhttp://www.otam.in
12.Financing your venture by Bootstrapping: The Agrocom StoryAnil Bahumanhttp://www.agrocom.co.inmdatagrocomdotcodotin







1.Prateek raj prateek@techfest.org

2.Vivek khandelwal kvivek05@gmail.com

3.Saumil Parekh saumiljparekh@yahoo.co.in

4.Mitesh Ashar email@miteshashar.com

5.Aditi Gupta aditi(dot)resolutions(at)gmail(dot)com



Volunteers (help out yourself)







Discussions Point… (Forum)



* Topics I would like to hear about



you can add topics here!!!!



  • Laptop (if you have one)
  • Memory Stick/thumb drive (if you have one: for transfering presentations, demo code, etc)
  • Ideas and demos.
  • If you have TShirts, corporate pens,Trial softwares, free accounts (for the cool service you just launched) etc that you want to share, this is probably a good place.
  • CDs / DVDs of GNU/Linux distros if you would like to give them away or if you have the latest versions
  • And of course the spirit of barcamp…..


  • Wiki
  • Wifi
  • Power, Power Strips
  • Coffee/Tea, and Snacks
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Projector with PC (or you can use your laptop)
  • White Boards and Markers.



Launching during Barcamp Techfest....!!!

1MyKavita - Write Your Own Kavitahttp://www.mykavita.com
2OTAM - The Mobile LifeStyle !!http://www.otam.in


Participants (aka Campers)

To participate enter your details below

Sno Email id /Phone No/Link .OccupationInterestsAttending
1.N.Rameshremoved due to spamMBA 2nd year SJMSOMWeb 2.0, Digital business models in music and video, Open Source, Online Marketing, SEO, SEM
2.Aditi Guptaaditi1985@gmail.com / http://aditi-gupta.blogspot.comprofessionalweb 2.0, Entrepreneurship, blogging, Online Marketing, SEM
3.Prateek Rajprateek.rj@gmail.comUnder grad.3 rd year attending
4.Chetan kumarchetanku@gmail.comProfessional
5.Zubin Mehtazubin@techfest.orgUnder grad.3rd yearweb 2.0, mobile applicathttp://barcamp.org/techfest?edit=1&steal=1

pbwiki :: Editing techfestions, blogging, etc

6.Banker Tapan Nbanker_tapan@yahoo.comUnder grad 2nd year computer engServer security,tracing routes and IP address,Credit Card + ATM card streaming & securityattending for sure
7.Vaibhav Jhavaibhav.jha at iitb dot ac dot inMBA, 2nd Year, SJMSOM, IIT BWeb 2.0, E-commerceAttending for sure
8.Amit Chhedachhedaamit@gmail.comMBA, 1st Year, SJMSOM, IIT BWeb 2.0, E-commerceAttending for sure
8.Marmik M Brahmbhattmarmik21@gmail.comUnder grad 2nd year computer engweb 2.0, captcha 2.0,network security, grease monkey, hacking(social engineering),web-portals,ASPattending for sure
9.Pankit M Pandyaj4u.pankit@gmail.comUnder grad 2nd year I&C engnetwork security,web 2.0,SQL Injection, grease monkey, hacking,phishing,social networking,javascript and XHTMLattending for sure
10.Ashutosh Sawantsawantashutosh@gmail.comUnder grad 2nd year IT engnetwork security,web 2.0, captcha 2.0, grease monkey, hackingattending for sure
11.Ankit Bhansaliankitsbhansali@gmail.comProfessional attending for sure
12.Iman Mukherjeeiman.mukherjee@gmail.comPATAstronomySee you!
13.Y.Karun Kumarengg87@gmail.comUnder grad.2nd yearBloggingattending for sure
14.Aditya MishraProfessional attending for sure
15.Ankush Acharyaankush_acharya@rediffmail.comMCA Ist yearBlogging , JAVA, Linux, Open SourceWill DEFINITELY be there !!
16.Ronak Badhekaronakbadheka@gmail.comUnder Graduate 3rd yr(CP Engg)web2.0,blogging,SEO,MS technoloiesSure,Attending
17.Anoop Mehtaanoop_mehta@technologist.comUnder Graduate 3rd yr(CP Engg)web2.0,blogging,MS technologiesSure.Attending
18.Chaitanya Naikchaitanya.naik@web18.inProfessionalweb2.0,JquerySure.Attending
19.Mitesh Asharemail@miteshashar.com miteshashar@targetgenx.comEngg studentWeb Design, Development, Graphics Design, Web Technologies, Blogging, Wordpress, WPMUAny doubt??
20.Arpit Agarwalarpit105 yahoo comManagement Student, IITBBarcamping, Farts sounding like business consultancy ;)
21.Karthik B Rkarthik.b(at)web18(dot)inSoftware Engineer
22.vivek khandelwalkvivek05@mobappworld.com2nd year IITBblogging,mobile computung ,but obvious...
23.Sanir Kulkarniesameer@gmail.comFinal Year MCA Sure
24.Ankur Bhageriaankur.b@hotmail.com4th year SPCEwireless communication, wireless sensor networks, image processing, Graphics design,attending
25.Rahul Prasadrahulprasad.sunshine@gmail.comug2hacking,wireless communication,network security,linuxattending

