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Community is the framework

TorCamp is a remarkable community of people in the Toronto area - a community of designers, developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, PR people, executives, testers, quality assurance specialists, consultants, tax attorney,recruiters, network administrators, business developers, venture capitalists, angel investors, social change advocates, policy analysts, etc. Since the first TorCamp event in November 2005, TorCampers have congregated at least once and often five or ten times a month in conference centers, cafes and parks to share ideas and look for unexpected aha! connections of people and ideas. And it's not just about BarCamp events: if you look at the hottest things going on in the Toronto Tech community, you'll usually find a TorCamper among the instigators. The goal of TorCamp is to build an open community of individuals and companies. To provide open events to inspire and instill a sense of community in the Toronto technology scene. To spark the unexpected. One time at TorCamp... This page may have spam links added to it from SEO cheats. Please keep an eye out and if you see a suspicious link, please delete it. 


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If you have any questions about participating contact  DavidCrow

BarCamp > BarCampCanada > TorCamp