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FAQ (or rather Frequently Told Answers) on WiCamp


The upcoming WiCamp is at BITS Pilani Goa Campus, visit WiCampBITSGoa


You may want also to check out the proceedings of some previous events.

 WiCampKGP 16 Jan, 10  Perspectives on Innovation 
WiCampChennai 22 Aug, 09 Green Innovations
WiCampBITS 09 Aug, 09 Technology Innovations for the Grassroots
WiCampBangalore 9 May, 09 Green Innovations
WiCampDelhi 4 April, 09 Innovation: The India Story.
WiCampKochi 25 July, 08 What Innovation Is?
WiCampKolkata 18 July, 08  Cultural Dimensions of Innovation
WiCampGurgaon 11 July, 08  Innovation: Practices and Perspectives
WiCampChennai 13 June, 08  Creativity vs Discipline
WiCampPune 30 May, 08  From Ideas to Dollars



What is a WiCamp?

WiCamps (pronounced "we camp") stands for Wipro’s Innovation Camps. These are un-conference-like meeting grounds where campers from Wipro and outside share their learnings and perspectives on Innovation and Creativity.


What are the typical topics of discussion at WiCamp?

Creativity and Innovation (Experiences and Experiments)


Who can attend a WiCamp?

Level in hierarchy no bar; IT or non-IT; Wiproites or non-Wiproites. Any one is welcome.


What is in it for me?

Learn about people and their perspectives on innovation and creativity. Meet like-minded people and further your own innovation agenda.


Can people from outside Wipro attend WiCamp?

Yes. The more diverse the campers, the more fun and learning.


How do I register for a camp?

Write pavan.soni@wipro.com


How should I contribute to WiCamp?

Participate at an upcoming WiCamp. Talk within your communities, invite outsiders, and ensure that you like the camp!

Key words: Un-conference, free-wheeling discussions, Beyond Wipro, Campers, Like Minded, 


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