26.Bishweshwar Nagbishweshwar.nag@gmail.comMCA Final Year Sure
27.Abhinavabhinavvujjini2gmail.comUG 3rd yeari am attending
28.Ankesh KhandelwalankeshATgmail.comFinal Year, MCA, IITDSemantic web, web 2.0attending
29.Murli Ramkrishnanmurli.rkATgmail.comTechnopreneur, Founder - Horizon InfoVentures Pvt. Ltdweb 2.0, start-ups, Funding, Technologyattending
30.Amey Samantameyas7_AT_yahoo_dot_comprofessionalsecurity, web 2.0, blogging, camping, Technologyattending
31.Sudarshansudarshan_sharma22_AT_yahoo_dot_comprofessionaltelco, new technologies in IT, security, web 2.0, camping, Technologyattending
32.Saumil Parekhsaumiljparekh@yahoo.co.inEngg. Studentweb designing,new web/IT technologiessure
33.Kamalakshankamalakshantv_at_gmail_dot_comStudentstart ups, Open Source, security, web 2.0, blogging, Mobile Technologyattending for sure
34.Shishir Srivastavashishir_sri at hotmail dot comStudent - UG Final Yr.start ups, Web 2.0, E Commerce, PHP, n more.duh!!!
35.Rahul Guptarahulg/gmailCEO & Founder - Vakow!Internet, Mobile, Prospective Hires
36.Avinash S.sirneonash@gmail.comII Year Engg.Web Hosting, Security, Hacking,Latest Gadgets,etc.....i aint missing this one for anythng
37.Vivek NaVivekn.19@gmail Internet, Mobile, blogging, web 2.0
38.Jishnu Davejishnukd@rediffmail.com2nd year Engg.Anything and everything related to computers and programming!!Yes, of course
39.Pranshu Sharmapranshusharma@gmail.com4th year Engg. Yes!!!
40.MODANI NEERAJneeraj.modani@gmail.comIII Year Computer Engg.Web Hosting, Security, Hacking,Latest Gadgets,blogging, Mobile Technology,start ups, Open Source........WAITING FOR IT... :)
41.Dhiraj Khotdhirajk@gmail.comMissed the last one, but would be there.Entrepreneurship, Open Source Solutions, Team Building for start up
42.Ankur Gattaniankur.gattani@gmail.comIITB, IIMC and now an Internet StartupEntrepreneurship, Technology, Team Building for start upAttending
43.Chintant Thakkarchintan_20051@yahoo.comUnder Graduate 3rd (CP Engg)web technology,prog. language,MS technologySure...
44.shweta mehtashwetamehta03@yahoo.comUndergraduate 2nd yearrobotics and embedded systems, nanotechnology, vlsiattending for sure
45.ayushigargayushi19@gmail.comUndergraduate 2nd yearanything related to computers and programmingattending for sure
46.isha gautambloom_icy@yahoo.co.inUndergraduate 2nd yearcomputer science and programmingattending for sure
47.neha gautamhiits_86@yahoo.co.inUndergraduate 3rd yearnetworks and security and it embedded fieldsattending for sure
48.sangram rajesangramraje@gmail.comundergraduate 4 th yearObscure Coding in C/C++ attending for sure....
49.K.Satish Chandrasatishchandra_anits@yahoo.co.inUnder Graduate fourth yearNetworks,WebHosting,Latest GadgetsAttending cant miss these...
50.Aadil Shahaadil.iitb@gmail.comUnder grad.3 rd year attending
51.Sathyanarayanan ARsat8706@gmail.comB-tech(EE),3rd year,LMCST,Kuttichal,Trivandrum,Kerala.POWER for the Future(Nuclear fusion Technology),MobileComputing,world of Nanos(application).i wanna tell a lot..i be there..
52.Ankit AgarwalagarwalankitinatgmaildotcomSoftware Engineerhacking, network security, camping, Technologyattending
53.Niranjan ParanjapeniranjangpatgmaildotcomApplication DeveloperCamping, Technology, Startupsattending
54.Aakash DharmadhikariaakashdatgmaildotcomApplication DeveloperCamping, Technologyattending
55.Raza Z Sayedraza.sayedatgmaildotcomMCA IInd YearProgramming , Hacking (not cracking ;)) , Web 2.0 , Mobile Application Development, GNU/Linux , FOSS etc :)attending
56.Ajith MenonkooldotajithatgmaildotcomSoftware DeveloperCamping, Technologyattending
57.Karun AlpuriakarunsalpuriaatgmaildotcomSoftware DeveloperCamping, Technologyattending
58.hemant pandehemant_0_123@yahoo.co.inengineering 3rd yearrobotics and embedded systems, nanotechnology, vlsiattending for sure
59.Raghu Jagwanic_programer@rediffmail.comprofessional


