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Texas Holdem - top texas holdem sites

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Texas Holdem poker - online Texas Holdem rules

In Texas Holdem is one of the most popular versions of poker game.


Texas Holdem is very popular in casinos and at major poker tournaments, for example, in the poker World Cup (World Series of Poker) in Las Vegas , played.


Played with a French playing cards sheet of 52 cards.

Texas Holdem is currently experiencing not only in Germany is becoming increasingly popular.

This is probably primarily to the broadcasting of Texas Holdem poker tournament on television and the increased advertising for poker playing in online poker rooms.

The basic rules of Texas Holdem for beginners:

Played is not with cash but with so-called chips or chips before the game will be exchanged for cash. On a table usually a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 players.

In Texas Holdem rules, 5 cards (cards Board) in the middle of the table after (3-1-1) revealed the man together with the 2 invisible hand (hole cards, pocket cards) of each player may use.


The aim is to the highest possible combination of 5 cards. These include the open 5 cards on the table for all players and then added to each his own hand 2.

The dealer (before the game by the highest card, and then changes after each round turn) is responsible for the mix and dealt the cards. In a casino or online poker room is this job, however, a 'dealer', and then the dealer is only a fictional round.

The player left of the dealer has a prescribed use (for example, € 2), the so-mentioned small blind, set. His neighbour left turn is the big blind and must usually double the small blind, set (in our example 4 €).

The blinds are intended to stimulate the game and the players who must make this application to make the round off.


After each round completed hiking the blinds with the dealer to a position to left. The blinds may from time to time be increased.

First betting in Texas Holdem:

Each player receives his own hand him 2 cards (hole cards, pocket cards).

The player left of the big blind opened the betting and now has the following options:

    1st He can call and a higher use in the big blind.

    2nd He can raise (increase)

    3rd It can fold (off) and his cards face down to the dealer.

The players under him in the series is now exactly the same opportunities. The round is now until it back to the players arrived, the first in the series. If a player geraised (increase), all other players again in the series and need to stay in the game by the same amount to follow suit.

Second betting in Texas Holdem:

After the first betting, the dealer (dealer) 3 cards from the deck open on the table, have chosen the so-flop. Now begins the rounds in the previous small blind, instead of the opportunity to call now simply check (wait, knocking) can be increased to stay in the game, because so far no new missions has been done.

Third betting in Texas Holdem:

Before the third betting is a fourth card on the table. The chosen Turn (Card).

Fourth betting in Texas Holdem:

The 5th and last card we are open on the table - Riverdale (Card) and it follows the showdown. Each player is now 2 from his hand and the 5 Card open his own 5 best cards together and it comes to a final round of bets can be made. After all, the two own cards and the player with the best combination of poker 5 cards wins the pot (the money is already set in the middle as' pot 'collected).

The pot can of course already won when all but one other player fold.

There are 3 different limits to those in strategy of Texas Holdem can be played:

    1st No Limit: Each player must amount to any increase (raise) but at least the big blind amount.

    2nd Pot Limit: There must be only the amount of the pot must be increased.

    3rd Split Limit: In the first two betting may be just the big blind and from the 3 bet then to double the big blind increased. Pro betting may only be 3 times raised except there are only 2 players at the table.

To participate in a game, each player before the start Buy In one, which usually about 20 times the big blind.

The player during a round of the best poker hand, considers the 'Nuts'

If a player all its chips in a round starts, so this is according jargon 'All In' and must stand up to the importance of this round to underline.


When online poker at home in front of the PC may also quiet times an exception be made;).

Learn tips for Texas Holdem poker to win your favourite poker game.