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TorCamp 1.0



We've moved the "graffiti part of the wall" here, so you can leave your mark or say thanks, or tell us what you enjoyed (or not!) at TorCamp: TorCampGraffiti


What did we talk about? TorCampSessions aka "The Grid"


And, what happened? SessionNotes


We are just trying to gauge demand and actual attendance. The TeehanLax space will hold up to 50 people. If you are planning on attending, please add your name to the TorCampAttendees list. Just to reiterate, there will be no camping (unless you choose, but you're on your own to find a camp spot in downtown Toronto).



WhatWeNeed and WhatToBring


Please bring extension cords, power bars, projectors, your enthusiasm...


We are gathering a list of food and snacks to bring. We have some sponsors (we've had to rent chairs and some other things). If you can bring something please edit this page and put your name next to the item you are bringing.


  • Breakfast
    • Bagels & cream cheese (DeborahHartmann)
    • Mozilla Canada will be sponsoring fruit, pastries & coffee
    • For coffee enroute: Starbucks (Richmond & Spadina), SecondCup (Richmond & Spadina; Queen & Augusta), Le Gourmand (Richmond & Spadina)
  • Drinks and snacks
    • Do we need vegan snacks? Any suggestions?
    • Pop (2 coke, 2 diet coke, 1 sprite, 1 diet-sprite, 1 gingerale) - 7 of 12 pack @ $5.00/case = $35
    • Juice (2 apple, 3 orange, 3 other) - 8 cases of 6 x 300ml @ $4.00/case = $32
    • Water - 6 cases of 24 x 500ml bottles @ $7/case = $42
    • Beer (for after party) - 6 cases of 24 x 371ml bottles @ $44.35/case (premium) = ~$266.10
  • Pizza lunch is being provided by Hyndman Law
    • 1 Lrg - No cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, green pepper
    • 2 Lrg - No cheese, vegetarian
    • 1 Lrg - Pepperoni, green pepper, mushrooms
    • 1 Lrg - Ham, Pineapple, Red onion
    • 1 Lrg - Sausage, red pepper, red onions
    • 1 Lrg - Meat Lovers
    • 1 Lrg - BBQ Chicken
    • 1 Lrg - Canadian (pepperoni, mushroom, bacon bits)
    • 2 Lrg - Vegetarian
    • 1 Lrg - Pepperoni



Sponsors (Who/what)


We're looking for companies who want to chip in to help cover the costs of BarCampToronto. If you're interested, check out the Palo Alto BarSponsors page for ideas and email the hosts. (Estimates: ~$200 will cover a meal, ~$100 a day's liquids or the whole event's snacks, somewhere in between for an evening's worth of beer.) Much love for someone who can provide an office space over a weekend. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet





  • Friday, November 25
    • 7:00pm - Opening Night Introductions at The Social Bar, 1100 Queen Street West
  • Saturday, November 26
    • 9am to 5pm sessions
    • 6pm to 7pm TorCamp refactored (let's improve this for the next go around)
    • 7pm to ?? - drinks, socializing, debauchery

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