Start up, want to hire students for projects,etcattending for sure
60.Malay Majithiamalay@msquarelive.comLearner
61.Jayesh Waghjayesh_405atyahoomaildotcomte biomedical enggsurfing,online gaming,bioengineeringattending
62.Viraj Mehta Professional attending
63.Julius DiasjuliusdotdiasatgmaildotcomSoftware DeveloperCamping, Technologyattending
64.Anand M Rmranand23atgmaildotcomSoftware DeveloperCamping, Technologyattending
65.Nipun Davenipun86daveatgmaildotcomElectrical Engineering Student (4th year)Audio Engineering, Financial Services, Mobile Applicationsattending
66.Shaishav Kumarkr.shaishavatgmaildotcomCivil Engineering Student (3rd year)Web 2.0 development, Automation, Robotics ,Anything under the clear blue skyattending
67.Deepak Tahilianideepak.tahiliani@gmail.comProfessionalweb 2.0, mobile applications, blogging, social networking, online marketingattending
68.Dinyar Mistrydinyar.mistry@gmail.comProfessionalWidgets, Wiki's, web 2.0, blogging, online marketingattending
69.Parul Choudharyparul.choudhry@gmail.comProfessionalweb 2.0, online marketingattending
70.Vishal Mangaonkarvishalmgk@gmail.comProfessionalonline marketing, Web2.0attending
71.Ankur Dholiankurdholi@gmail.comProfessionalonline marketing, Web2.0attending
72.Nagaraj P.nagarajatmoxxdotinProfessionalBusiness Models around Open Source, Consultingattending
73.Rajesh.Kollibabu.kolli@gmail.com /9885412315studentOpen Source, Web Technologies, Aritificial IntelligenceInterestsattending
74.Ashis Kumar Topnoashisontop2003atgmail.comUnder Grad 2nd year IITBgraphics rendering, online gaming architectureI'll be there
75.Vijay Shivalevijay.shivale@gmail.comM.S. BITS PillaniC++, Java, Testingattending
76.Samay Bhavsarsamay@samay.infoStudent - UG 3rd Yr. (Computer Engineering)Entrepreneurship, Open Source Solutions, Web 2.0, SEO, Web Development, Internet Marketing, HackingAttending
77.V.R.Lakshman Chowdaryvemulapallilakshman@gmail.comB.Tech Final yearWeb 2.0,Image Processing techniques
78.Kalpesh Khivasarakalpeshkatgmail.comStudentEntrepreneurship, Web based services, Noise/content filteringAttending
79.Abdul Rashid Gadhwallaar.gadhwalla@yahoo.comSoftware EngineerOpen source tools,web securityAttending
78.Kalpesh Khivasarakalpeshkatgmail.comStudentEntrepreneurship, Web based services, Noise/content filteringAttending
80.Vishnu RaovishnuateasternBrain.comStudent/EntrepreneureCommerce, Cyber LawAttending
81.Nishit Shahnixhitatgmail.comProfessionalEntrepreneurship, Open Source Solutions, Web 2.0, BloggingAttending
82.Pravish Soodpravish dot sood at rediffmail dot comEngineering studentSoftware dev, IP, RoboticsSee u all @ barCAMP
83.Vivek Radhakrishnancrazyvivi@gmail.comComputer Engineering studentweb security, artificial intelligence, linux, voice processing, graphics, gamingAttending
84.Mihir Kachaliamihir.kachaia+bar0108@gmail.comengineering student Attending
85.Saifuddin SavliwalasaifssatgmaildotcomProfessionalweb 2.0, Ecommerce, Startups, Entrepreneurship, javascript, ajaxAttending
86.LoknathSwainloknathswain@gmaildotcom Web Content Writer and Freelance PRO web 2.0, Ecommerce, Startups, EntrepreneurshipAttending
87.Kanan Totawarkanan.totawar@yahoo.comII yr Computer Science Engg. studentNetwork Security, Open SourceAttending
