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This page is an offshoot from the Barcamp Hong Kong session where we talked about user rights.

本頁屬 Barcamp 香港中用戶權益討論環節的伸延.


We all care! We would like to share ideas and provide each other mutual support so that we can find ways to protect and defend user rights to privacy and free expression.

我們都是關心的! 我們希望分享意見和互相幫助, 從而去保障及捍衛用戶私隱權益及言論自由.


Please join our User Rights Hong Kong Google group

請加入 User Rights Hong Kong Google group


Here is a list of local groups who are working on these issues from different angles (please add others you know of):

    • 以下是本地以不同角度去探討相關議題的組織 (如果你也知道其他的, 請加上去)



Were you in the Barcamp session and interested in continuing the conversation? Or you couldn't make it but want to get involved with the ongoing discussion? Please list your name here.

    • 你有參與本 Barcamp 討論環節而又想參與更多討論嘛? 請填上你的名字



Other ideas and thoughts? By all means:

    • 有其他意見? 請不妨提出 **


  • Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to attend today. I am the founder of the mailsaurus project. Mailsaurus is an Ajax-based, encrypted, secure webmail service. It is entirely open source. I have been running a mailsaurus server for several years, but can no longer afford the ISP fees. I would love it if somebody had a server to which I could move the service as I think it might be quite useful for dissidents to communicate freely in Asia. - Jim Ryan (morpheus at post dot harvard dot edu)




(If somebody would like to translate this page into Chinese as well that would be great - my written Chinese is not very good! - Rebecca)