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VizThink4 Concept Mapping (Toronto)


Martin Cleaver from Blended Perspectives, David Gelb from York University/Sheridan College's Bachelor of Design program, and Michael Jones from Sheridan College/University of Toronto, Mississauga's Communication, Culture and Information Technology program will be presenting.


Slides available! http://www.slideshare.net/mrjcleaver/viz-think-4-concept-mapping-v4/





EventVizThink 4
DateTuesday, July 17, 2007
Location Indoor Playground
-364 Richmond St. W. (map)
- Suite 503
- Toronto, ON
- ( Richmond & Peter)
- Max +/- 50 for this one, see registration below.


Thanks to Mark Dowds of Creationstep for the use of the space.


If reg hits 50 please add your name to the waiting list - capacity is set at that point as I can guarantee a spot for that many. I am actively working on a space that should hold 100-120 so I expect to increase capacity.


About VizThink4


VizThink4 builds from Mark and Michael's presentation of mindmapping in VizThink2 and is inspired by the hands-on facilitation done by XPLANE's Dave Gray and Scott Matthews' VizThink3. This interactive seminar will highlight differences and similarities between mind mapping and concept mapping through theoretical discussion, professional and academic case studies, applied design activities and investigation of computer-based tools for concept mapping.


It is not expected or assumed you've attended any previous VizThink - all are welcome, and the previous attendees are a good crowd ready to help out if you have questions.


What You Should Bring (if you can...)


PaperIndex Cards, 8.5x11", notepads etc., post-it notes| (to represent nodes)

Coloured Pens & MarkersMake sure you've got pens, pencils, sharpies with you| (for annotation and description)

Masking Tape (to note linking statements and keep all the above on the wall...)

Twine/String (to make links...)



What we need


Projector - anyone got one they can bring/loan? (Mark Cline to bring projector for Tuesday)


What is VizThink?


VizThink is intended to be a vehicle for the community to meet, learn and discuss the ideas around the notion of Visual Thinking. Ideally this type of session will give people the tools they need to express themselves in new ways regardless of artistic ability.wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


What VizThink ISN'T


Free Labour

This isn't a venue for obtaining free-talent/labour. The goal of the Design half of the evening isn't to finish your work for you but help you:

  • get started/brainstorm
  • get over a hurdle
  • get feedback on something you've created.

A Lecture


While there will be a "presentation" component presenters will be encouraged to keep "talking at" the crowd to a minimum with a focus on "talking with". Presentations involve exercises, discussion, Q&A etc.


Come prepared to share, collaborate, contribute and most important, have fun!


Registration: Select "Edit page" at the top of this page/add your name/ select "Save"


  1. Ryan Coleman | Clay Tablet Technologies
  2. Mark Mulholland
  3. Martin Cleaver
  4. Malcolm Jones, see++
  5. Don Booth
  6. Dilawar
  7. David Edwards
  8. Martin Patrick McCurdy
  9. Gavan Gibson
  10. Libin Pan
  11. Kaleem
  12. Simon P. Ditner
  13. Ryan Gamble
  14. Elise Herzig
  15. David Gelb
  16. Patrick Keenan
  17. Pearl Chen
  18. Adam Clarkson
  19. Saleem Khan
  20. SachaChua
  21. Tom Aratyn
  22. Petra Schmitz
  23. James Woods
  24. Danielle P
  25. Mark Cline (Mark to bring projector)
  26. Sayem A
  27. Lauren Greenway
  28. MatthewBurpee
  29. Kieran Huggins
  30. Edwin Chan
  31. Kevin Branigan
  32. Bob Hutchison, Recursive Design
  33. Andy Strote Context Creative
  34. Rick Innis
  35. April Dunford Infobright
  36. Lee Dale, Smack Inc.
  37. Allison Greenbaum
  38. Damir Sudarevic
  39. Chris Appleton
  40. Yendre Shen
  41. Michael Bodalski


Because of the capacity limit, if you sign up and can't make it please do the right thing and take yourself off the list - grab the person on the top of the wait list pile and add them to the bottom of the registrations.


Waiting List:

If the Registration pile hits 50 please add your name here. Check back in the days leading up to the event in case you get promoted to the reg list. Capacity is expected to increase for this event!





  1. RohanJayasekera (unfortunately have to drop out because something has arisen at the same time that I must attend)
  2. Greg Judelman Crunch time at work!
  3. Rochelle Latinsky - taking a break
  4. Alex Cameron - Wishing I could finally make it to one of these!
  5. Mark Cidade
  6. Mike Tsang - held up at work!