88.Ajinkya Bapatavb1989@gmail.comFirst Year student IITBOpen sourceAttending
89.kunal bhallakunalbhalla.1986@gmail.comthird yr engineering student (Electronics and communicatin) and a beginner in web devolepmentweb 2.0 , open source, blooging and internet securityattending for sure .. damn sure
90.Ronak Shahronaksha_h@hotmail.com or Call me on 9323575837Bachelor In CommerceFreelance Writer, corporate blogger, Internet Marketeer, web 2.0, mobile applications, blogging, social networking, online marketing, Widgets, Wiki's, wordpress and other blogging platforms, Social Media Optimization, SEO, PHP, SEM, Open source, consulting, Web Content Writer, web 2.0, Ecommerce, Startups, Entrepreneurship, VlogsAttending For Sure
91.Pradeep Sontakkepradeepsontakke@gmail.com2nd yr UGEngine, Media, Gaming, online marketing, Wiki's, tracing routs, any culprit about computer,Hacking, sportsAttending ;)
91.Rushabh Choksirushabhchoksi@gmail.comPursuing BCom and bloggingweb 2.0, blogging, social networking, online marketing, Widgets, Wiki's, wordpress and other blogging platforms, PHP, Social Media Optimization, SEO, SEM, Open source, consulting, Web Content Writing, web 2.0, Ecommerce, Startups, Entrepreneurship, VlogsAttending
92.Amit Dholeamitdhole_at_gmail_dot_com start ups, Open Source, Freelancer, Mobile Technologyattending for sure
93.Naveen Dhanukadhanukanaveen007atgmaildotcom attending for sure
93.>Manikandan S T stmanikandan atgmaildotcomScientist moving into internet start upInternet start ups, Angel funding, Looking for prospective co-foundersattending
94.Hitesh Parakhhitesh_3631@yahoo.comII yr Electronics Engg. studentOpen Source, RobotrixAttending
95.Dinesh Soniwiki@dineshsoni.comIT engineerOpen SourceAttending
96.Ronald Bhuleskarbhuleskar1@yahoo.co.inTY Btech Comps, VJTISystem Security, Blogging, Server Security, Networking, Open SourceAttending
97.Ketan Talrejaketan_talreja_2009@yahoo.co.inTY Btech IT, VJTIMobile Applications, Blogging, Open Source, System Security, Multimedia, NetworkingAttending
98.Rajas moreb2jul1986@yahoo.comengg. 4th yearMobile Applications, hacking, Robotics, System Security, Multimedia, NetworkingAttending
99.Kaushik Mamaniakaushikmamania_at_gmail_dot_comIT ProfessionalSystem Security, Multimedia, NetworkingAttending
100.Aditya Mehtaadityam7_at_gmail_dot_comug2Start-ups, embedded systems, roboticsAttending
101.Quresh Sutarwalaquresh29_at_gmail_dot_comug2Advanced robotics, embedded systemAttending
102.Anoop Sherlekaranoop_vjti@yahoo.comTY Btech Comps, VJTISystem Security, Blogging, Server Security, Networking, Open SourceAttending
103.Kushagra Guptakushagra.gupta@tcs.comTY Btech Comps, VJTIBlogging, Networking, Open SourceAttending
104.Ashwin Rfirstname.lastname@gmail.com Attending
105.Fenil Parikhfenilparikh@hotmail.comOpen Source DeveloperNetworking, Open SourceAttending
106.Pankti Parikhppp_keepsmiling@yahoo.comTY Btech CompsNetworking, Open SourceAttending
107.Prakash Soniprakash_gecbsp@yahoo.co.inTY 3rd year, ET&TNetworking, Open Source,hacking(social engineering),web2.0,wireless communication, wireless sensor networks, image processing, Graphics design,Internet,Latest Gadgets

