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DateFriday, August 24th, 2007
Time7:30pm to Whenever
Expected AttendanceAll are welcome!


CONFIRMED: We're booked for Fressen at 7:30.


Sean Bonner's Coming to Town


He may not be Santa, but Sean is our good friend from LA who co-owns MetroBlogging, writes an awesome blog, takes cool photos, and writes for Suicide Girls. He's on a trip all over the East Cost and is stopping in the T-Dot from Thursday, August 23rd to Monday, August 27th.




Come out and meet Sean! This will be a totally casual dinner and drinks type of event. Sign up below so we have some idea of numbers and we'll announce a venue on this page closer to the date. If you have a venue preference, list it after your name.


  1. Sean Bonner
  2. JayGoldman
  3. Bo Zou
  4. Varun Mathur
  5. Kaleem
  6. Leila
  7. S. Khan
  8. Mark Mulholland








  1. Gabriel Mansour – I was unaware of this when I initially signed up, but I'm double-booked for that night. I'll try to make it out if time allows—Sorry.