108.Tarun Chandeltarunchandel AT gmailBlogger and a Business AnalystMeeting all the campersAttending, may present
109.Kunal Shethkunals75 AT gmailWanna be entrepreneur :pVC, Hire, DiscussAttending, may present
110.Aviraj Ajgekara.aviraj@gmail.comComp Engg & IT ProfessionalNetworking, Hardware, Open SourceAttending
111.Abhishek Thakurthakurabhishek.iips@yahoo.co.inMCA Ist yearOpen Source Technology, Networking/Network Security, Linux, Web DevelopmentWill DEFINITELY be there !!
112.Sriraj Voral2bsrirajvora@gmail.comUndergraduate 1st Year,NIT SuratGraphics,Internet,Latest gadgets and C/C++Definately Attending...
113.Digvijay Naikdigvijay1689@gmail.comUG 1st Year IIT BombayAcquiring Skills,Using Technology PositivelySee u All There
114.Anish Aryananisharyan@gmail.comUndergraduate 3rd year iit bombayWebsite creation, facebook applications, mobile applicationsaa jaayenge!!
115.Rameshwar Guptaramgupta_iips@yahoo.comNetworking, JAVAAttending!
116.Nikhil Shrivastavanikshri@gmail.comDatabase, NetworkingAttending !
117.Ritesh Julaniyar_1016@yahoo.co.inNetworking, JAVAAttending!
118.Aditya Joshiaditya.davv@gmail.comJAVA, Image Morphing, BloggingAttending !
120.Sandeep R Narvankarnarvankar.s@gmail.comFinal Year IT EngineeringJAVA, Image Processing, Graphics & Animation, java, .net, web development & new technologies..Definitely Attending..!! Loved it last time ;->
121.Diwakar Goeldiwakargoel at gmail dot comStudent, AuthorSecurityHopefully attending and presenting.
122.Jalashree Trivedijalu_87 at yahoo dot co dot inStudent , BE 3rd yearSecurity, networking,web technologyattending.
123.Jon 'maddog' Hallmaddog at li dot comExecutive Director of Linux International, Lifetime Student, Drinker of BeerThin Client computing, green computingAttending and (hopefully) Presenting
124.Ketan Barhateketan@novix.inProduct Manager, NOVIX TechnologiesMobile Video StreamingAttending
125B.Krishna.Kishorekishore.bharatula@gmail.com/9920138522/.StudentGaming; Web2.0;Attending
126Balakishorebalakishore.k@iitb.ac.in/9920212879/ .StudentMobile gaming; wireless communicationAttending
127Ganeshganesh.ramareddy@iitb.ac.in /9920951052/.Studentsurfing, web2.0; JAVAAttending
128.Maulik J Shahmaulik_sh@yahoo.comFinal Year IT EngineeringJAVA, Image Processing, java, web development & new technologies..Definitely Attending..!! Loved it last time ;->
129.Sohel Merchantsohel(DOT)merchant(AT)gmail(DOT)comSenior Consultant, Pragmatic Technology Solutions Ruby and Ruby on RailsWill be there
130.Atul Chitnishttp://geodesic.com http://atulchitnis.net http://foss.inTechnologistFOSS and Mobile Computing
131Biswarup Mohapatrabiswarup.mohapatra@iitb.ac.in/9920238085/ .Studentstartups, bloggingAttending
132Mukesh Agarwalengg.mukesh@rediffmail.comIT Professionalstartups, blogging, web2.0, web development & new technologiesAttending
133Abhishek kumarabhi_kumar_bce@yahoo.co.instudent-UG 3rd yearweb2.0,open source,testing,Linux,new technologies,Ipv6,web devlopmentAttending

134B. Election Reddyelectionreddy@cse.iitb.ac.instudent-MTech 1st yearweb2.0,Free & Open source,GNU/Linux,Attending

135Abhishesh Kumar Sharmasharma.abhishesh@gmail.comStudent MBAWeb based services, Mobile TechnologiesAttending
136Virindersingh Villkhoovicksitis@gmail.comStudent MBAWeb based services, Mobile TechnologiesAttending
137.Rahul Pimpalerahul2587@gmail.comAttending for sure
138.Varshney Ankurankur.var@iitb.ac.inStudent-ug 1st yearattending for sure
139.Oza Anandtbh31337@yahoo.co.inStudent-ug 3rd yearattending for sure
140.Neeraj Pattathpattath.neeraj@gmail.com / http://skyn3t.blogspot.com/Student_________Attending....
141.Yogi / Devendra Vyavaharedevendradotvyavahareatgmail/ http://yogiz.blogspot.com/Mtech1,CSE, IITBWeb 2.0,open source,programming,indic transiliterationAttending....
142.Viraj Mehtaviraj.mehta@iitb.ac.inStudentElectronic GadgetsAttending
143.S. Shankarmailshanx@yahoo.co.inUndergrad (Mumbai University), Working at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)Wireless Sensor Networks (working actively on this), Mesh and Ad-hoc Networks, 802.11(esp. the .15.4 series/zigbee), Android, (Networked) Embedded Systems, Social Entrepreneurship, Web2.0, Microfinancing and initiatives like KivaAttending
144.Varghese Eappenvarghese_eappen@gmail.comMBA, 1st Year, SJMSOMMultimedia, Web 2.0, New Technolgies
145.Anup Sanupsankaran@gmail.comMBA, 1st Year, SJMSOMInternet Technologies, Multimedia, Web 2.0, New Technolgies
146.Abhishek Sharmaabhishekanytime@gmail.com / http://www.me.iitb.ac.in/~abhishek/Dual Degree-Mech, IITBWeb 2.0,Educational ServicesAttending :)
147.Nikunj Aggarwalnikunj.iitian@gmail.comComputer Science , IITMEthical Hacking , Linux, Network SecuritySurely Attending !!!
148.Amit Deshmukhamit_dot_deshmukh_at_gmail_dot_comSecurusIT Security, ConsultingSurely Attending !!!
149.Vishal Pallavishalpalla@gmail.comComputer Science , IITBNetwork SecurityAttending
150.Rupesh Mandalrkmandal@gmail.comProfessional Blogger, Associate WATConsultant @ WATConsult.com, WATBlog.com, WATShow.comWeb 2.0, blogging, social networking, online marketing, Widgets, Wiki's, Social Media Optimization, SEO, SEM, Open source, consulting, Web Content Writing, web 2.0, Ecommerce, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Vlogs, Mobile Phones & Applications .etc .etc.Attending
151.Ankit Saxenamegastardom at gmail.dot comProfessional Blogger, Associate WATConsultant @ WATConsult.com, WATBlog.com, WATShow.comTechEntrepreneur-Engineer-Writer-StartupAttending
152.Mihir Tannamihir02@gmail.comUnder Graduate 2nd yr(IT Engg)web 2.0,Network security,Wireless communication,AIAttending
153.Mangesh Gunjalmangeshgunjal@gmail.comUnder Graduate 2nd yr(IT Engg)web 2.0,robotics and embedded systems, nanotechnologyAttending
154.Mohit Jainmohitjaisahab@gmail.comworking proffesionalanimation and special effectsAttending
155.Loknath Swainloknathswain@gmail.comContent & PR head,www.kumaar.comblogger networking 4 PR,learning about new technologies, looking for likeminded people for collaboration for activities in media domainAttending
156.Chinmay Ravalitschinmay@gmail.comStudentWeb 2.0, Web SecurityAttending for sure
157.Tushar Lakhetushar.lakhe@gmail.comIT ProfessionalSystems Admin, Security


158.Paramveer Singhesecurityprofessional@gmail.comIT ProfessionalInformation Systems Security Management Services


159.Gaurav Chaturvedigaurav(dot)p(dot)chaturvedi@gmail(dot)comsome job Attending
160Dheeraj Parchurupdheeraj@gmail.comstudent Attending
161Dhairya Danddhairyadand@gmail.comS.Y.B.Tech Comp,VJTIOSes,Open Source,Mobile Computing,Computer Organization n Architecture,Security,Web TechnologiesC u there :)
162.Nimish V2nimiz@gmail.comWorking


163Ashok Kumarashok.kumar@zydus.comProfessional

Will be Attending

164AshwinwordlifedotrapatgmaildotcomProfessional Attending
165Kshitij Bhingarekshitij_bhingare@yahoo.comStudent Attending
Amey B.xeonrulzatyahoodotcomFinal year Engg student
167.Vikas Iyeraragorn216atgmaildotcomFinal year Engg student
168.Kunal Panchalkp2356@gmail.comTE Engg student Attending
169.Jay Pateljay@toptechsite.comSE Engg studentWeb TechnologiesAttending
170.Divya Rathoredivyarathore@gmail.comProfessional Module LeadImage Processing, Web 2.0sure Attending
171.Sharad Harjaisharad.harjai@lntinfotech.comTrainee Software EngineerTeradatasure Attending
172.Hemang Shahhemang@blinkmagic.comSoftware DeveloperData Mining, Analytics, Embedded Software, C Graphics. blinkmagic.comAttending





Google Groups For Campers





Presenters, please upload your slides to SlideShare and share them here.



Bloggers delight..




Post event blog entries

Listen from the people who attended it

Dinesh Soni- http://dineshsoni.blogspot.com/2008/01/barcamp-teschfest.html



Somebody must be blogging for us ....

Who is it ???keep checking


Aditi Gupta - http://techfest2008.blogspot.com

Vivek khandelwal- www.barcamptechfest.wordpress.com

Ankush Acharya - http://anksworld.wordpress.com/2008/01/17/barcamp-techfest-2008/

Dinesh Soni- http://dineshsoni.blogspot.com/2008/01/barcamp-at-iit.html








Some press releases are coming, we are in contact with Print and Internet media.

The newsletter has been released.



Did I mention sponsorers??



Junta BarcampTechfest is gonna be fun ..C u all there .

To know more about the event and Techfest




prateek@techfest.org +919820116174

Kvivek05@gmail.com +919920055571

click here




BarcampTechfest is gonna be fun ..Be there ...







Other camps in India:

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